Wheel Barrow with WB7801-IF For Construction

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Product Description:


1,The Description of Wheel Barrow:

The wheel barrow has Slip Resistance--Optimal 4 channel-grooves maximize slip resistance. ensure quickly drainage on wet roads, promises safe drive on rainy days. 


The wheel barrow has Handling--Center rib upgrades maneuverability and braking performance, increases grip force and operating stability. Wider rubber-road contact area improves sticking force on wet and dry pavements.  




2.Specifications of Wheel Barrow




Wheel Barrow with  WB7801-IF For Construction

3,The Inmages of Wheel Barrow:


Wheel Barrow with  WB7801-IF For Construction

Wheel Barrow with  WB7801-IF For Construction


4,The Available Sizes of Wheel Barrow:


5,The FAQ:


Question1:What are your company advantages?

Answer:20 years' tire business experience,extremely famialer with the tyres market,cooperate with many tyres factory.

Question2:What abou the tyres?

Answer:Choose the best materials made by world's top class machines.Different size and types of tyres meet the clients all over the world.

>>Question3:What is your payment terms?

Answer:T/T(30%deposit,balance 70% against B/L copy), L/C

>>Question4:What is your tyre warranty?

Answer:Above 80000 kilometres in proper use.

>>Question5:Whre is your loading port?


>>Question6:How long is your delivery time?

Answer:Large scales of manufacturing and plenty of storage ensurs the delivery time,general speaking with 15-20 days after receiving your 30% deposit.

>>Question7:What about the certificate and your market?

Answer:Our brands got ECE DOT GCC BIS SNI CCC INMETRO GOST SONCAP certificate,main export market are:Europe,north America,Mid-east,Africa,Austrilia,Southeast Asian,Latain Americ


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Q:Where's the silent cart?
1, mute cart special resin material or board for cold rolled steel, durable;2, plastic board additional non slip rubber head, steel plate surface anti-skid rubber pad;3 、 mute cart casters, using high-performance resin to effectively reduce noise and driving force;4. The handle on the handle of the mute cart prevents the object from slipping backward;5, folding handle, maximum limit, less space.
Q:The walking flat truck usually, how to change the cart tire, what skills
If you are willing to try, can prepare: 2 people, then there must be a crowbar, the tyre when first with a crowbar, will tire side open, then pull down.
Q:What is cart luggage?
3.1 the terminal management department is responsible for formulating, modifying and supplement the provisions; daily inspection and inspection, and supervision of the illegal use of trolleys.3.2 service providers (the Contractor) is responsible for the maintenance, storage, transport trolley arrangement; meet special weather flight delays, and timely mobilization of relevant personnel in a timely manner finishing cart homing, to ensure passenger use; business training for staff, abide by these provisions and other relevant systems.
Q:The front and rear wheels of the flatbed cart are fixed
If the directional wheel is installed on the side of the handrail, it is suitable for pushing and replacing the universal wheel
Q:Does the trolley wheel come with good brakes or without brakes?
It depends on your cart need what kind of function, brake casters are divided into three kinds, the first kind can check the wheels, so that it can not be rotated so as to stop;
Q:Why does the elevator in the supermarket keep the cart still?
According to the equilibrium condition of concurrent force mgsina... A =goFN=IzomgcosO substitution on the type. To obtain the o=tanO 0=arctan / XO0 is called the friction angle. It is shown that the size of an independent quality friction angle of 0, the largest and only two kinds of material between the static friction coefficient. That is to say, when the elevator tilt angle is less than 0 when the friction angle, put the multiple things no matter in the elevator, it will not slip. This is the slope of the self-locking. Trolleys and lift is the use of self-locking principle makes in the car no matter the multiple items are not slide down
Q:How do you clean stainless steel trolley?
Stainless steel daily cleaning is not suitable for washing, washing not only clean stainless steel, long term down will also damage the brightness of stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best tool cleaning rag and fiber wave brand stainless steel brightener, first with a clean cloth, wipe the dust on the surface of stainless steel, stainless steel that looks clean; then the stainless steel brightener poured on the cloth, wipe back and forth on the surface of stainless steel, until all stains are removed so far; finally, with a clean cloth, to wipe back and forth on the surface of stainless steel, stainless steel brightener until cleaned and the surface of stainless steel to change the light so far.
Q:Does the supermarket cart not glide on the escalator because it's trapezoid?
Not for this reason。The trolley does not glide on the escalator, not because of the shape of the trolley, but because of the wheel of the cart.
Q:How much is a cart with a heavy load of sand? (the construction experience of a friend to answer). In the buckle your points oh!
Pictured above are the most commonly used trolleys in construction.Its capacity is about 0.3 cubic meters.The average building sand density is 1350-1450kg/m 3.So the weight of a cart is about =1350*0.3=405 kilograms.
Q:Hui Zhi and child cart cart which is good
1, the traditional closing, will be standing before and after folding, usually sitting and lying double handcart, after folding is square type.2, or so, folding up and down, usually umbrella car, after the closure is a slender shape, smaller size, drawback is usually can not stand.3, before and after folding, and then about 50%, after the closure of the appropriate size, can be carried on the shoulder, is currently a popular design, but the disadvantage is that the frame is not stable, the use of more attention to concave and convex road.Mom, watch out!In terms of safety, the folding structure of baby carriage which is very important, there are quite a lot of security because of sudden failure of the folding structure, so do harm to the baby; so at this point, the test for this structure are quite serious, and one of the most important is second safety lock settings, i.e. when the protein unit normal improper failure, still not to have folded risk income.

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