Wheel Barrow with WB1500 For Construction

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10000 pc/month

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Product Description:


1,Description of Wheel Barrow:

The wheel barrow is used to construction.Wider and strong solid wheel improved the durability,Industrial best powder coated surface finishing is well rust proofed.Construction wheel barrow WB1500 with solid or air wheel



2,Main Features of the Wheel Barrow:




Wheel Barrow with  WB1500 For Construction

3,Wheel Barrow Images:

Wheel Barrow with  WB1500 For Construction


4,Wheel Barrow Specification:




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products

We will give clients compensition if the tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide tyre NO.and some pictures.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


It up to sizes you order.We can delivery immediately if the size is available.About 30 days after receiving down payment if it should be arrange production.


3,How to get the sole agent?


It up to the market.It should be 3-4 containers per month is small market ,like UAE.But 15-20 containers are requested if you from USA market.




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Antistatic trolley with stainless steel frame, wire mesh, steel column and antistatic nylon wheels made of four cylindrical screen angle equipped with adjustable clamp and adjustable groove, flexible steel column, every one inch recessed groove circle and the connection pipe with protruding coil assembly can be adjusted according to the required height and the effective discharge of electrostatic charge the characteristics of quick adjustment, easy to use. Sturdy and durable, the board is divided into two kinds of mesh and plate, and the bridge type structure is evenly distributed in bearing. The mute handcart is novel and beautiful, and the bodywork and casters of the synthetic plastic are used, thereby reducing the deadweight of the whole vehicle.
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Avoid washing liquid, steel wire ball, grinding tool and so on with bleach and abrasive. In order to avoid residual washing liquid, corrosion of stainless steel surface, wash with clean water at the end of the surface.
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Pictured above are the most commonly used trolleys in construction.Its capacity is about 0.3 cubic meters.The average building sand density is 1350-1450kg/m 3.So the weight of a cart is about =1350*0.3=405 kilograms.
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This mainly considers the load question, generally uses the square tube to be many

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