Wheel Aluminium Alloy Model No. 710 for the best quality performance

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7000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1) Lighter than tube wheels makes the car much more oil saving.

2) Better cooling performance in longdistance and high speed driving keeps the car safe enough.

3) Bigger external diameter let the driver feel much more comfortable. 

4) High speed lowering tyre termperature can reduce wear resistance prevent tyre-shoulder seperation


Size ETCBHoleP.C.DFinish

Production Procedure:

1) Casting Machine Melting & Full Heat Treatment

2) CNC machine CNC made in Taiwan

3) Painting Line Full automatic Painting

4) Quality Control Certifications : JWL.VIA Japanese Standard 

   Impact fatigue testing 

   Bending fatigue testing, 

   Radial run out testing

   Dynamic balance testing. 

   Air-tightness testing

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Q:Why does the vertical load of the outer wheels be higher than the inner wheels when the car turns?
As a foot out of the car industry, looking for a few pictures of the map to illustrate what are struggling. AirHead analysis is right, I will not say
Q:How can the history of the wheel change?
The history of the long stream has long been the war, the reform baptism of the development of civilization ... ... can be said that the development of history is a necessity, if it is hard to change what ... ... I think it has been in the historian's ink changed ... ... Because no one can restore the history, some just to the history of a deliberate evaluation ... ...
Q:The car wheel turns with sound
There may also be a problem with the damping of the puddle
Q:Is there any other effect on the wheel?
Wheel action and influence editing may be the greatest role of the wheel is that people can quickly move more than their own weight of the object
Q:Bicycle wheels swing
That just did not tune, resulting in late wear and tear, to see whether there is no less beads, see the axle is not wear, wear on the axis, flower drum bad for the flower drum, see that bad for which
Q:What are the wheels of the product?
Check the wheel
Q:Casting wheels have cracks
There will be crack at the clean, repair welding should be before annealing, and then repair welding, no side around the cracks.
Q:What kind of decorative wheels do you look better?
The front into the 8-shaped called butterfly, a bit like a road car, because the handlebar than the average handlebar lower, when riding the body will automatically tilt down, so that the body to maintain a parallel posture, This reduces the wind resistance, increased the speed, and this position is also more comfortable, suitable for long-distance ride.
Q:Help, the wheel was stolen one, the size of the impact of it?
Thank you, different specifications may cause to eat the situation.
Q:how do you true a wobbling wheel?
Truing a wheel takes a bit of effort, and explaining how to do it is much tougher than just demonstrating, but here you go... Truing 101... this assumes that your brakes are centered properly. Fair warning... if you screw this up it'll cost you to get it fixed. You will need the appropriate sized spoke wrench... probably about $10 (ABOUT THE SAME AS THE COST OF A PRO TRUING YOUR WHEEL) 1) Turn your bike upside down. Be sure that the wheel is centered in the frame/fork. 2) Spin the offending wheel very slowly and observe the distance between rim and brake pad. Don't concern yourself with both sides of the rim for now... just look at one side. 3) Stop the wheel from spinning when the rim either touches the pad or when itwobbles" towards or away from the pad. 4) Determine the center of the wobble and the 3 spokes closest to it. 5) To pull the rim away from the brake pad, TIGHTEN the spoke/spokes that are attached to the OPPOSITE SIDE of the rim and hub no more than 1 turn each, and LOOSEN the spoke/spokes that are attached to the other side no more than 1/2 turn each. To pull the rim towards the pad, do just the opposite. 6) Repeat steps 1 through 5 until the the rim rides exactly centered between the brake pads. It is possible that you can tighten or loosen spokes too much, that you can pull the wheel out of round, and other nasties associated with this type of work... work slowly and carefully!

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