Wet or dry with white/ black vacuum cleaner

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$6.88 / unit
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1000 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Wet or dry with white/ black Vacuum Cleaner           Dust absorption power:60W        DC:12V          Power line:2.5M Material: PP /ABS  Product size:35*9*262.5px 


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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
Dysons are great, but a little pricey. Hoover makes one with a great attachment that hooks on to the hose. It's a rotating spin brush and it works awesome on furniture (and great for cars) to get all the hair off. It is lightweight and works great. All the filters are washable and it is bag-less.I can not remember what Hoover named it but it is a deep red, with the spin attachment (you'll know what I'm talking about as soon as you see it) I payed about $130 for mine and got it right at Wal-mart. It's worth trying, Wal-mart is pretty good about taking stuff back if you feel it didn't work properly for your needs. I think you keep it though.
Q:I need advice on vacuum cleaners.?
I use a feather duster on the base boards, then follow through with an upright Sears vacuum cleaner model 36720. I give up on expensive vacuum cleaners many years back.
Q:Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners?
I did a lot of years ago, they expect you to sell all of your family friends, and then you run out of scutomers, and out of a job, overpriced, overated, find something else to do!
Q:what is the website for regina vacuum cleaners parts?
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners usually have lights on the front, do they expect you to vacuum at night?
I, too, wonder at some of these things. Another one is why there is braille on the numbers at the bank drive through ATM. I do know that when the lightbulb is out on the vacuum, it is harder to see the dirt, even in daylight. I guess the lightbulb helps create shadows so you can see the dirt.
Q:who buys commercial used vacuum cleaners dallas, tx?
Pretty much anyone who needs one but can't afford a new one.
Q:Vacuum Question?
I had both, my vacuum with bags would always get plugged, and when the bag got full, when I pulled it out I always got a cloud of dust as I pulled the bag off. I like my bag-less, because when full, pull out the canister with on button, then another button at the bottom of canister to release the dust door right into the trash, very covenant. Bags I was aways buying them, if that store does not have them I always had to find a store that did carry my type bags. Some canister vacuums have filters that have to be replaced. Mine has a filter that all I have to do is clean once a month let it dry and put it back in.
Q:How can ants survive being sucked into a dyson vacuum cleaner?
yes they can survive, and so can spiders..I vacuumed one up and I was shocked to see this thing moving around,,I didn't want it to hatch eggs so I emptied it and threw out the bag
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
Dogs have hearing a thousand times better than humans. It hurts there ears so the dog will either be afraid of it or attack it.
Q:vacuum cleaners, i know nothing. :p?
Get her a Sharp Vacuum cleaner, for around $200.00, she will love it and it will last for years. Anything cheaper is noisy and worthless.

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