Wet or dry with white/ black vacuum cleaner

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$6.88 / unit
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TT or LC
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1000 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Wet or dry with white/ black Vacuum Cleaner           Dust absorption power:60W        DC:12V          Power line:2.5M Material: PP /ABS  Product size:35*9*262.5px 


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Q:Are black holes really cosmic vacuum cleaners?
NO. Black holes are really NOT cosmic vacuum cleaners. ...Black holes: What are they? Black holes are the evolutionary endpoints of stars at least 10 to 15 times as massive as the Sun. If a star that massive or larger undergoes a supernova explosion, it may leave behind a fairly massive burned-out stellar remnant. With no outward forces to oppose gravitational forces, the remnant will collapse in on itself. The star eventually collapses to the point of zero volume and infinite density, creating what is known as a singularity. Around the singularity is a region where the force of gravity is so strong that not even light can escape. Thus, no information can reach us from this region. It is therefore called a black hole, and its surface is called the event horizon. But contrary to popular myth, a black hole is not a cosmic vacuum cleaner. If our Sun was suddenly replaced with a black hole of the same mass, Earth's orbit around the Sun would be unchanged. Of course, Earth's temperature would change, and there would be no solar wind or solar magnetic storms affecting us. To be sucked into a black hole, one has to cross inside the Schwarzschild radius. At this radius, the escape speed is equal to the speed of light, and once light passes through, even it cannot escape. The Schwarzschild radius can be calculated using the equation for escape speed: vesc = (2GM/R)1/2 For photons, or objects with no mass, we can substitute c (the speed of light) for Vesc and find the Schwarzschild radius, R, to be R = 2GM/c2 If the Sun was replaced with a black hole that had the same mass as the Sun, the Schwarzschild radius would be 3 km (compared to the Sun's radius of nearly 700,000 km). Hence the Earth would have to get very close to get sucked into a black hole at the center of our Solar System. If we can't see them, how do we know they are there?... imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/scienc...
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
Think of a vacuum cleaner as an investment, not a disposable which is mostly what you get for $200 or less. Would you rather spend more right now for something that really works for you and not have to buy a vacuum again for 10 years or more, or spend $200 now and have to spend it again every couple of years, and in the meantime not having one that does what you need? I have a Filter Queen that I bought used in 1988 for $500. It's had a couple of tune-ups in that time but still works as well as the day I bought it. I also have one called a Ghibli, which is a little more like a shop vac but very quiet and miles better than your basic Sears shop vac(I bought one of those first and it was such a piece of garbage that I returned it), and I'd recommend it highly. Lots of suction, and the quietness is wonderful. Stay away from uprights. They're okay for carpet, difficult to use for much else. A canister type does much more, better and easier. Go to a store that sells and repairs vacuums. They often have used top-of-the -line stuff for good prices. They know the products the way someone in Wal-Mart never can so they can help you choose something that works for you. Christmas is coming. Maybe you can say a good vacuum cleaner is your Christmas present. Not as fun as jewellery maybe but every time you use it you'll be glad you spent the money.
Q:Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners?
I did a lot of years ago, they expect you to sell all of your family friends, and then you run out of scutomers, and out of a job, overpriced, overated, find something else to do!
Q:Why don't vacuum cleaners work as stomach pumps?
Vacuum cleaners have suction that is way too powerful to use on internal organs. Didn't you see the 1000 Ways to Die episode where the idiot used a shop vac to perform his own liposuction and disemboweled himself and bled to death? Same principle. Besides, pumping the stomach would not help with food poisoning, which comes from bacteria or toxins in the food. By the time you use a pump, the bacteria or toxin is in the bloodstream and your vacuuming action is futile.
Q:i need a new vacuum.....anyone know vacuums?..?
In my opinion, I would not buy a Rainbow! My mother has one that she paid over $1000 for and I would lots have my upright that came from WalMart. You have to put water in it every time you vaccum and then empty it; in other words, it's just a pain to deal with. Before that she had an Electrolux cannister and I loved it. Like you said, you could get it underneath lower furniture. The only drawback was that it took up too much room to store. They do make an Electrolux upright now that is great. My ex-boyfriend's mom sells them. They are a little expensive, but worth the price. They pick up grit and 'fuzzies' very well. Electrolux even has a payment plan. When I buy a new vaccum, this will be my choice.
Q:Where on Oahu can I sell my 4 rainbow vacuum cleaners?
You are the one that wanted the sales job.
Q:help with vacuum cleaners...?
You need the AMPS to determine the suction power the more AMPS they have the better suction power you'll get- but here is a very, very good vacuum to look into- It is a Bissel Powerforce Bagless Vacuum-my son bought his at Wal-mart and I use his all the time! It has 4 re-usable filters that you can rinse out and an attachment brush that has rotaion on it that I use on my bed and once after I had washed my bed spread it had those little lint pills all over it that I tried to shave off- well I tried this attachment and it took them off like it was nothing! I think he only paid like maybe $100 or less for his and it is now MY favorite vacuum!
Q:What company produces the world's most efficient vacuum cleaners?
I find my Dyson very cumbersome and heavy. Too gadgetty too but it does suck and you can see exactly what you are pulling out of the carpet.
Q:stories with women using vacuum cleaners as a punishment?
Absolutely!! When my hubby makes me mad I make him vacuum the WHOLE house, and if I'm not happy about the way he did that, I make him empty the bag too! Yeesh
Q:The Vacuum Salesmen?
A classic

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