Wet concrete recycling system,Safe and comfortable

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YCRP40 mobile wet concrete recycling system from NFLG is intended to recycle concrete residue from mixer, transport truck, pump and excessive concrete. It’s capable to complete separate sand and stone and reuse waste water, which allows plant and accessories devices to operate without any emission, preventing pollution.

1. Brief introduction
YCRP40 mobile wet concrete recycling system from NFLG is intended to recycle concrete residue from mixer, transport truck, pump and excessive concrete. It’s capable to complete separate sand and stone and reuse waste water, which allows plant and accessories devices to operate without any emission, preventing pollution.

2. Characteristics
1) Safe and comfortable: whole system is located on level ground, without slope.
2) Excellent performance: 40m3/h separation capacity, available for 2~4 trucks at the same time;
3) Unique: patented vortex separation technology, capable to completely remove solid particle contained in concrete;
4) Efficient and durable: reliable system, efficient, low fault rate, next to zero maintenance;
5) Powerful: available to wash concrete mixer as well as concrete pump;
6) Convenient: flexible structure, adjustable to customers’ requirements;
7) Elegant: adopts latest European design concept, elegant and pleasant appearance;
8) Human friendly: fitted with different safety protection, putting personal safety as first priority;
9) Smart: highly intelligent system, whole system could be set to run automatically without manual intervention.

Model/parametersYCRP40 mobile wet concrete recycling systemYCRP40MX container-type wet concrete recycling system
Number of trucks that could be served1~4 trucks(standard configuration 2)
Processing capacity of concrete residue40m3/h
Minimum size of separated aggregateAll of solid particle are separated.
Maximum size of separated aggregate50mm
Capacity of clear water pool90m3×190m3×1
Capacity of settling pool38m3×128m3×1
Capacity of agitating pool(box)45m3×2(standard configuration)37m3×1(standard configuration)
External dimensions L×W×H20.8m×12.4m×4.5m15.1m×9.5m×4.5m

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