Wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner with inlet HEPA filter#YLW67-15/20/30

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350 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: YLW67-15/YLW67-20/YLW67-30



1200W nominal power

Plastic barrel(20L),1pcs 1.2M hose,Cord length 2.3M total(1.8M outside),2pcs plastic tubes,1pcs floor brush,1pc nozzle,HEPA filter


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):18-20


Cable length(total):2.3m (outlet unit 1.8m)

Material:Dermatoglyph finish 

Tank Material:

15L plastic/metal

 20L plastic/metal

 30L metal

Product size:




Carton Size(L*W*H):










Load quantity(20'/40'40'HQ):






Key Feature:

Wet&Dry use,with Hook,Safety switch,Cable storge          

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,


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Q:which Vacuum cleaner company will be the first to used the phrase our vacuum's suck to promote their product?
According to Dyson they have advertised that Our vacuum cleaners really suck. Electrolux has advertised their products with Nothing sucks like an Electrolux. I have no idea who was first or if others have also used similar slogans. I have read complaints about Black and Decker products where it was stated that the only product they make that does not suck is their vacuum. Personally I have not had much experience with their products but with the couple I have had they were OK considering most were less expensive and for small occasional jobs they were sufficient. For serious working I have my quality tools that also carried much higher prices. For air pumps that plug into a vehicle lighter socket I can say that my Black and Decker air pump has been excellent having filled many bike tires, wheel barrow tires and other things. After 25 years it still blows.
Q:My vacuum cleaner shoots stuff out the bottom! What's wrong?
I would try to take the vacuum cleaner apart to the motor. And used a Shop wet/ dry vacuum to carefully cleaned to motor, power nozzle, and the hose. Check the bag, or filter for clogged. If your vacuum have a bag. I will replace the bag. And make sure you put the vacuum cleaner back together and test it to see if it works a lot better. Be careful with the wires. I know that because I did it before.
Q:Inside all vacuum cleaners is a high-speed fan.?
Fan Cleaners
Q:Why are electric vacuum cleaners so loud and electric cars are so quiet?
in vehicles,provided a silencer for reducing noise.the fact that Electric motors are very quiet than IC engines used in vehicles.Now a day many companies make quiet vaccum cleaner.
Q:Are you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
no but nature abhors a vacuum.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner out there?
A Dyson is the one you want. After looking at the website, they now make a bagless canister vac for reaching under beds/tables. Otherwise you will need a low reach floor tool accessory with your upright Dyson. I've had an upright Dyson for almost 4 years now with absolutely no problems with it. It's the best vacuum I've ever had. I even still use the original filter. You can find them used on OKorder. I bought mine at Best Buy. You can also find them in pretty much any store that sells vacuums. Or you can buy one direct from Dyson (website below).
Q:Dirty Vacuum Cleaners done Dirt Cheap?
Mine was free, I found it in a garbage bin. It's a type of Hoover that looks like a flying saucer, fixed the plug which was broken and volia new free vacuum cleaner. Its taped all over but works really well. Acey Deecey
Q:Is there such thing as a sports ball pump extention for a vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum cleaners don't generate enough pressure to fill a sports ball.
Q:Which vacuum cleaner has the best edge cleaner to get around baseboards?
All around, Hoover and Electrolux make about the best vacuum cleaners.
Q:High-powered vacuum cleaners?
He can beg the old lady's neigbor and run an extension cord. Serve the Hoover-man right though.

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