Wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner with inlet HEPA filter#YLW6208-10/18

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470 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: YLW6208-10/YLW6208-18



1200W nominal power

Plastic barrel(10L), 1pc 1.2M hose,Cord length 2.3M total(1.8M outside),2pcs plastic tubes,1pcs floor brush,1pc nozzle,HEPA filter,


Vacuum pressure(Kpa):16-18


Cable length(total):2.3m (outlet unit 1.8m)


Air inlet:Sponge

Air outlet:Sponge

Material:Dermatoglyph finish 

Tank Material:

10L plastic

18L plastic

Product size:



Carton Size(L*W*H):








Load quantity(20'/40'40'HQ):





Key Feature:

Wet&Dry use,Blow fuction,with Hook 

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,


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Q:Dog question?
Don't worry! My dog was the same way! They are scared because of the noise and are afraid that THE THING is going to get them. Good luck! :^)
Q:Are bagged vacuums better when looking at low cost machines?
Bagless vacuums are getting hard to find. Go to a vacuum repair shop and see if they have any reconditioned ones for sale.
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No. I had some ants in my kitchen the other day, and they didn't appear afraid of the vacuum cleaner, although they should have been.
Q:What is the best vacuum for WOOD floors?
marydass...You know, I hate to say this, but have you tried that Swiffer? It doesn't kick out any dust, stuff sticks to the cloth and you shake it out til the job is done or the Swiffer gives up! They are inexpensive considering how long a cloth lasts, and you don't need to haul a vac out when it's time for a cleaning. Good luck - LT
Q:Sears gave me strange advice about their Kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner inteliclean system. Heard of this?
take it back and get another vac. it has a problem, a friend has one and it doesnot do that, the sales man sounds like he knows nothing and cares less.
Q:Are black holes really cosmic vacuum cleaners?
haha, exciting analogy! i'm happy you secure the actuality in regards to the form horizon, maximum human beings think of a black hollow can save on 'sucking' stuff in. of direction, a vacuum purifier does not %. each and every little thing into an infinite density on the singularity (that would improve your electrical energy invoice!), and black holes do no longer could be plugged in, use a bag, or be human-powered. So no longer precisely, yet your on the superb song for documents how they artwork. i wish that enables!
Q:Why do dogs hate vacuum cleaners?
My GSD is very socialized, but when you turn on the vacuum cleaner, the lawn mower, hair dryer, etc...it's on. He will attack it unless I command him to stop. This is an anxiety disorder, your dog does not have to be teased as someone suggested, it can just be in the dogs disposition.
Q:Do you think working a job selling vacuum cleaners would be a sucky job?
kindergarden instructor. sewer cleanser. skyscraper builder g@y pr0st@tut3 foodstuff tester. Cage cleanser on the zoo: 2 words: Elephant dung. health facility cleanser/Disinfector: Staph infections are on the upward push. Please bypass the airborne. Day Care worker: try to be inundated with brats with snot and moistness on their grubby little fingers! certain, little ones are cute…cute till you seize an imprecise ailment another week. penal complex Rape Researcher: Um, yikes! hen Processor: Yuck. Towel Boy: Wedgies, noogies, and derogatory call-calling should be an each day prevalence for you. Barnyard Masturbator Terrorist Negotiators Porno Theater Janitor: yeah….. Bomb specialist: …change into it the blue or the pink one which detona-BAM Drug Runner or Heroine Mule: There’s a ninety 5 % possibility that stuff is going the position the solar don’t shine, pal. -Bar Waitress: imagine inebriated, stinky adult men professing their love for you even as groping your sources, now to not teach the crappy assistance. This interest is the pits. LOL those are in uncomplicated words a number of those on...
Q:What are hovering vacuums?
Many years ago a company made a vacuum cleaner that used the air blowing out to make the little round machine float on a cushion of air, like hovering. That company was named Hoover, they sold so many all vacuum cleaning machines became known a Hoovers. Actually they worked fairly well.
Q:I would like to hear from users of the H20 Vacuum Cleaners. Are they as good as they say?
yeah, they really suck

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