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Well Dia.:100mm(4")

Capacity from 6 to 10(m
Total head from 68 to 12(m)

Continuous service.
Power:0.75 to 2.2 KW(Single phase)
Power:1.1 to 2.2 KW (Three phase)
Insulation class:B
Protection grade:IP 68
Maximum diameter:?93mm
Highest temperature of liquid:35℃

 SP     SH


Capacity and headDimensions
single phase
Three phase
4SPM 804-0.75
4SHM 804-0.75
4SP 804-0.75
4SH 804-0.75
4SPM 805-1.1
4SHM 805-1.1
4SP 805-1.1
4SH 805-1.1
4SPM 807-1.5
4SHM 807-1.5
4SP 807-1.5
4SH 807-1.5
1.52 43343223252198321
4SPM 808-1.5
4SHM 808-1.5
4SP 808-1.5
4SH 808-1.5
1.52 503936332924103322
4SPM 810-2.2
4SHM 810-2.2
4SP 810-2.2
4SH 810-2.2
2.23 624945413630115724
4SPM 811-2.2
4SHM 811-2.2
4SP 811-2.2
4SH 811-2.2
2.23 685350454033120725

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Q:water pump proablems?
Faucet to pump. It will relieve the pressure in the lines.
Q:Domestic pump does not turn, but the motor is energized what is the problem?
This is the start capacitor is damaged, or start the coil break, it is recommended to check if the coil wire in the end can be connected, if left in the tank to replace the coil, if the capacitor is a replacement can (470V, 10uF).
Q:What does "ETA" mean in the selection of pumps?
NPSH refers to the cavitation, the pump is the technical parameters
Q:2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS: Water Pump?
The water pump seal will go bad if it isn't already because you are adding plain water to the cooling system! Antifreeze has a rust inhibitor and a lubricant in it and if you don't have the correct strength mix the inside of the block rusts and then the heater core and the radiator get plugged up resulting in hundreds of dollars in repairs. The water pump if leaking will drip on the passenger side from under the timing belt cover if you let the motor idle for 5 to 10 minutes. Look for the drips on the inside of the RF tire. If the water pump is leaking the timing belt will jump and bend all the valves.
Q:What is the maximum absorption hight for a water pump?
It depends on the pump characteristics. It has its suction and discharge head limitations.
Q:Tips on proper maintenance on water well pump and service tank?
The okorder.com/
Q:Well water pump keep failing?
Hi I was (now retired) in the pumping industry pumps for the kind of use you appear to be using them for were normally stainess steel or stainless steel and plastic. I would suggest you look at the Xylem ( a major supplier and installer of pumps) site. Regards John
Q:What does a fish tank/pond water pump do?
your koi pond should be in direct sunlight not in a shaded area. Also, just a water pump is used for fountains and waterfalls. this allows dissolved oxygen to enter the water since Koi and goldfish needs lots. Usually a pump is attached to a filter when it comes to ponds, however there are pumps and filters that are stand alone. If you have a large pond, I would suggest a biofilter box with a pump. usually they will have attachments for additions of fountains and waterfall hoses. A stand alone pump will not FILTER the water it will just add dissolved oxygen
Q:How does a water pump work, mechanically?
Most water pumps work on the same principle as a fan, only encased in water tight structures and using impellers. It draws water from one source and pushes it to another.
Q:how does a water feature pump work?
Hi. Most pumps work by squeezing the water through a nozzle. A water feature pump is usually hidden from view but still works the same way as any other pump. A motor turns the device that pushed the water.

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