Welding Electrode Rod AWS E6013,E7018,E7016,E6011,E6010, E308l-16,E319L-16

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Product Description:

1.Welding Rod Description:

Size: 2.5MM X 300MM (Packing: 2.5kg/inner boxes 8boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 3.2MM X 350MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Size: 4.0MM X 400MM (Packing: 5.0kg/inner boxes 4boxes/cartons=20kg)

Application:The welding electrode E6013 is widely used on both AC and DC in all positions and suitably for welding sheet metal structure made of low-carbon steel, such as ships, vehicles, building, and general machinery.

E6010 This electrode is used for all position welding using DCRP.

             produces a deep penetrating weld and works well on dirty,rusted, or painted metals 

E6011 This electrode has the same characteristics of the E6010, but can be used with AC and DC currents. 

E6013 This electrode can be used with AC and DC currents. 

             produces a medium penetrating weld with a superior weld bead appearance. 

E7018 This electrode is known as a low hydrogen electrode and can be used with AC or DC. 

The coating on the electrode has a low moisture content that reduces the introduction of hydrogen into the weld. lectrode can produce welds of ray quality with medium penetration.  

2.Main Features of Welding Rod

Stable arc

Fewer spatters

Easy to restrike

Less smog

Good off slag, high deposition efficiency

3. Welding Rod Images

Welding Electrode Rod AWS E6013,E7018,E7016,E6011,E6010, E308l-16,E319L-16

Welding Electrode Rod AWS E6013,E7018,E7016,E6011,E6010, E308l-16,E319L-16

4. Welding Rod Specification 

Chemical Composition






Guarantee Value







Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal


Test Item






Guarantee Value




-(normal temperature)



Reference Current (AC, DC)


Electrode Diameter(mm)












Welding Current (A)






V-up, OH







Q: How do you ship the Welding Rod 

A: Usually by sea.

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in Welding Rod over 10 years.

Q: Can I get the sample?

A: Yes, free samples are prepared for your test.

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Q:What is bubble welding? What's the difference between a common electrode and an ordinary one?
It should be (gas shielded welding)...... It means gas shielded arc welding! Protect welding with inert gas......
Q:Is there any difference between welding wire and welding rod? What is the production process of welding wire? What kind of equipment do you need?
Rod and wire are welding materials, before only electrode, later with the development of science, some of the drawbacks of the electrode show out, such as weld joints more slow, wire appear to make up for some of the drawbacks of the electrode, but now there are some electrode to his advantage, but the annual output has been wire phagocytosis, especially the flux cored wire is the main direction of future development.As for the production process, first of all, the raw material processing, peeling, phosphating, through the mold drawing, pickling, washing, copper plating, polishing, etc..
Q:What kind of material is welding electrode J506E7016?
I usually use this kind of electrode. Belongs to the medium carbon steel electric welding rod, the electrode coating is white, this kind of welding rod is more afraid of damp than the ordinary low carbon steel welding rod. And it can be used instead of cast iron welding rod for emergency welding of iron castings.This kind of welding rod is more easily adhered to welding rod with AC welding machine, and the spatter is larger when welding, and the welding current needs to be larger than that of ordinary low carbon steel electrode welding.There are other J507 electrode.
Q:What kind of welding rod used for cast steel?
Cast steel can be divided according to the composition of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, different components of the electrodes used is not the same, if it is a low carbon composition, the common electrode, such as E4303 (J422) on it; if it is steel components, should be used in high strength structural steel electrode, such as E5015 (J507) E5515 (J557), welding welding and preheating, to prevent cracks.
Q:How to calculate the amount of electrode used in pipe welding?
According to the wall thickness of the pipe and the groove at the butt joint, the weld height is calculated, and the sectional area is calculated. According to the circumference of the pipe, the volume of a weld is calculated. The volume of the corresponding welding wire is the amount of the weldIt can also be multiplied by the number of welds and the amount of each opening. The dosage of the cut can be calculated by the quota method or the volume method. Generally, a ton of steel has an average number of electrodes.
Q:What are the main differences between automatic submerged arc welding and rod arc welding?
Automatic submerged arc welding is rolled into a circle, usually in the current voltage of 500A~700A in general 27~34 V according to different wire diameter is automatically fixed rail, and automatic wire and flux mechanism do not require high skills, general training ten hours can be operated.Electrode welding, you say is the hand welding, welding rod is about 50CM, generally speaking of the welder skills requirements are relatively high, you can see the basic level of welding machine, is the constant flow characteristics
Q:What kind of paint does the red arc welding electrode add inside?
The red arc welding electrode is a special kind of nickel titanium oxidant, which is mainly used for stainless steel welding electrodes.Welding electrode is composed of two parts: core and coating composition. The electrode is coating in metal welding core (coating), uniform centripetal pressure applied to core. The electrode of different types, different cores. The core metal cored electrode, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the weld, there are strict rules on the contents of metal elements in the core, especially for harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus content, etc.) should be strictly restricted, better than the base metal.
Q:Why should we weld from top to bottom when welding with bar welding?
Wipe, when did you go on the job as a welder?
Q:What type of welding rod is applied to Q345 steel plate?
Q345 steel plate is welded with J506 or J507 electrode.J506 is a low hydrogen potassium electrode, it is a kind of basic electrode, welding steel structure and the typical Q235, Q245R, Q345 steel, the tensile strength of E4315 is much larger relative to the common electrode, so the general welding force or by welding steel structure of dynamic load.J506 welding rod diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 6.0mm, can be carried out in all position welding, welding using alternative welding machine.The weld formation after J506 welding is more difficult than that of the acid welding rod. If an electrode is used on the cover of the steel structure, the acid electrode can be used.J507 is a low sodium hydrogen electrode, it is a kind of basic electrode, can be Q235, Q245R, Q345 typical welding structure steel in steel, the tensile strength of E4315 is much larger compared to the common electrode, so the general welding force or under dynamic load of steel structure.J507 welding rod diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 6.0mm, can be carried out in all position welding, welding using DC welder, polarity reversal. Of course, if there is only AC welder in the field, AC welder can be used, but the current needs to be switched on.The weld formation after J507 welding is more difficult than that of the acid welding rod. If an electrode is used on the cover of the steel structure, the acid electrode can be used.
Q:Why can't manual arc welding be performed with bare electrode?
The crust is intended to weld the pool over the metal, forming a skin to protect the molten pool from contact with air. If there is no medicine, the skin will protect the blowhole.

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