Weaving Machinery C

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Specification of Weaving Machinery C

1. special medical gauze & bandage weaving machine,plain fabric

2. Machine working width:150cm

3. Fabric max width:145cm

4. Fabric min width:80cm

5. R.P.M:500-600

6. Mechanical take-up,mechanical let-off

7. Thread count:7-20pick per inch

8. Cotton yarn:25s-40s

9. warp beam diameter:800mm ,cloth roller diameter will be 800mm at most.

10. if install big package,the cloth roller diameter will be 1200mm at most.

11. Production capacity:depends on thread count and R.P.M

e.g thread count is 15pick per inch,R.P.M is 600.the production per hour should be 61m/h

Mostly,the production capacity is more than 1000 meter per day.

10. loom motor power:1.3kw

11. electricity consumption:1.5kw/h

12. air consumption:0

13.one air pump is installed in the machine


Main Features of Weaving Machinery C

1. Independent air feed which can save cost for separate air feed system

2. Width: 1500mm, 1900mm

3. Closed selvedge, can not loose

4. Motor power: 1.1kw, 1.5kw

5. 450rpm/min


Packaging & Delivery of Weaving Machinery C

Packaging Detail: standard packing..
Delivery Detail: within 30 days after get the T/T payment..


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Location Qingdao, China
Year Established 2003
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Company Certifications ISO 9001

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