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In order to realize high speed, high efficiency and the low energy consumption, it adopts new mechanism. Have carried on the ptimization in view of the high-speed operation, guarantee the high speed movement steady; the energy conservation design, reduces the gas consumption greatly; the advanced control system makes the loom's intellectualized degree be further enhanced




 1、ZA226e type air jet loom adopts the first-class electronic control systemIartificial intelligence,expert weaving system and self-enactment. The operation is easier. The level of automatization be promoted.

 2、G1768 type air jet loom adopts the electronic control system that self-developed by JWTM and adopts the most advanced DSP, CPLD, servo and the new control technology. The advanced CANBUS technology improved the loom's stability in high-speed operation and the intellectualized level. It has realized the remarkable movement performance, and has guaranteed the loom's movement redundant reliability.

 3、The large colorful LCD with graph interface can be operated easily.Standard IC connector can pass the parameter with flash memory.



  The rigid rack construction made up of the strong box shape rack and the crossbeam can ensure the high speed, broad reed space, low vibration and low noice.

 2、Four/six-bar linkage beating motion

  In order to achieve steady-going weft insertion when running fast, we adopt four-bar linkage beating motion to weave narrow reed space and six-bar linkage beating motion to weave broad reed space.

 3、Rocking shaft equalizer

  Rocking shaft equalizer makes beating vibrative lowly when running fast.

 4、Rocking shaft mid-supporter motion

  Fullness steel Rocking shaft with mid-supporter will enhance the rigidity of beating motion.


  Using super start motor, the rush system developed by delivers 12 times torque at starting enabling beating power for first pick. It can choose empty beating start, just beating without weft insertion, also single weft start and also fleetness weft insertion start mode. PSS has improved the quality of fabric.

 6、Weft insertion feeler

  The structure of gas bag and girder has been optimized.The istance of solenoid valve and Sub nozzle is shortened, so that the wasting of air is reduced, sensitiveness is improved. The new solenoid valve makes good weft insertion when the machine is running in high speed .Air consumption has been reduced obviously.

 7、Weft breaking system(Option)

  WBS minish the yarn tension to prevent the relaxation of weft yarn.

 8、Yarn divide automatic storing device with weft sensor

  Adopt new automatic storing device to avoid intertwist, that is suitable for every kind of yarn. Circle quantity sensor on the storing device to control the precision will raise the success ratio of weft insertion. Using of concurrent electrical machinery to control will reduce the energy consumption, and make the system be more stable.

 9、Weft insertion based on different colour and jet time setting  

  SUV control the jet time, the precision of solenoid can reach to ±2°.It sets jet time for main nozzle, sub nozzle, sub-main nozzle and stretch nozzle to increase the precision of weft insertion and to reduce gas consumption.

10、Digital controlled double feelers

  The digital control technology improves the precision and reliability.

11、Electronically let-off

  ELO makes the loom realize the high speed further and be more suitable for weaving high density cloth. Double back girder can measure the warp tension exactly and minimize the wave of warp tension.

12、Etu electronically take-up

  The density should be set on iT board instead of changing gears. The loom can weave the fabric that the density should be changed.

13、Cloth-fell control

  Ajust the position of cloth-fell to elimi nate the thick bar . Adjust the best position of clothfell to eliminate the stop mark .

14、Up temple

  Use up-temple to enhance the quality of the fabric. Establishe the position of the sub nozzle at will to expand the weaving scope.

15、Double beam ELO

  Use the double beam ELO on the loom weaving broad fabric to coordinate two sets of ELO motion and guarantee the fabric’s quality.


  Adopt good design in frame, drive, weft insertion, beating, let-off, take-up and electronic control to weave high quality fabric.


The airjet loom network workshop and the remote control are the trend of development. Looms are connected by Ethernet not only realize communicating between looms but also realize communication between the loom and computer. It is convenient for you to collect the data and visit the looms through internet. Also, it is the basic to realize the digitization and network.

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Q:Textile machinery production process is probably what kind of?
Textile machinery is a very broad concept, including a lot of machinery, a carding machinery, spinning machinery, weaving machinery and so on.
Q:What is the historical background of the mechanization of the British cotton textile industry?
Social environment: the completion of the bourgeois revolution, the British domestic social stability.
Q:What is the current domestic textile enterprises?
Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group Co., Ltd., Nanshan Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sunshine Group Co., Ltd.
Q:What is a large hydraulic spinning wheel?
Large spinning wheel and the original spinning wheel is different, its characteristics are: the number of spindle up to dozens of pieces, and the use of hydraulic drive. These characteristics make the big spinning wheel equipped with the prototype of modern spinning machinery, to adapt to large-scale specialized production
Q:How is the machine automatically connected to the machine?
WL2001 automatic access machine, is the company's gold products, its parts are made of high quality steel, and after heat treatment, with well-produced, accurate size, high finish, wear resistance and so on.
Q:What is the cashmere dyeing process?
The effect of dyeing on the quality and cost of woolen cashmere yarns The relationship between dyeing cost and dyeing cost is very small. When the fiber is dark, the fiber strength decreases and the spinning consumption increases. Heavy role
Q:What is the second-hand textile machinery import clearance process?
1. Used equipment, but to maintain its basic use value or the full use value
Q:What is the chenille mechanical principle?
Its production and processing products called chenille yarn or spiral, broken wire, is a new variety of fancy
Q:What is the textile process?
, clear cotton process: to remove most of the raw cotton impurities, defects and not spinning short fiber.
Q:What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
Fifth, the machine did not do regular inspection and maintenance. These are the risk of security incidents.

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