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ZA216eZA218e type air jet loom, which has introduced into high advancedtechnology from Japan by Tsudakoma Corp., is developed by JWTM XianYang TextleMachinery Co. ,Ltd. By adopting advanced multi-microprocessor electroniccontrolling technique, large-sized IC, and multilayer circuit plates, itminimized circuit plates
while improve the whole system reliability. Its strong intelligence iT-boardmakes the machine more intelligent and operative. Using all kinds of shedding,the machine reduces more cost while increases productivity and can weave highvalue fabric.


● Electric Control

As a man-machine interface of electronic controlling system, iT- board isresponsible for data input, management function establishment, auto- parametersetting up, and malfunction selfdiagnose,by which makes the operation simpleand convenient, and upgrades automation level of whole equipments.

The diagram show flight curve of the weft yarn, on which the parameter ofthe weft yarn can be changed arbitrarily, and the flight of the weft can beadjusted, supervised and controlled.

Input the yarn counts or other parameters on the machine, it can calculatecraft data automatically. It is convenient to change the species of fabric andadjust the loom.

The memory time of daily and class report got increased from 7 days in thepast to 30 days at present and can be demonstrated by various ways as curve,pillar diagram, data...etc..

● The motion for high speed

1. Strong Frame Structure

  Using strong boxwall board of both sides, beating motion by using rocking shaft mid-supporterto ensure wide weaving range and also make the small noise and less vibrationat high-speed operation.

2. Rocking shaft mid-supporter motion

  Rocking shaft isfullness steel which using mid-supporter, this motion improves the rigidity ofthe beating. They ensure smooth and powerful beating even at high speed.

3. Strong four-bar linkage beating motion

  ZA218e uses strongfour-bar linkage beating motion, It is effective for weaving heavy and highdensity fabrics, It eliminate stop marks.

4. Drive Power

The machine uses super start motor. The rush start system develops bydelivers 12 times torque at starting enabling beating power for the first pick,also it uses more torque electromagnetic brake for eliminating stop marks.

● Shedding

1. ZCM3 negative cam

  It is suitable forsuper high speed, it can make warp yarn shedding with high speed and strongadaptability.

2. Positive cam

  It is suitable forweaving heavy and width fabric shedding motion. It runs at high speed andsteady warp yarn shedding.

3. Dobby shedding

  Can choose dobbydevice for mechanical/ electric, negative/ positive and down installed / upperinstalled.

● Weft Insertion

1. Main nozzle

  Adopt L type mainnozzle which saves energy and has high speed, obtain a higher speed atlower pressure, improved the effective of weft insertion, reduce the airconsuming greatly.

2. AJC weft automatic control system

  ZA216eZA218e is equippedwith AJC weft insertion automatic equipment. This equipment can control thetime which weft arrive the feeler, through weft time control can compensate theweft changes, especially weft yarn which tension change too much from full coilto small coil, the result is obvious and weft yarns are stable.

3. Sub nozzle timing control according color

  For different kindof weft yarns, use corresponding sub-nozzle to control the weft yarn to ensurethe loom running stably, have not only economize the energy but also improvedthe quality of products.

4. Sub-nozzle support control

  When weft yarn arechanged and loom start again and also the heavy change take place in the reachangle of weft yarn , the equipment postpone the ejective
time of sub nozzle automatically , make the weft insertion stable and keeppremium product quality.

5. Stretch nozzle

  To the fabricwhich is apt to relaxed and elastic fabric, the stretch nozzle is veryeffective. This nozzle controls the weft yarn effectively with the air toprevent the weft yarn being relaxed.

● PSS programmable start

1. Empty beating start

  Reverse a few weftbefore the loom start, the same count of weft yarns don't insert weft, and itonly start at the motion of shedding and beating. So it can modify thedistortion of the woven hatch, efficiency prevent from scarce and thickblock and wave veins. Very much operate to the high speed and high-densityfabric, its result is the best.

2. Single shuttle weft insertion start

  After mending thebreak weft yarn, it can insert weft and restart the loom. By reducing thereversal empty beating, it can reduce weaving shedding trouble best of all,eliminating stop marks effectively.

3. QIS speed weft insertion

  When the loomrestart, It can insert yarn directly without beating to prevent from producingstop marks.

● Let-off BPC contorl

  When the loomstopped,lock the motor of let-off,prevent from stop mark because of warp beamskid.

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Q:What are the high efficiency of the spinning machine and the Jenny spinning machine of the invention?
From the 1738 AD 1779 to 40 years, spinning from manual production into a huge industrial manufacturing. In 1737 Paul (Paul) invented the roller-type spinning method, as many pioneers of the invention. In 1764, J. Hargreaves invented the machine (spinning Jenny), this machine can make sixteen spindles at the same time, in addition it can also operate in accordance with the order of multiple yarn The Subsequently, the spinning machines that refer to other power sources appear successively. AD 1769 Arkwright (R. Arfwright) was the help of watchmakers, improved old-fashioned spinning machine, invented the hydraulic spinning machine
Q:What is the textile process?
Spinning process mainly include: cotton, carding, combing, and bars, roving, spun yarn.
Q:What are the different effects of textile equipment?
, Low technology content, the process of redundant, such as cotton, to experience spinning, weaving
Q:What is spinning down?
Even in the twentieth century, some nomadic Tibetans in Tibet were still spinning it.
Q:Why did the first industrial revolution begin with the sign of Jenny's textile machine rather than shuttle?
But can be called the British industrial revolution began to mark the only 1765 knitting and carpenter Hagrids invented the "Jenny spinning machine"
Q:How does the mechanical wave generated in the spinning process work?
The sum bar means that the two columns are superimposed on each other
Q:What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
There are all risks of security, one, the machine is faulty, do not attach importance to continue to use
Q:China's textile industry prospects of printing and dyeing ?
Prospective Industry Research Institute Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry Research Group, said the world's leading textile machinery enterprises in China have invested and set up factories in China, the scale of production in China has reached the Chinese textile machinery production 1/3.
Q:What are the general fixed assets of the textile industry?
Polypropylene Spinning Machine, Polyester Spinning Machine, Polyester Spinning Machine, Polyester Spinning Machine
Q:What is the task of preparing the process before spinning?
The task of opening the cotton machinery to open the cotton is the first process of spinning, by different types of open-cleaning machine composed of the joint machine to complete the following tasks

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