WDZA-YJLHB8, WDZA-YJLHB9 (ZA-AC90(一40)) Interlock armored alloy cable

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Product Description:


It is a kind of cable with low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant. In accordance with the requirements of GB/T12706.1GB/T 17650.2, IEC 60754 and IEC 60502.1 standards.


Product characteristics:

 WDZA-YJLHB8 is a kind of stainless steel interlock armored cable with high flexibility, cross-linked polyethylene insulated 90℃, single or multiple core as well as low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A;
WDZA-YJLHB9 (ZA-AC90 (-40))is a kind of aluminum alloy interlock armored cable with high flexibility, cross-linked polyethylene insulated 90`C, single or multiple core as well as low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A;
Cables contain no heavy metals, green and environmental protection. This model of cable can reduce the operation difficulties as well as manpower cost caused by pipe layouts. The cable has been completed with high flexible interlock armored in the factory with no need for pipeline and their accessories as well as operations like labor-intensive wire stay, buckle, tubulation, etc.
This model of cable is applicable for exposed or concealed laying in non-humid environment, and having the same performance with pipeline laying method.






Number of cores

Nominal cross section


8000 SeriesAluminum alloy core cross-linked polyethylene insulated stainless steel band interlock armored low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A power cable




8000 SeriesAluminum alloy core cross-linked polyethylene insulated aluminum alloy band interlock armored low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A power cable




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Q:Powering garbage disposal with computer cable?
Normal color code would be Brown - HOT, Blue - NEUTRAL, and Green/Yellow stripe - GROUND. I would be most comfortable using an ohmmeter to test continuity. If you have one, or have a friend with one, the Brown wire should go to the blade in the bottom of your photo, the blue to the blade at the top (the one that goes into the Wide slot in the receptacle) and the yellow to the round pin. But, if they don't go to those pins, just make a note of which pins they do go to and wire your disposer accordingly. In the absence of an ohmmeter or a friend, you might take the cable to a Radio Shack store or an automotive stereo installation shop. RS sells ohmmeters and may have a display unit you can use. The auto stereo shop will have one and know how to use it. As for whether it makes a difference how the hot and neutral wires are connected, the answer is that it absolutely does make a difference. Reversing them introduces a risk of electrical shock at worst, or at the least popping the GFCI breaker if there is one on that circuit. If there isn't one, you might want to consider installing one. It's cheap insurance. Good luck.
Q:Is fiber optic cable completely immune to electromagnetic interference?
Nope my Cable went out sometime between 10:00 and midday in the present day. they're sending a Tech out the following day. I already know what surpassed off. The citizens around the corridor from me moved out and had their cable became off, The goobers became off my cable as a replace as our addresses are one variety off from one yet another. My tackle leads to eight my friends leads to 9.
Q:Choose the configuration of good or bad computer graphics card memory processor, etc., how to choose a different manufacturers
Is not the power cord is loose, or is the motherboard battery power
Q:power cable for an amp?
Of course you can. As many amps that I have installed I have only had to drill one hole through the fire wall. As long as there is a grommet you are good to go. You should be able to open the rubber up with a screw driver. Just be careful not to damage any wires.
Q:how to install 8600 gts power cable?
Some specialized power supplies have the power cable built-in and you can plug that directly into the card. If you don't have one of these, then the card probably came with a cable that requires you to plug in two 4-pin power cables (same type that plugs into your CD drive off your power supply) and then the other 6-pin end snaps into your video card.
Q:What power cable do I need for this graphics card?
You don't need to buy any special cable for it. ...
Q:Can I draw power, for two devices, from one 12v cable?
Should be ok. The current draw of these gadgets would be minimal,I would guess 5A tops
Q:Power cable to Netgear router won't fit?
If it is the correct adapter for the router and it fitted before, gently force it and it will comfortably fit eventually. There is probably a reason it doesn't fit now (it has been pulled out with some force) so I would suggest getting a new power adapter for it if the above does not work
Q:W22 in the cable on behalf of what
Is the name of the vv22 it is armored copper core PVC insulated power cable V is PVC, VV said PVC insulated PVC sheathed, insulation and sheath is two different things, the jacket is the outermost layer of the cable, Insulation, mainly from the role of protection cable, the insulation layer is wrapped in the conductor outside the layer, mainly from the insulation. 22 means armored, armored between the sheath layer and the insulation between the strip, and its role is to strengthen the protection of the cable, at the same time, can prevent the mouse bite, can also be used as ground. The copper core is not shown in the letter in the model, because most cables are copper, so the copper cable basically takes its representation (indicated by T). On the contrary, if it is aluminum core cable, it will be added in the model L said aluminum core.
Q:use 12.5vdc adapter in +12vdc cable modem? i lost the power cord and hope to use a sub but voltage is differnt?
first! are you sure the modem needs 12 V DC and not 12 V AC? Mine uses AC. OK, you can use a 12.5V in a 12V modem - the extra .5V is not a problem... Next, make sure the polarity is correct!! center pin is the correct polarity? If not, POOF! You will let the smoke out. Have you considered that the modem is bad and the power supply is not the problem here. If the modem is bad, you may have killed the supply you plugged in.

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