WDW Series Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine(Single Arm Type)

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Product Description:

、Main functions
 WDW series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending cutting,shearing and tearing test of rubber, plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, plastic profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They may add test metheds or rules according to customers’requirement .They are essential testing instrument for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
、Product features  
This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crosshead and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure. This machine is accompany with the digital multi-channel closed loop control system which applicates the latest moitoring and control systems with lots of advanced profassional and technical development. Control software can automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile  modulus of elasticity, extend rate after rupture, non-proportional extend strength RP0.2, etc. It can realize three close loops control and real time display many testing curves of force-displacement, force-time, and stress-strain. These curves automatically switch. Testing process control and data processing conform to the requirements of GB.  This machine has the following performances: Auto zero, auto gear shifting or no subsection, auto indication, auto save, unicontrol or multistep programmed control, auto stop, auto analysis or assistant manual analysis, batch test, testing result statistic, curve select and over load protection. And the machine is beautiful, multifunctional, and oprates easily and reliably.
、Technical Specification:









Measuring range of force (kN)







Accuracy of testing force


Resolusion of testing force

1/20000 of maximum testing force

Relative error of displacement


Resolusion of crosshead displacement measurement

0.01 mm

Speed range of crossbeam

0.01 mm/min~500 mm/min,step less speed regulation and arbitrary setting

Valid testing space (mm)


Power supply



Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≦80%

Main configuration

Alternating servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Imported servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Overall dimension of host machine (mm)




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Q:The pressure gauge is red, yellow and green to indicate the pressure. When the needle points to the green area, what does it mean?
The pointer in the green area or yellow area represents the extinguisher pressure enough to be used properly. In the red area, it's time to change.
Q:How to check the fire valve pressure gauge as normal?
The pointer is normal in the green area!"Building regulations": hydrant mouth pressure should not be greater than 0.8MPa; the water pressure is not greater than 0.5MPa; the "high regulation": the building height of not more than 100 meters, the most unfavorable pressure should not be less than 0.07MPa; more than 100 meters should not be less than 0.15MPa; the water gun full water column general building should not be less than 7 meters, a and B class of workshop, more than 4 layers of workshop and warehouse, and high-rise building multi-storey buildings and buildings more than 6 storeys height of not more than 100 meters should not be less than 10 meters, high-rise buildings should not be less than 13 metres.Spray system is: the worst point of the system, the work pressure should not be less than 0.05MPaSome people love to see the fire pump room pressure, the pressure must be large, the requirements are not less than those of numerical pressure above the highest point on the line, a building with a fire hydrant with a pressure gauge, you see that the pressure gauge on the line. Spray, you go to the top end of the test water pressure gauge on the line.
Q:Is the precision gauge out of scope?
Not necessarily, usually have a full range of 130%, which is over pressure capacity, but also overload capacity, it is best to clear it up, and then open to see if it is still excessive, if you still have to contact the manufacturer.
Q:I want to use a frequency converter and a remote pressure gauge to control a submersible pump, using the on-off control, constant pressure water supply, how to connect and set up
It is not suitable to control the frequency converter directly with the contacts of the remote pressure gauge. First of all, the contact jitter, will damage the inverter, and secondly, the number of contacts is not enough.The remote contact signal shall be first entered into the PLC. After finishing, the starting signal of the frequency converter shall be uniformly sent to the PLC. PLC can judge or delay method to control the frequency converter start and stop pump action, to achieve not only switch control water pump, but also soft soft stop pump effect. As for the wiring, relatively simple, PLC contact is connected to the frequency converter to start, stop contact. Of course, the water pump protection circuit is completed. Logical control is done by PLC.
Q:What's the quota for the electric contact pressure meter?
Do not have a manual, you can according to the above, do not exceed too large can; it is generally connected with the two control loop itself does not have much current; some are even smaller current relay isolation.
Q:Why does the internal surface of the pressure gauge contain oil?
The utility model has the function of shock proof, and the pressure gauge with silicon oil is a shockproof pressure gauge.Silicone oil is often used as high grade lubricating oil, shockproof oil, insulating oil, defoaming agent, release agent, polishing agent and vacuum diffusion pump oil, etc.. Among the various silicone oils, methyl silicone oil is most widely used and is the most important kind of silicone oil, followed by methyl phenyl silicone oil. In addition, there are ethyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil, nitrile silicone oil and so on. Various functional silicone oils and modified silicone oils are mainly used for special purposes.
Q:What's the basis for the inspection of the safety accessories (safety valve and pressure gauge) of the simple pressure vessel?
The operation pressure adjustment of the safety valve directly affects the safety and economy of the boiler operation. If the safety valve pressure adjustment is too large, a lot of pressure exceeds the working pressure safety valve still moves, so prone to overpressure hazards; on the contrary, if the safety valve pressure adjustment pressure is too low, slightly greater than the working pressure, the safety valve on the action or steaming, and frequent moves, the safety valve the valve seat wear and steaming have impact on the economy. Therefore, do a good job safety valve adjustment, constant pressure work is very important.In order to ensure the boiler's safety and economic operation, the safety valve of each part of the boiler must be adjusted to the required operating pressure. That is, once the boiler for some reason, due to overpressure to a certain extent, the safety valve will automatically open, this pressure is called the action pressure of the safety valve.Safety valve action pressure should be in accordance with the "steam boiler safety technology supervision regulations," the implementation of the regulations.The constant pressure of the safety valve shall be based on the pressure gauge on the drum (drum). When adjusting, the opening pressure shall be adjusted first, and then the safety valve with lower opening pressure shall be adjusted in turn.
Q:Why isn't the pressure meter back to zero?
When the pressure gauge is removed and the readings are still not zero, the pressure gauge needs to be maintained or repaired.Please find someone to open the examination for specific reasons.
Q:Why can't ordinary pressure gauge be resistant to high temperature?
The definition of high temperature is uncertain. You can look at the parameters of the pressure gauge
Q:What are the main technical parameters in the selection of pressure gauges? Thanks
The selection principle is as follows:TypeThe selection of instrument type must meet the requirement of process production. For example, whether remote automatic recording or alarm; by nature side medium (such as the temperature of the measured medium height, viscosity, corrosive, flammable and explosive, dirt etc.) whether to put forward special requirements on the instrumentation, on-site environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, magnetic field strength and the vibration of the instrument) type etc.. Therefore, according to the requirements of the process, the correct selection of instrument type is an important prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and safety in production.Two, measuring rangeAccording to the maximum and minimum values of the measured parameters, the upper and lower limits of the instrument can be calculated, and the measuring range of the instrument can not be directly taken as the measuring range of the instrument. When we select the upper limit of the scale of the instrument, we should select it in the standard series stipulated by the state. China's pressure gauge measurement range standard series are: -0.1-0.06,0.15; 0-1,1.6,2.5,4,6,10X10 "MPa" (where n is a natural integer. Can be positive or negative).Three, accuracy levelAccording to the maximum absolute error permitted by the process and the best range of the selected instrument, the maximum reference error allowed by the instrument is calculated, and the accuracy of the instrument is determined in the precision grade specified by the state. Generally speaking, the more sophisticated the instrument is, the more accurate and reliable the measurement result is. But you can not believe that the higher the accuracy of the instrument used, because the more sophisticated instruments, the more expensive the general price, the more difficult to operate and maintenance.

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