WCDMA2100 High Gain 85dB 30dBm Single Band Mobile Signal Booster Amplifier Repeater

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To expand signal coverage of WCMA2100 3G which signal blind areas where signal is weak or unavailable.
A cheap and immediate solution that would allow them have clear phone calls or higher speed broad band.
No more dropped calls ! No more poor reception !
No more runing to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone !

Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters!

1. 500~2500square meters indoor coverage.
2. Frequency bandwidth of 3G 2100MHZ.
4. Full-duplex mode (improvement of out coming and incoming )signal.
5. Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
6. LED indicate and judge to signal level of uplink and downlink.
7. Compatibility with CE and RoHS standards .

8. Supports up to (30) users / calls simultaneously.

Indoor coverage : 500-2500 m2
Frequency Range :1920-1980MHz  2110-2170MHz
Up-link Gain: 80dB
Down-link Gain: 85dB
Output Power UL: 27dBm, DL: 30dBm
Band Flatness: ≤±6
ALC: 31dB @ 0.1dB step
Time Delay: 1 us
Spurious Emission: Out-Band ≤-36dBm
Power Supply: AC110V~220V to DC+5V/2A
Working Temperature: -25 to+55 C

Humidity: 5-95%

1. Repeater unit with power supply.
2. Fiberglass outdoor antenna.(    Optional)
3. Panel indoor antenna.(Optional)
4. 5m and 15m RF cables.(Optional)
5. A manual.

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Warranty covers replacement within 12 months.

2. All returns must have an RMA number before they are returned to us. If product is received without an RMA number
it will not be processed.

3. You must place the item(s) including all accessories to be returned in protective packaging (shipping box) with bubble
wrap and make sure that the item(s) do not shake or rattle. Items that are sent in envelopes and incorrect shipping
containers will be refused and returned at your expense.

4. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.

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Q:What are the WiFi repeaters that can receive signals hundreds of meters away?
The wireless extender is relay equipment, a wireless signal is sent to the wireless router through wireless mode when using wireless extender can be positioned in the center of a signal is relatively good, the wireless extender after receiving the wireless signal routing relay, so in some of the original signal further not place it you can also receive relatively strong signal.
Q:My routing repeater, I want to hide my hot spots, hide ssld, show this
The proposed switch off, his role is that the password is too complex, you can use WPS to connect.
Q:What does WIFI relay mean?
For example, a mobile phone search outside a WIFI, because the signal is weak, unstable in the room, in the balcony or outside the window, but the signal is strong enough. Install a relay on the balcony, you can stabilize the use of the WIFI in the room.Of course, you need to know the password for that WIFI.
Q:How is the Tengda 11n wireless router set up as a repeater?
1, if the Tengda route is more than 300M, it is recommended to set up wireless WAN;Setting steps: (1) set A routing, normal Internet access, wireless settings - basic settings - modify SSID, channel 6, security mode WPA-psk, encryption rule AES, set wireless password - determine;(2) enter the B wireless routing interface settings - basic settings - channel 6; senior set the -WAN media type - select "wireless WAN" -- open the scanning -- the choice of the first SSID (MAC) added, channel, encryption, password set will automatically restart after restart; modify the LAN port address for IP determination.(reference link: http://www.tenda.com.cn/services/helpdetail-4829.html)2, if Tengda routing is ordinary 150M routing, if the main route is not the same manufacturer, setting up wireless WDS may not be successful;Setting steps: (1) set the main route A, normal Internet access, wireless settings - basic settings - modify SSID, channel 6, security mode WPA-psk, encryption rule AES, set wireless password - determine;(2) enter the B routing interface, wireless channel, SSID, security, encryption and password rules must be consistent with the main routing; wireless settings - Open WDS- to scan the main routing - add MAC address; modify the LAN port IP: the main route of the same segment of different IP (if A routing, B routing; the DHCP server - off - OK - restart routing.(3) re entering the main routing settings interface - select WDS-, open scan - add secondary routing, MAC address - save.
Q:Request WiFi repeater settings, I do not know the other router's model and password, but I know the WiFi password!
Close your router DHCP service and note that the two routers cannot be the same gateway. Commercial router settings method: your router MAC address, such as the other router, and then the other router MAC address, such as your router. Close dhcp. Gateways can not be the same. Restart your router after you have finished setting up
Q:The role of field bus PROFIBUS DP/FMS isolation repeater is also discussed
The industrial design of PROFIBUS optical fiber communication repeater and DP/FMS bus signal isolation and data communication, with the total line photoelectric isolation, signal regeneration, extend the transmission distance, increase the number of nodes and other functions.
Q:What brand of repeaters is good for you?
I will send a signal repeater, when you connect the switch relay mode (some repeaters used to relay more than) you can find yourself in the emission signal routing in the WiFi list, after the connection (to be renamed) to achieve the forwarding of the original signal, so as to achieve the goal of enhancing signal propagation.
Q:Is the repeater unable to connect to the network?
Repeater setting step:1, first insert the product on the socket, the power indicator light shows the normal work;2, with a laptop computer search and connect the wavlink-repeater signal repeater (repeater and notebook computer or can be directly connected with the cable) (Note: if unable to connect the computer to the IP instead of manual input:, after determining the third step);3. After connecting the signal of the repeater, enter in the browser address bar:, enter the setup interface;4, enter the user name and password are admin, login successful, select relay mode, to the next step;5, select the name of the router that you need to connect to, and change the name of the repeater to the name you can easily remember;6, enter the original router password, click OK, that is set successfully
Q:How to use a network repeater?
Network repeaters can also be understood as constructive networking devices at the physical level.
Q:WiFi repeater setting issues
That explains the connection between your repeater and the wireless router. Reconfigure the repeater and router's wireless bridging.

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