WCDMA 2100MHz 3G Cellphone Booster Amplifier Repeater Full Kits

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To expand signal coverage of WCDMA2100MHz  which signal blind areas where signal is weak or unavailable.
A cheap and immediate solution that would allow them have clear phone calls or higher speed broad band.
No more dropped calls ! No more poor reception !
No more runing to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone !

Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters!


1. 300~1500 square meters indoor coverage.
2. Frequency bandwidth of 2100MHZ.
4. Full-duplex mode (improvement of out coming and incoming )signal.
5. Low power consumption and avoid to interference to BTS.
6. LED indicate and judge to signal level of uplink and downlink.
7. Compatibility with CE and RoHS standards .

8. Supports up to (30) users / calls simultaneously.


Indoor coverage : 300-1500 m2

Frequency Range :1920-1980MHz,2110-2170MHz

Up-link Gain: 60dB

Down-link Gain: 65dB

Output Power UL: 20dBm, DL: 20dBm

Band Flatness: ≤±6

ALC: 31dB @ 0.1dB step

Time Delay: 1 us

Spurious Emission: Out-Band ≤-36dBm

Power Supply: AC110V~220V to DC+5V/2A

Working Temperature: -25 to+55 C

Humidity: 5-95%


1. Repeater unit with power supply.

2. High Gain outdoor antenna.

3. Omni indoor antenna.

4. 5m and 15m RF cables.

5. A manual.

Warranty & Return Policy:

Warranty covers replacement within 12 months.

2. All returns must have an RMA number before they are returned to us. If product is received without an RMA number
it will not be processed.

3. You must place the item(s) including all accessories to be returned in protective packaging (shipping box) with bubble
wrap and make sure that the item(s) do not shake or rattle. Items that are sent in envelopes and incorrect shipping
containers will be refused and returned at your expense.

4. All unauthorized, no reason, etc. returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.

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Q:About repeaters and common twisted pair problems
At A, for example, I put a repeater, which can amplify the network signal to 500 meters. In the middle, I directly pull a 500 meter net line can be, B point and then put a repeater, connect a cable to the computer, you can access the internet.
Q:Wireless repeaters are restored to initial strength regardless of how weak the signal is What is the principle of a wireless repeater?
The transmission of radio waves by the relay station is that the communication areas are divided into grid like signal intervals, because these small cells are gathered together without exception and are like honeycomb, hence the name "cellular communication"!
Q:Is wireless router directly plugged into the Internet?
Switches can be plugged in directly, and routers should be set up.
Q:What is a WiFi repeater and how do you get it?
WiFi repeaters are wireless routers with trunking capabilities.
Q:Is the network repeater and the main route a signal or two signal?
This means that only the WIFI name of the primary route, which is seamlessly connected to the device, does not have to switch the signal, and if bridged, that is the two WIFI name,
Q:Why is the repeater full of signals, but not Internet access?
Repeaters need to be set up before they can access the internet.In 1, expander factory state after the power is switched on, the plug is not directly amplified Wi-Fi signal, is necessary to set up the expander, in order to enlarge the wireless signal.2, the power socket is inserted in the expander near the main router. The expander can emit radio signals. This signal is used to set up a temporary expander, after setting the signal disappears.
Q:How can I find the coverage area of repeaters?
(1) types of repeater stations for mobile communications;From transmission signals, there are GSM repeater and CDMA repeater station;--- from the installation site to outdoor machines and indoor machines;--- from the transmission bandwidth, there are broadband repeater and selective frequency (selective channel) repeater;--- from the transmission mode, there are vertical repeater, fiber transmission repeater and frequency shift repeater. ?(2) the type of mobile repeater;GSM mobile communication repeater stationGSM mobile communication repeater is a way to solve the blind spot of the base station coverage. The erection of the repeater can not only improve the coverage effect, but also greatly reduce the cost of the investment base station.GSM repeater is a communication device designed to eliminate the small signal blind area or weak signal area of GSM900MHz/1800MHz band mobile communication network. Blind signal is widely used in underground shopping malls, parking lot, subway, tunnel, high-rise buildings, entertainment, office or private residential elevator cannot reach the base station signal, but also has a fairly good coverage for the elimination of weak signal district city due to the impact of the edifice of several rural outdoor local signal shadow Yin the side or outer zone.
Q:How can wireless AP (trunking) be used to connect wireless routers that shut down SSID broadcasts?
Wireless networks with SSID broadcasts have been closed, that is, wireless network names are hidden. Wireless Internet devices are unable to find the wireless network.
Q:How do I modify the WiFi repeater password?
Know the WiFi password, but also need to enter the router settings.
Q:What does the subway rep repeater mean?
Increases the maximum number of nodes.Each segment can use different communication rates.Improved reliability. When a network fails, it usually affects individual segments only.Performance has been improved.The disadvantage is that the relay increases the delay when the received signal is restored (restored) to the state at the time of transmission.The MAC sublayer of the CAN bus does not have the flow control function. When the load on the network is very heavy, it is possible to overflow due to insufficient storage space in the buffer in the repeater, resulting in frame loss.If a repeater fails, it will have an impact on the work of the two adjacent subnets.

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