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Introduction: Geomembrane is a kind of waterproof material with basic raw material of high molecular polymer.



Properties of Geomembrane    




LDPE geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane

normal type

environment friendly

Tensile strength(Mpa)




Elongation at break(%)




Right angle tearing strength(N/mm)




Carbon black content




Density  (g/cc)




Permeability coefficient of vapor





Scope of application temperature




Environmental stress resistant cracking performance ()


Oxidation induction time at 200



Thickness (mm)


Width (m)



Images of Geomembrane    




Waterproof Geomembrane/Liner/ Sheet with China Top Quality

Waterproof Geomembrane/Liner/ Sheet with China Top Quality



Waterproof Geomembrane/Liner/ Sheet with China Top Quality 


Waterproof Geomembrane/Liner/ Sheet with China Top Quality

Waterproof Geomembrane/Liner/ Sheet with China Top Quality


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Q:What are the functions of reflective membranes?
What are the functions of reflective membranes? 1: Application of reflective membranes in highway traffic signs: Different signs made of reflective membranes in different grades are used in different driveways, according to different designed speeds. Usually reflective membranes with high retroreflection coefficient and strong reflective brightness are required to be used in driveways with fast designed speed (such as highway, expressway, arterial highway,etc); in some developed areas recently,road signs made of high grade reflective membranes are used in the urban roads, which are beautiful and safer; medium grade reflective membranes are usually used in roads with slow design speed, such as provincial and national highways; and some temporary signs usually use low grade reflective membranes. 2: Application of reflective membranes in license plates of vehicles: The vehicle license plates used in mainland China are type 92 plates,(the manufacturing techniques 1) paste flective membranes with good flexibility to the aluminum plates(usually use special reflective membranes for license plates), use special machine to stamp out number, and color the number with the silk screen printing technology, if the license plate is black on yellow, then black ink is colored on the yellow reflective membrane with the silk screen printing technology, numbers on such plates used the silk screen printing technology can not reflect light while the plates can.
Q:Where are construction geomembrane in ash dam?
Geomembrane and other geotechnical materials are fixed with anchoring ditch in the middle of side slope. There are construction team and welding equipments.
Q:Is electrothermal film a big consumer of electricity?
Electrothermal film is very energy saving and comfortable.
Q:How to deal with the dust in the mobile phone film?
If the dust particles are attached on the protective film, you also can use the scotch tape to stick it away, but you cannot blow away the dust with gas. It is possible to cause more dust particles to attach on the protective film by the use of air blowing, and the dust particles can not be blown away. Correct way of treatment is that a hand hold the film by the scotch tape, the other hand use the scotch tape to quickly stick the dust, and then you can continue to stick the film. In the process of removing the dust, you do not directly contact the inner surface of the film by your hands, otherwise it will leave oil that can not be cleaned.
Q:the using method of Film thickness gauge ?
the using method of coating thickness gauge when using the coating thickness gauge you should be complied with the provisions: a base metal properties of the magnetic method, the base metal magnetic of specification sheet and the surface roughness, and the test specimen base metal magnetic should be similar to the base metal surface roughness. as for eddy current method, the electrical properties of the sheet specifications base metal should be similar to the electrical properties of the test specimen base metal. b check the thickness of the base metal whether the base metal thickness exceeds the critical thickness, if not, it may be employed a method in 3.3 to calibrate. c edge effect should not be in close proximity to a mutation at the specimen, such as the edge of the hole and the inner corner, etc. were measured. d the curvature should not be measured on the test specimen outer curvature surface. e the number of readings usually are not the same because each instrument readings is different, so it must take several readings within each measurement area. Local differences in the thickness of the cover layer is also required in any given area of ​​multiple measurements, and when the surface is roughness the result is the same. f before the appearance of cleanliness measurement, you should remove any adhering substance on the surface, such as dust, grease and corrosion products, etc., but do not remove any cover layer material.
Q:What are the differences of pvc geomembrane and pe geomembrane?
Geomembrane is a kind of waterproof material which takes high-molecular polymer as the basic raw material. It is mainly divided into: Polyethylene (PE) geomembrane, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) geomembrane, high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane and other environmentally friendly impermeable membrane. 1, width and thickness are up to the specification, thickness: 0.2-2.5mm, width: 1-8m. 2, excellent performance of environmental stress cracking resistance. 3, excellent chemical resistance. 4, a larger temperature range and long service life. 5, It can be used for buring landfills and dealing with wastewater, sewage, tailings storage sites and
Q:How to stick the film on lampblack machine?
You can just use the preservative film. 1. Pulling the preservative film from its packaging and putting the film on the smoke exhaust hood. Cutting off the film with a blade when the film is stuck to the edge. 2. Pressing and strenghtening the film on the smoke exhaust hood. 3. Sticking the preservative film all over the oil box of the smoke exhaust ventilator. When there is lot of oil, the old film can be repalced by the new one to avoid cleaning the ventilator. Here are some tips. 1. When the preservative film gets dirty, you can just replace it with a new piece. 2. Usually, the film can be changed once a month. 3. In the kitchen, when sticking the film, it is best to pull the film in its package without pulling the membrane core out so that the film can be stuck flat and easily cut off.
Q:How to use imported HDPE geomembrane in the landfill?
Q:Why apply HDPE geomembrane into anti-seepage project in the cesspit?
Q:What are the advantages of the glass reflective film?
Glass reflective film can effectively prevent damages to people caused by glass breakage, and protect people's life and property. Reduce glare for extra comfort. It is easy to paste and clean, and friction resistant without the need of special maintenance. . It is economical and practical, and doesn't fade in color with no bubbles and long service life. It is thermal insulated, safe and explosion-proof; high-temperature resistant, fireproof, and can enhance visual effect; the glass reflective film with better quality can block glare and 99% of ultraviolet rays.

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