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Copper-Zinc-Alloy: Removes the heavy metal molecule including Lead, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum etc.

Calgon coconut activated carbon: Have great absorption of chlorine, color, odor, organic chemicals and improve taste of water.

Ion exchange resin: Efficiently soften water, totally avoid the scale.

Mineralizing material: Release various of beneficial microelement such as Zinc, Manganese, Lithium, Molybdenum, Silicon and Boron etc.

Common water becomes into mineral water with Alkalescence.

Easy to install and maintain.

Counter of serving times equipped.

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Q:Solar water heater inside the scale how to clean it?
1, water temperature for a long time to maintain above 70 degrees;2, the water is relatively static state.The composition or composition of the scale is complex, usually not a single compound, but a chemical composition, and contains other chemical components. According to the chemical composition of the scale, generally can be divided into several kinds of carbonate, silicate sulfate scale scale, scale, scale, scale, mixed oil and iron oxide scale and dirt etc..The scale is a poor thermal conductivity material, will hinder the transfer of heat, the water heater is not uniformly heated, causing local overheating, or partial pressure, eventually damage the water heater, even in danger.
Q:Solar water heater in winter should pay attention to what?
3, pipeline antifreeze and insulation is the keyPipe antifreeze solar water heater needs extra attention, especially the water tank and the water pipe junction, this time the local wind and water easy to shake, if the connection is not good water easily exposed, cold to freezing, causing cold water to hot water down phenomenon, so thermal insulation hose must to do a good job, a general insulation pipe length is two meters, each heat pipe connection to tape fastened to prevent disconnection when the wind or water.
Q:How to use solar water heater heating by electricity
3 use of electric heatingIn case of rain and snow day sun light, the temperature of the water in the solar water heater is not up to the bath temperature, can be plugged in, to heat the water in the storage tank, shut off the power to the appropriate bath temperature, water. As long as the operation of the leakage protection plug button, power indicator light (red), electric heating rod began to work, press the test button, the power supply is cut off, the power indicator lights off, stop heating.
Q:Air water heater advantages and disadvantages?
It can also play a role in purifying indoor air. 2 efficient dehumidification, convenient and comfortable, 24 hours a day, the maximum amount of moisture in the 6-8 kg, rainy weather and more obvious effect, especially suitable for wet southern weather. Regardless of weather year-round snow, 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous automatic hot water supply, but also convenient than the conventional solar water heater. 3 safety, air water heater can not use gas, so it can be ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning. Will not be heated with electric heating rod, the possibility of excluding leakage. So more secure. 4 to achieve the system operation automation, automatic operation, no duty, with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically pay, heating, power, can provide hot water 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.
Q:Buy solar water heater enough to wash five people how much money
(single warehouse number and the number of the corresponding solar tube, Sancang solar energy requires a large specification)
Q:How to choose solar water heater?
Should also pay attention to the vacuum pipe between the pipe spacing, the general two tube center distance is about 70mm.4 home solar water heater bracket design should be reasonable, should have enough strength and stiffness (added: there are corrosion resistance, do not use two years of support down) to ensure adequate bearing capacity. In some areas of daily wind, especially in coastal areas, in the purchase of domestic solar water heaters should also pay attention to the product in the design of wind resistance.5 currently on the market, a variety of reflector forms of household solar water heater is diverse, there are flat reflectors, reflective surface plate, embossed aluminum and so on, in the purchase should pay attention to the heat absorbing surface reflective plate design products can make full use of the vacuum tube, the vacuum tube to the maximum extent by light. (supplement: now most of them do not have a reflective board, and businesses to save costs, user products improve the wind resistance, not worth mentioning)
Q:Solar water heater after a month without water, will be bad
No, as long as the solar water heater vacuum tube and water tank, the stent is not bad to work properly! Just note that when used again, if the water in the water, remember the sun when the water, because this will cause the explosion of the vacuum tube!For more products and information please Baidu Jiang Yue Mall for viewing, the most complete solar energy air machine, accessories and so onRecommendation: "Dr. Sun" in the solar energy, solar (without water level sensor and solenoid valve), rainy weather heating and hot water utilization rate is fast, and the customer service rate is greatly reduced, which saves time and energy saving. This type of solar energy than ordinary single warehouse in the absence of the sun heating time is only 20-30 minutes, and a single warehouse needs 2-3 hours!
Q:Solar water heater can not put hot water
There are several reasons:1 solar water heater with water leakage phenomenon (check the upper and lower water pipes2 (check the indoor water mixer. Tap and other water points have no Water Leakage or no good)
Q:What do you need to pay attention to in order to make the solar water heater hot?
2, usually pay attention to the maintenance of solar energy devices, regular cleaning with a rag solar collector or vacuum tube, keep the device clean;3, can be used for auxiliary heating, solar water tank generally have auxiliary electric heating tube, if too slow heating can use a solar solar radiation heating, one auxiliary electric heating, so that we can in the shortest time will be up for the use of water;
Q:Can you install a solar water heater on the first floor
In modern times it is generally used to generate electricity or to provide energy for water heaters. Since the birth of life on earth, mainly to the sun to provide heat radiation to survive, and since ancient times, people also know how to use the sun to dry objects, as well as the production of food, such as salt and salted fish, etc.. In the case of dwindling fossil fuels, solar energy has become an important part of human energy use, and has been developing. There are two ways to use solar energy, such as photothermal conversion and photoelectric conversion. The broad sense of solar energy also includes wind energy, chemical energy, water, etc.

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