Water Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid with Good Quality

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Each Piece/ Inner box, 6-8 boxes/Ctn

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40 days after payment


1.Clear dial reading; 2.Fully sealed design; 3. water proof; 4.anti-ultraviolet, 5.Perfect performance in outdoor or underwater

Function: Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline
Technical Standards: ISO4064-2005, GB/T 778.1~778.3-2007, JJG 162-2009
3.Main Functions:

Water& Dust Proof--IP68
---Adopt fully sealed design, perfect water proof performance, suitable for damp & humid installation sites, perfect for outdoors and underground usage

4.Control Function
---Prepay water charge via water purchasing/rechargeable card, prepayment before usage, eradicate phenomena of water charges arrears.

5.Inquiry Display

---LCD capable to display the current purchased volume, remaining volume, accumulative consumed volume, facilitate user queries; Maintenance personnel and background management system can inspect and analyze the data which is read-out by using the inspection card.
6.Protection Function
---Valve will shut automatically under circumstances of battery under voltage, power supply interruption or external magnetic field interference.
7.Remind & Alarm
---Timely remind or alarm in the situations of battery under voltage, remaining volume insufficiency, misoperation or magnetic disturbance.
8.Automatic Statistics
---Automatically collect and analyze the monthly actual consumption situation of every water user, suit the operating department's management convenience
---Adopt anti system halted circuits & valve anti-blocking patent design, prevent dysfunction of water meter actuating mechanism

10.Automatic Maintenance
---Meter inner preset with self-checking function, check valve's flexibility and avoid lithium battery dormancy.

11.Data Retention

---User's data could be saved for over 10 years, no data loss in case of battery empty or cut off.

12.Extended Functions:
One Card
--- For the same user that holds multi RF cards for water, electricity, gas meters or more RF water meters, All-in-one-card management & control is feasible

Measuring Methods
---Able to conduct measuring methods in water volume or amount of money; In the case of amount measuring, flat rate tariff multiple tariff and ladder prices are feasible

13.Ladder prices
---On administrative department's request, ladder prices for different segment charging are feasible to be set, facilitate administrative department to execute "ladder price" policy easily


  Technical data

  Water Temperature

  1-30 ºC

  Working Pressure


  Head Loss


  Power source

  One built-in lithium battery

  Working voltage


  Working current

 <40ma< span="">

  Quiescent current

 <3μa< span="">

  Quiescent power dissipation


  Electromagnetic compatibility

  Accords with GB/T 17626.2/17626.3/17626.4

  Valve Performance

  Under pressure of 0.02 and 1.0MPa respectively, permanent flow rate(Q3), reliable open and close, flexible operation, no abnormal condition


Nominal Dia.

Metrological Accuracy

Permanent Flow Q3





Valve Permissive Linkage Volume
























Water Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid with Good Quality

Water Meter IP69 Dry Dial RF Card Prepaid with Good Quality


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Q:Why is the water meter always called?
Reading water meters is generally pipe, there is pressure or gas will cause boiling water, pipes have sound.
Q:My water meter in the absence of water, water meters on their own table?
pressure fluctuationSince water is a liquid, the physical properties shown in general are incompressible, but in the water pipe the pressure of the pipeline is higher, and the water will show a certain compressibility. In the tap water pipe, the pressure fluctuation is inevitable, and now we are using the water meter is a mechanical watch, in which water flow generated by the kinetic energy to drive gear, so as to achieve the purpose of water metering. When no water, the water pipe ends are connected in a certain amount of high pressure water are fixed; therefore, when the municipal pipe network pressure rises, the volume of tap water pipe after the table shrinks due to the increase of the pressure, this will have a trace of the water through the water meter, is generated; when the pressure is decreased, the table after the tube in the compressed water with low pressure and expansion, will also have a trace of the water through the water, the difference is this time reversal. As we all know, the general mechanical table in the water is in the drive gear, is turned upside down when the water is in progress under the drive gear reversal, the drag force of water phase is different, although the two head of the same amount of water, but reflected in the reading on the meter is very different. According to statistics, in the absence of air in the pipeline, the resulting water is very small, about 0.5-1m3/ months. Under normal circumstances, the water users will not pay attention to; at the same time, this is also the normal level of measurement results.
Q:Look, you've answered the water meter. Please consult me. See if my house is leaking or something else?
In fact, just someone gave you the answer, in order to know the leakage in the end, the simplest and most effective way is to measure water pressure, I suggest you put a little high water pressure, at least to 1.5 pressure. Water pressure just hit, is a bit of turning, 10 minutes less than the appearance will be stable, generally will turn a grid. If the water pressure of your house can be kept stable, it can be proved to be watertight. Otherwise, you know how to deal with it. Don't be fooled by the developers. Hope to help you.
Q:How can I make the meter and meter go slow?
If there is a dry water meter (no water on the pointer), as long as the water meter is equipped with a fast strong magnet, you can let the water meter slow down, because dry water meter itself is magnetic drive
Q:How much is the water meter at one time?
Water meter once said: "a ton of water, that is, one cubic meter of water."Water meters are recorded in volume. Once they were cubic meters, that is, a square of water. The density of the water added was calculated
Q:Water meter leakage, water charges who bear?
It is recommended that the production enterprises of water gauge should regard the installation standards of the state as the hard and fast rules and write them into the product manual. It is better for the two level users to know the existence of them.
Q:Difference between dry water meter and wet water meterWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of the two water meters?
Dry water meter is not immersed in water meter counter, isolation chamber and counter sensor technology, water glass does not withstand the pressure. Because of the dry water meter counting mechanism and the measured water contact is not influenced by the suspended impurities in water, to ensure the normal work and counting mechanism of reading is clear; also not like wet the water meter, water meter reading of the phenomenon under the glass fog or condensed water droplets etc. the impact caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside the table; even in the process of using accidentally break the glass of water will not overflow, the safety is good.But because of the dry water meter structure is relatively complex, so the manufacturer's production technology and assembly process requirements are higher, so the cost is slightly higher than the wet water meter,
Q:How do you measure the degree of household water meters?
Oh, this won't be. Look at the red one or the black one. I forgot, but it's not next to *1000, *100. Look at that one. It looks like black
Q:The water meter is not bad, the pipe doesn't leak, but the water meter doesn't read properly
If there is no problem with the water meter, it may be that the water delivery pipe is out of order.
Q:Just renovated house, no water, water meters will turn? What's the reason?
The water pipes are empty, the air will "take advantage of a weak point; when the recovery water, the water pipe of the air pressure to the indoor pipeline all the blind end, the formation of" compressed air ", until the air pressure and water pressure balance so far. There is an interface between gas and water, when the pressure difference between the two sides of the interface is zero; and when the water pressure changes, the two sides of the interface form a certain pressure difference, and the gas and water balance is destroyed. To compensate for this pressure difference, to reach a new equilibrium, must change the pressure of the air, causing air volume expansion or contraction, thereby causing the pipeline "connector" in tap water flow, so the "idling" phenomenon is produced.

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