Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

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40000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Portable Outdoor Houshold Cyclonic Wet and Dry Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Specification

Model No.CNWF1214&1214A
 Power (W):1200W
 Max Vacuum (Kpa):20
 Max Suction (W):220
 Dustbag Capacity (L):4
 Noise (dB):75
 Cord length (Meter):5

 G.W. (kg):8.9
 N.W. (kg):7.2

 Measurement (CM):48.5X34.5X30
 QTY/ 20' (pcs)440
 QTY/ 40' (pcs)900
 QTY/ 40'HQ'(pcs)1060

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry CleanerWater Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

                      CNWF1214A                                                                                    CNWF1214

Our Vacuum Cleaner Service Advantages:

1. Stable financial status and sound reputation as a state invested corporation in Vacuum Cleaner industry under the direct administration of the State Council of PRC;
2. CNBM’s world wide influence as one of the 500 global fortunes specializing in Vacuum Cleaner;
3. More than a decade’s exporting experience and technology in Vacuum Cleaner;
4. Preferencial shipping channels, with a separate team dealing with Vacuum Cleaner shipping.


Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner


Our Vacuum Cleaner Product Line: 

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry CleanerWater Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry CleanerWater Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry CleanerWater Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Portable Cyclonic Wet and Dry Cleaner

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC,ROHS



1.What's the normal payment terms ?

 A:30% T/T deposit , the balance should be against the copy of B/L .


2. Q: What is your MOQ?

 A: our MOQ is half 20FT.


 3. Q: Can I get some samples?

 A: Of course you can. It is our pleasure to make samples for you.


 4. Q: How is your product quality?

 A: Pls take care about our quality. We pass CE/EMC/EMF/GS/RoHs.


5.Whether the order can be OEM ?

 A:Of course , once the order meet our MOQ, then each item will be packed into a color box with OEM brand .

6.Are you only mass production?

A:Of course we can retailer. We can sell but you should pay the delivery cost.


7.How many years have your company been engaged in the field of electrical appliances ?

 A:We have more than 10 years' experience in the supply of electrical appliances.


8.What kind of vacuum cleaner do your company supply ?

We have various models for your choice :robot vacuum cleaner,cyclone vacuum cleaner, bagless vacuum cleaner,bagged vacuum cleaner,stick vacuum cleaner,upright vacuum cleaner,handy vacuum cleaner,car vacuum cleaner,cordless vacuum cleaner,dry & wet vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner , pond cleaner , power ash cleaner , backpack vacuum cleaner , etc.

Home use FAQ:

Q: Can I wash my vacuum cleaner filters?

Yes, you can. Just rinse them under the tap with warm water and let dry naturally for 1 – 2 days, depending on your local weather before using them in your vacuum cleaner. Only use mild detergents if you need and do not use excessive heat to dry (heated ducts, hair dryer, etc.).


Q: My vacuum has lost suction. Why is that and what should I do?

Don’t get frustrated. Here is a very good vedio clip from ESPARES(UK) that explains what's the most common reasons of losing suction in a vacuum cleaner and how to fix it. If none of the solution helped, please give us a call. 

Q: My vacuum just stopped while I was using it! What do I do now?

All of our vacuum cleaners have been fitted with a thermal safety cut-off switch which activates to stop the motor from burning out. When it does that it will prevent the unit from turning on again until it has cooled sufficiently to reset, which is between 2 – 4 hrs. The most common reason for safety cut-off switch activated is the filters needs to be cleaned. Please read the instruction manual and follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. 



Q: I think I just experienced an "Electric Shock". Is there something worng with my vacuum cleaner?

What you experienced is only a "Static shock" and is not an "Electric Shock" from the motor or power supply.

It is quite common for some vacuum cleaners to create a static shock.  This is due to a build-up of an electrical charge in the plastic body and hose when vacuuming certain types of surfaces such as polyester and nylon carpets etc. Static build up is more prevalent in dry environments i.e. Humidity less than 50%. Central heating or air conditioning can cause a dry environment indoors. Occasionally, the user may feel a small shock as the static will discharge when the appliance is touched.  This also depends on if the user is wearing insulating footwear such as rubber or leather soled shoes, as if insulated from the floor, the user will not receive a shock, or at least, a very small one.

The appliance is double insulated and the metal or plastic vacuum hose tube is also insulated from the appliance by means of the flexible plastic hose. There is no cause for alarm.  If the static shock is a problem, it is recommended that insulating foot wear be used during vacuuming, or increase the humidity level in the surrounding environment or both.


Q: What's the difference with cyclonic to multi-cyclonic filtration system?

Multi-cyclonic is where the dust container has a plastic filter section inside and has many little tunnels in it that separate the finer dust and dirt for the next filter and there is no HEPA filter in the middle plastic filter section.

Cyclonic filtration is where there is a central HEPA filter that sits inside the dust container and catches the finer dust.



Q: My Vacbag keeps splitting when I use it, why does it keep doing that?

Your Vacbag may not be the one suited for your unit, as it will split if it is not the right size for the vacuum cleaner. The bag itself is not an issue with size or shape, but if the hose doesn’t fit into it then it breaks it. We have a range of Vacbags for many models of vacuum cleaners, we can always see if one fits your model or if there is a distributor near you.

Check below for more information on placing an order

1. Inquiry-Professional quotation.

2. Confirm the accessories, the deploy you want. (Like voltage, power, color, tube, brush…..)Please point out your different requirements.

3. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.

4. Customer makes the payment for deposit and sends us Bank receipt.

5.Initial Production Stage-Inform the clients that we have got the payment, And will make the samples according to your request, send you photos or Samples to get your approval. After approval, we inform that we will arrange the production & inform the estimated time.

6. Middle Production-send photos to show the production line which you can see your products in. Confirm the estimated delivery time again.

7. End Production-Mass production products photos and samples will send to you for approval. You can also arrange the third party Inspection.

8. Clients make payment for balance and then delivery the goods .Also can accept payment term-Balance against B/L Copy. The container photo will also send to customers.

9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them.

10. Feedback about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. And we can do better.

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Q:Lock/Secure/Control Vacuum Cleaner usage?
That is a tough one. I do not know of a vacuum that has a lock built into it. The Miele canister vacuum cleaners have a handle. You can put a bicycle style lock through the handle. You could also do that with a Dyson. The Miele's last really well.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
Think of a vacuum cleaner as an investment, not a disposable which is mostly what you get for $200 or less. Would you rather spend more right now for something that really works for you and not have to buy a vacuum again for 10 years or more, or spend $200 now and have to spend it again every couple of years, and in the meantime not having one that does what you need? I have a Filter Queen that I bought used in 1988 for $500. It's had a couple of tune-ups in that time but still works as well as the day I bought it. I also have one called a Ghibli, which is a little more like a shop vac but very quiet and miles better than your basic Sears shop vac(I bought one of those first and it was such a piece of garbage that I returned it), and I'd recommend it highly. Lots of suction, and the quietness is wonderful. Stay away from uprights. They're okay for carpet, difficult to use for much else. A canister type does much more, better and easier. Go to a store that sells and repairs vacuums. They often have used top-of-the -line stuff for good prices. They know the products the way someone in Wal-Mart never can so they can help you choose something that works for you. Christmas is coming. Maybe you can say a good vacuum cleaner is your Christmas present. Not as fun as jewellery maybe but every time you use it you'll be glad you spent the money.
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
perhaps the group desires extra artwork on protection and can score for all time. if so, you will desire to be the best participant to place at sweeper. or you are the main gifted and you get to handbook the protection. i'm a protective coach and my terrific gamers are the sweepers. They run the full container, call out marking assignments, and can see the different group's performs advance, so they are in a position to look after against them. Your taking part in sweeper will help you get a extra advantageous first touch with the ball, help you're making faster judgements, and help you study some management skills. believe your coach, she's the coach. If she says Play right here, play there and play as annoying you are able to. in case you start to get wimpy on her, she'll get annoyed and positioned you at outdoors fullback.
Q:Manufacturing Engineering?
Look at the hand held vacuums they have in the store. If the housing is plastic, it is a 99.99% chance it is injection molded. If it is made of metal it could be extruded if it has a constant cross section along its length. Aluminum is a very common extrusion metal. I would doubt any high volume hand vac would have a forged housing, but I don't get out that much. Casting and machining is a possibility. As far as costs, it all depends on the life of the tool, and the number of cavities for a mold or a casting. If you mold/cast one part at a time it is much more expensive than two or four or eight. The more you mold at once, the bigger the molding/casting machine and the more expensive the mold/casting. So it depends on how many you want to make in a given amount of time, and how many through the life of the product. Finally, for your modification, do you have a design with drawings and a volume target? That is the first step to figuring out costs.
Q:Vacuum cleaners...When it comes to maintaining suction, being leight weight, and low noise level, ...?
My all time favorite was a canister type called Rainbow. It used water for the filter and far surpassed all other brands. I could pick up water too which was great for an emergency spot cleaning. The filter was reasonable ;-) and it's design far superior as no contaminants were redeposited in the air like others. I like bissel and eurika and any unit that has a good hose for reaching along the baseboards and drapes, good filtration and maneuverability.
Q:Miele Vacuum Cleaner?
we have a Miele Blue Moon. We also had a very hairy dog. But we bought it because of allergies. it picks up and keeps dust mite droppings which no other vacuum does. but you have to change the HEPA once a year for it to do that. The bags and hepa are rather costly but we have had it 9 years and it works great. The only other tip I'd give is keep the height setting one setting higher if you find it is overheating when you vacuum. we have shag carpet so it was overheating the powerhead set at 1. We love it and it definitely works better than the less expensive models.
Q:A super fast blonde moment?
That joke sucks.....yuk yuk yuk.... What is hte difference between a blonde and a washing machine? When you put a load in the washing machine, it doesn't follow you around.....
Q:What is the real reason Vacuum Cleaners have a head light on the front of it?
For those bored people who vacuum at night.lol not really if your going under a couch or something you probably want to see what your sucking up right? Hey, i found the remote!
Q:Brooms or vacuums ?
1 vacuum and 1 broom and 1 mop
Q:how to clean the carpet? I mean the big one as on the ground, not the small one. Vacuum? Is it efficient?
Vacuuming is recommended by every certifying body to maintain the life of your carpet. We recommend you vacuum your high traffic areas daily, and wall to wall (under furniture etc) on a weekly basis. Periodically, you should have your carpet professionally steam cleaned using a truck mounted hot water extraction method (steam cleaning). Depending on how many people and/or animals live with you, this should be done every 3-12 months. As far as bugs are concerned, vacuuming and steam cleaning will help some, but no cleaning method can guarantee 100% removal. If you have a serious flee problem or something, you need to contact your exterminator before you do anything. Dry soil is abrasive and needs to be removed regularly to avoid causing wear patterns in your high traffic areas.

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