Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Wet Dry Cylinder

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Product Description:

Drum Cylinder Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized

Model No.ZL12-34WDF
 Power (W):1200W
 Max Vacuum (Kpa):15Kpa
 Max Suction (W):145w
 Dustbag Capacity (L):13L
 Noise (dB):≤76db
 Cord length (Meter):5.5

 G.W. (kg):7.95
 N.W. (kg):6.5

 Measurement (MM):315X315X510mm
 QTY/ 40' (pcs)900
 QTY/ 40'HQ'(pcs)1010

1.Picks up water in one place and simultaneously pumps to another
2. Powerful suction and less noise than most
3. Bagless & Transparent Water Tank
4. Dust/Water Full Indicator & Auto-Stop Switch, a special care-free design

5. Multi-filtration system: 

Cyclone Air Flow System + Two Stage Water Filtration + Air Outlet Sponge Filter

6. Full compliment of cleaning tools,long power cord,very maneuverable
7. Airflow control on handle
8. Top Air Outlet Design which can avoid blowing off floor dust particles
9. Blower Availalble
10. Easy parking brushes and crevice tools

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Wet Dry Cylinder

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Wet Dry Cylinder

Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Wet Dry Cylinder

Our service:

1.With strong design and production capacity

2.We are the alibaba gold supplier for wholesale and retailer

3.Good quality and best service to every custom

4.We have some international standard certificates,such as CE,ROHS,etc

5.Professional sales teams and good service of after-sale


Q1. Which certification do you have for the products ?



Q2. Do you have existing robot dust cleaner samples?

Yes, we do. 


Q3. Do you accept our logo on your producs?

Yes,with R&D team and professional engineers,OEM service is not a problem.


Q4.Does the items allowed to sold overseas?

Of course yes, the design of this vacuum cleaners belongs to the factory,

with patented design,so the item can be sold anywhere freely.


Q5. Are you the trader or manufacturer?

We are the professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and you're welcomed to visit our factory anytime.


Q6. Where is your factory located?

We are located in Shenzhen China.


Q7.What is the after-sale service?

With 12 months warranty.

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