Water cooled scroll cold (hot )water unit

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Product Description:

The chiller adopts vortex cooling compressor, consisting of 1 to 4 compressors. And it matches up with the high efficiency shell and tube type condenser, evaporator and control system.


1. Multiple working conditions: there are cooling tower condition, water source condition and ground source condition for users to choose.

2. High efficient and energy saving heat pump unit: it can save 30%--40% running cost than ordinary unit.

3. Multiple functions: one heat pump unit can offer domestic hot water as well as cooling and heat.

4. Evaporator and condenser have many types like shell and tube, casing and plate type to meet various requirements.


This series chiller is suitable to central air conditioning system for general residents, villa, small canteen, shops,hotel,KTV, office buildings and commercial buildings etc.  

Working conditions:

Cooling water in/out temperature: 30°C/35°C; cold water in/out temperature: 12°C/7°C.

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