Washing Basin-Art Basin CNBA --- 5004

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1. Specifications of Art Basin CNBA-5004

Surface Finish:

1- Nanometer glaze Polish without Pin Hole and Spot
2- Exhause Pipe:Fully Glazed inner part
3- Glaze Surface:Sanitary glaze/Nanometer glaze feel Smooth
4- Charateristic:Eco-Friendly


2. Advantages of Art Basin CNBA-5004

1.Main products: We are a ceramics sanitary ware manufacturer,specialized in producing one piece toilet,two piece toilet,pedestal basin,art basin,wall-hung basin etc.

2.Main Material: Mainly using good ceramic and the seat cover ,material is PP

3.High Quality: We have a very strong QC team, they do strict quality control for each product to comfirm to supply products in high-quality.We also do the random check by ourself.

4.Certificate: CE & ISO9001:2008





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Q:Japanese baths long ago...HELP!?
Yes, they were even used up until the 30s and 40s I believe as there are still some homes that have remnants of wooden wash basins that were used at that time. A friend of mine in Kyshu lives in such a house. They were located near a wood burning stove or hot spring and the hot water was poured directly into them through a pipe. I think you can even see them in museums.
Q:What is the effect of the three holes on the sink basin?
In fact, you said no other role
Q:Can you wash your face?
Copper basin wash your face is not good. Why do you wash the basin with water? Reason: long time with copper wash basin, because a long time exposure to hot water and oxygen, resulting in copper and oxygen reaction to produce copper oxide, copper oxide is black, attached to the surface of the basin, so the basin black. Chemical Reaction Equation: 2Cu + O2 = Heating => 2CuO Treatment: CuO + 2H + = Cu2 + + H2O, indicating that CuO can react with H + (method: black washbasin surface coated with acetic acid, and then wipe with a scouring pad, and finally rinse with water).
Q:Wash the bottom of the wash basin has been how to repair the water
Washbasin water treatment basic steps 1. Take out our basin under the water pipe, the water pipe below the amount of fixed parts and flange removed; 2. In the installation of the basin when the water should pay attention to pick up the basin of the table, the water pipe flange removed, and the water pipe flange on the basin above. 3. After tightening the flange, the basin on the table, the outlet at the exit of the table, in the sewer and the basin of the mouth of the contact surface coated with glass glue, pay attention to uniform and complete to prevent leakage The Wash basin treatment method Will be our water pipe at the outlet, flat to put it in, and to note that the installation of the basin must be installed on the water tanker out of the fixed, screwed in the water on the top, but also with a wrench to the water fixed Set tightly. After the installation of the basin water is completed, but also wait for 24 hours after the glass gel dry after it was tested in the basin filled with water to see if there is no leakage of water pipes occurred.
Q:What is the thread of the washbasin pipe thread?
Wash basin water pipe joint thread is the most common 1/2 pipe thread.
Q:Have you used Rain Barrels/Catch Basins?
You keep them covered, leaving only enough room for the water to enter. Without sunlight on the water, your algae growth is very, very slow. Yeah, every once in awhile, like once a summer, you may need to wash out the basin with diluted chlorine bleach.
Q:How to use the wash basin to raise the turtle
4, tortoise in the water to eat, feed the feed directly in the water on the line. Turtles generally feed pork, beef, shrimp, small fish, poultry fish liver, these foods to be chopped or shredded, But these animal feed is very easy to pollute the water quality. Novice recommended feeding, good feed such as lifeblood, inch of gold, are good. Feed more worry, and professional turtle feed nutrition ride With better, not easy to pollute the water quality. Summer temperatures are high, the turtle metabolism fast, you can feed once a day, but generally recommended two to three days, the turtle do not need to feed too often, a few days to feed once No problem, as long as the supply of adequate water to ensure that they do not eat half a month no problem, the turtles each feeding is generally the size of their head size is enough. Like a cooked cooked meat and Ham sausages and so on is absolutely not indiscriminately eat ~! Be sure to pay attention to some necessary knowledge ~! First, do not give the turtle with salty and salty foods, such as salty dry shrimp, dried fish, etc. So ~! The Sodium chloride (salt) intake can cause its body edema, and cause kidney damage, the turtle is to absolutely avoid salt intake ~! A little bit of salty is not appropriate ~! same We usually eat the cooked food cooked food meat rice bread bread is also not suitable for the turtle food.
Q:Washbasin combination cabinet landing is good or hanging on the wall of the good
This has its own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has experience hobbies. Wall saving some, easy to clean, but the wall requires high, more variable; floor relative to the atmosphere more noble, more expensive, the foot is not high inconvenience clean.
Q:Glass wash basin with what the best cleaning
There are many furniture in the modern furniture is glass material, how to clean it crystal clear it? The following method is not a try: Alcohol cleaning method: first rinse with warm water again, and then wipe with a wet cloth dipped in a little alcohol gently, the glass will be bright as new. Old newspaper cleaning method: Wipe the glass furniture surface with a slightly damp old newspaper. One side of the best vertical rub up and down, the other side of the left and right rub, so rub more easily find the place to leak. Vinegar cleaning method: If the glass is painted or dirt, can be coated with some vinegar in the above, to be soaked and then wipe with a dry cloth can be. Kerosene plus chalk gray cleaning method: a few drops of kerosene on the glass, or chalk ash coated with water on the glass, to be dry with a clean cloth, the glass is restored bright. Toothpaste cleaning method: with a small cloth dipped in a little toothpaste to wipe, make the glass bright as new.
Q:Wash basin with what stone environmental protection
Do not use natural, whether it is marble or jade, as long as there is natural radiation, you can use artificial stone or tempered glass, you can also use quartz

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