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Microfiber rug
Pile height: 15mm or 25mm
Total Weight:1400g -1500g/m2
Color:red , white, brown, blue , green , yell

Description of the Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

1 Material:100% microfiber
2 The color we can do : red , white, brown, blue , green , yellow, pink , coffee, purple or OEM.
3 Shape : round or rectangle
4 Round Diameter:60cm,70cm,80cm,90cm,100cm,120cm,140cm
5 MOQ: 100 sqm

Usage of Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats

The Microfiber Carpets & Rugs & Mats has an advantage of soft feeling and low price.  These mats are one of a good choice of bathroom ,children room ,sitting room and bedroom.

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Q:how to clean ciggerette ash on carpet.?
Backout is a natural cleaner found in a healthfood store.
Q:Does a rug pad have to have the exact dimensions as the rug?
Hi, okorder.com/
Q:Are wheel chairs able to roll on carpets/rugs?
Yes they can. It's bit harder to roll. But totally possible.
Q:how to make a carpet cat climber.?
Not sure what you consider low cost...I've never seen any that I thought was reasonable. Quite a while back, someone posted a link to instructions for building your own. I'm sure you can google that if you're interested. I do have a suggestion about building your own, though. I don't have room or I would be doing this. One idea I saw on Trash to Treasure on Decorating Cents. Take an old desk, remove the drawers, remove some or all of the wood that is under the drawers so that you basically have a desk with drawer holes but empty space inside. Or perhaps you could cut holes in them and put them back....then cover the openings with some sheer fabric, and viola! you have a cool cat tree for next to nothing. The other idea I came up with on my own was to build a staircase. Or better yet, a ramp. Use a tape measure to determine how much wood you'll need - prop it against the wall at a reasonable angle and note the length. (6ft I think was the figure I came up with. Then get a piece of cheap wood in that length - or you could get two pieces and secure them together with L brackets or something like that. Make sure it's at least 1/2 thick or more - you don't want it to get bouncy. Carpet it, and viola again! You have a cat ramp. Be sure to secure it to the wall and/or floor. You could add a ledge at the top - just cut a hole in it so the cats can get onto it.
Q:What are rugs made of and why?
rugs are made of Animal or plant fibers, including wool, cotton, sisal, jute, seagrass or bamboo. Man-made material such as viscose, rayon, nylon, acrylic or polypropylene/olefin can also be used.
Q:My area rug was folded in the garage for a while. Now I decided to use it but it's bumpy in some places.?
lay the rug out upside down and place some weight on the problem ares....boxes of books, or canned goods for example...it don't have to be too heavy. let it go for a few days and then turn the rug over and do the same with any problem areas
Q:need to buy ivory accent rug?
as much as i admire Laura Ashley fabric, I definitely think of the florals may well be a touch too `flowery` in this occasion. The room sounds stylish. faded blue may well be wonderful. it would upload pastime without over powering your faded colour scheme.
Q:How do I fluff up my carpet?
Your carpet is probably Polyester, made from recycled plastic bottles. It is often times made to look like Nylon carpet, however, it does not stand up to traffic and eventually will not stand up at all. This carpet is fairly inexpensive and therefore attractive to landlords. They are reluctant to have expensive Nylon carpet installed because the chances of it being permanently abused and stained by renters is great. We find quality carpet in only the higher end apartments where the people who can afford the higher rent are normally better educated and easier on the premises as a whole. You, no doubt are a careful renter, however, the law of averages is at work here. Call a carpet cleaner and purchase a grooming rake from them, it may help somewhat.
Q:How to do if the carpet mildews?
It will induce asthma and allergic rhinitis. These little creatures especially love to take the body dander as food. The toilet is often in contact with water, it is better not to lay the carpet, in fact. 2. 3, The invasion of the human body. Whether they will shop with the living room carpet at the bottom of long-term water vapor intrusion of bacteria that should not be in the home, the carpet, and often barefoot walking back and forth in the above, or hanging on the wall, contact the skin can cause itching. Mites are afraid of light, a rash of small swelling and reaction, can effectively eliminate mites, It's better be laid in a well ventilated area with sunshine, can play a good role of decoration, mites will be brought to the bed and bedding surface. Be allergic to the villi and the smell: The carpet is divided into wool, smell is difficult to volatilize, room laid with carpet should often be ventilate by opening the window. The carpet should not be placed in shady and moist rooms, so often bring the carpet to the sun to be dried. Because the carpet itself can create a warm living room atmosphere, chemical fiber and other different types: The carpet is made of a lot of small fibers: 1. In addition, cilia of the carpet are mostly easy to be accumulated with mites.
Q:How to do fireproofing treatment to carpet
Spray flame retardant on the carpet, that's it.

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