Wash Down Sanitary Squating Pan - 5009

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2000 set/month

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Wash Down Sanitary Squat Pan MY-6111B
-With S tube or Rear Water-in
-Front Drainage System
-Self cleaning glaze


Self cleaning glaze


Standard seaworthy 5-ply export carton

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As customer’s requested

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Within 30 days after receiving 30%T/T in advance

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T/T or L/C



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After receiving the products,if you found any quality problem,please contact us in time by email,we will find a suitable solution for it.

It will be an great houner for us to serve your business.Please leave us your kindly inquiry and company contact information by e-mail now.



1.  Years experience in manufacturing sanitary ware, service will be more and more professional.

2.  Competitive price, top quality due to we are the manufacturer.

3.  Easy-to-clean surface when coordinated with vanity tops.

4.  Large-scale product line, more rapid delivery.

5.  Heat and chemical resistant, non-porous surface, durability.

6.  Designed and used for residential or commercial applications.

7.  Can be easily installed with solid surface countertops, kitch countertops, bathroom vanity tops.

8.  Size can be cusotmize if the quantity is big . OEM service provided.


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used your brains
Q:Okay how do you unplug the bathroom sink!?
Bathroom sinks clog primarily because hair gets snagged on something in the waste line, builds up, forms a nice fibrous reinforcement for soap to stick to and then you've got a first class clog. Drano will only loosen the soap, it doesn't really get rid of the hair, so it's only a temporary solution. Plus, the hair will continue to build up with continued use. Does this sink have a pop-up lever for the stopper? Those are the first places that clog. If it's a new, or even from the last twenty years, sink, you should be able to disassemble the nut where the popup lever enters the waste pipe, pull out the lever and then to go town with your choice of tool - snake, coat hanger wire, whatever, to remove that hair. I usually disassemble the trap and clean out the whole mess, from sink to where the waste line enters to wall or floor, and then it's good for several years. Don't waste a lot of money on drano or similar products - they're only effective up to a point and they're hard on the environment.
Q:how to get rotten smell out of bathroom sink?
Pour some bleach down the drain and let sit for like, 30 minutes. That's what I do!
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The most important thing that i have found is to dry-fit all plumbing connections before soldering or bonding. You should also hook everything up and fit the sink properly beforehand. Then mark each connection before tearing apart and gluing or soldering the joints.
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