Warping Machine CD003-1 For Producing Towel

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1. Details


Type: Water Jet Loom

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Model Number:JSD508-150cm

Production Capacity:99.99%




Warranty:1 year

Reed Width:150cm,170cm,190cm,230cm...


2.Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details:nude packing or as customer's request

Delivery Detail:Within 20days after get the T/T payment


3. Specification


1,Reed Width:   150,180,200,230,250,280,320

2,Rotation Speed: 170-200RPM

3,Weft Feed :Soft tape ,carbon fiber carries

4,Terry formation: Dobby control, Reed shifting motor

5,High of pile : 13mm

6,Beating : Crank shaft beating 

7,Type of towel :3 wefts or 4 wefts or 5 wefts towel 

8,Ground warp let -off: Sensors control, Gear reducer

9,Drive frange Dia:550,600

10,Power: 1.5kw




Q: How long time guaranteed we furnish?
A: One year after installing the machine

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: One month since the payment will be received

Q:Why we choose you?
A:We are gated company and member of top 500 company in the world






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