Warehouse tent with pvc fabric wall and windows

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Our products have good quality and cheap price, it is the best choice for wedding, party, exhibition, competitions and other activities. Can be customized in according to your needs.


1.Waterproof,UV resistant

2.Aluminum and PVC Structure

3.Cheap party tents for sale white

4.Wide range of site selection


aluminum frame,steel frame


bay distance: 3m/4m/5m

roof pitch: aluminum frame18;steel frame20°

maximum tent length: no limited

frame material:hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy ( GB6005/T5, GB6061/T6 )

steel components: hot-dip galvanized steel, the thickness over 60um

Fabric material: 650~850g/sqm double PVC-coated polyester textile, UV-protection, rainproof, anti-fungus, weatherproof,flame,retardant (DIN4102 B1/M2)

flame retardant: DIN4102 B1/M2

wind load:100km/h ( 0.5KN/SQM ).

radiation: UV resistant

space utilization:100%

installation:easy to install and uninstall

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Frame with PP bag,fabric with bag,others with wooden box .

Delivery Detail:according to detailed size

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Q:What does the tent tent waterproof index mean?
According to the type of tent to distinguish, recreational tents used in the park, water index within 1000MM can; family camp tent waterproof index needs more than 2000MM; alpine tent waterproof index is more than 5000MM.
Q:Is the damp mat in or out of the tent?
The last time I bought tents, mats, inflatable cushions, and sleeping bags in the tent,The damp mat is better outside the tent. I tried it. There was a lot of dew and fog in the morning. It was super damp and the tent cloth was covered with water. If the damp mat is not placed under the tent, the moisture under the tent must be especially heavy.Usually in tents inside the automatic inflatable cushion, sleep is still very soft, very comfortable
Q:What's the difference between a double deck and a single deck?
The double layer is different from the single layer, and it has added a good ventilation inside the design. In a cooler season, the heat is removed by the body's air outside the tent, and it condenses on the inside of the tent. If it is a single tent, water will flow down the walls of the tent and wet the sleeping bag. Add in the account after external accounts and not directly in the account connection, the body will emit hot air through the internal account, so that the condensation in the fly into the ground water, this is a very good solution to the problem of water wall junction single tent.
Q:Method for assembling climbing PN-2226 tent
Different kinds of tents are different. Let me talk about how to build an ordinary tent. First select the camp, the tent in the account flat to the ground (usually in the account, but there are also put up in the tent to drill into the inside hanging in the account, such as Eurohike, the principle is to put the curtain rods), folded curtain rod is taken out, a steadily straightened. Connected into a long rod, follow the instructions on that wear into the tent pole sleeve, a common tent is cross method.
Q:Do you have to spread the cloth before setting up the tent?
It's not necessary, but it's best to put it on.1. it can damp proof.2. can protect the tent floor, not being broken or cut. Extend tent life.
Q:How do you put up a tent on a cliff?
The hanging Portaledge is beautiful and beautiful in the night, but more dazzling is the courage of those climbers to conquer nature and challenge the limits of human beings.
Q:How to distinguish between true and false mobigarden tent
Look at the price, and if compared with other stores, really worse, then he sold, usually second-hand or defective goods. In fact, when buying, we should look at his sales, and can not sell a few, generally not very good.
Q:Must the cloth be completely waterproof? Tent purchase method weapon
Use a single layer of cheap tent, which can only be used in the lower limit of the forest, and must be quite ventilated, because these single deck tents are completely waterproof and airtight. So the best choice for double tents, the inner tent can not waterproof breathable, flysheet is completely waterproof plastic cloth, so flysheet will still retain moisture, revealing the inner tent, tent cloth must not contact or stick together, because together will make the outside account of water into the inner tent. At the same time to completely cover the account within account and entrance, sometimes can set a waterproof cloth to prevent moisture into the bottom, bottom to keep clean, increase the service life.
Q:Is there a sleeping bag in the camping tent?
Go out camping tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, one can not be less, conditional, and then with the canopy, floor mats.
Q:How to choose a camping tent brand?
1, the first choice is a few tents2 is the three quarter account or the four seasons account?3, it is best to choose aluminum alloy rod tent, take a look at water pressure index

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