wall hung male ceramic men's corner urinal -2014

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China main port
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100 set
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2000 set/month

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Product Description:


1.Nano ceramic patent cartridge waterless urinal
2.no flush no residue no odor
3.water saving
4.easy install
5.elegent desig


•Description of Goods :

Item No: U1201-D, U1201-Q
Type: Urinal
Color: White
Size: 620X360X360mm
Material: Ceramics
Roughing-in: S-trap, P-trap
MOQ: 50 Sets
Flushing Method: Waterless
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China




•Product Feature



•Bacteria repellent:


•Unique Design:






•Four patents 


•Widely used in sports fields, stadiums and gymnasiums ,hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, bus/railway stations, armed forces, mobile toilets, public toilets, expressway & subway service areas , household washroom


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Q:Stinky bathroom sink?
It may be a problem with the plumbing backing up. Unfortunately you may have to hire someone to clear out your pipe if things like using Drain-o don't work.
Q:What should I do if I smell a chemical/gas when I go to rinse my mouth out after brushing in my bathroom sink?
The first answer's suggestion was exactally what I would have said. It is just the gunk in your p-trap!
Q:What is the difference between the basin and the basin basin faucet
The only difference between the basin and the basin basin faucet is the height, mainly with the corresponding basin.
Q:What is the minimum size of the basin?
The general size is 420mm long, 140mm deep, 12mm thick, the smallest size should be 300mm.
Q:How to install a bathroom sink?
The most important thing that i have found is to dry-fit all plumbing connections before soldering or bonding. You should also hook everything up and fit the sink properly beforehand. Then mark each connection before tearing apart and gluing or soldering the joints.
Q:low hot water pressure in bathroom sink only??
it's possible that the hot water has swollen the diaphragm in the hot water faucet and is restricting the flow. since you don't seem to have shut off valves you'll probably need to shut off the water to the whole house or at least at the hot water heater, if you have separate faucets. if you can find a brand name on your faucet you should be able to get a replacement cartridge for it before you start. or you can take the old one out and bring it with you, but also bring the brand name. if you have it repaired by a plumber, consider having him install shutoffs under the sink for the future. also, check the water temp setting on the water heater to see if it is set too high. so that the new cartridge will last, it should be set for 120 degrees. hope this helps, and good luck.
Q:Why does my washing machine backup into bathroom sink?
If your washer doesn't have an overflow pipe connected to the drain line, this would be the symptom to look for. Have a plumber or a serviceman look at the drain line and install an overflow pipe if it doesn't have one.
Q:My desk on the bottom of the pot hit the glass glue, and now I want to remove the glass gel
Basin in addition to glass glue, there will be the rest of the fixed measures, it is estimated that you are in the back there is a hook class, simply glue, then there will not be such a big adhesive.
Q:my bathroom sink has steam coming out the drain?
if your sink was properly plumbed this wouldn't happen. most likely you have no p trap underneath, the p trap creates a standing water barrier to keep sewage gas and other vapors from rising back out of the pipes and smell up your house/apartment. check under the sink, if you have a p trap then you have a slow hotwater leak , most likely at the faucet, that is constantly re filling the ptrap with hot water, hence the steam. if you do not have a p trap tell your landlord to install one.
Q:how to unclog bathroom sink?
pull the drian j trip off from under the sink. and can it out if it ok then take a snake run it down the pipe under then sink that should do it.

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