Walk Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

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The company a lot of banana scaffold ladder safety supply. This product is designed according to the Australian scaffolding reference to, connected with simple, convenient installation and use of safe, easy adhesion etc. For bridge construction workers and inspectors of channel construction. Has the platform, midway can rest! For all kinds of bridge construction units to provide the safest pedestrian passage! Product appearance size: 2.5 m long, 1.3 meters wide. Shelf unit height is 3 m, stair vertical height of 1.5 meters each. Surface treatment of ordinary antirust paint. This product, transportation convenient and quick installation and use the security firm and reliable. Product combination is simple, but all apart, collection storage easy. After each use as long as after a simple paint supplies and maintenance, can be repeated

Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Type:Scaffolding Parts

  • Scaffolding Part Type:Scaffolding Frames

  • Material:Q235

  • Tube Spec.:Dia.42*2.0/2.2/2.3mm

  • Frame size:1219*1930,1219*1700,1219*914,etc.

  • Accessories:Cross braces, base jack, U-head jack, walk board, connecting pin,etc.

  • Surface treatment:Painted or Galvanized

    Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

    Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

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Contacts: Zou Rencai telephone: 0750-2222868 work phone: 13431769888

Work QQ: 188441088 work email: 188441088 @qq.com

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Kaiping macro optimal metal products co., LTD

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Q:How long do you have to wait in between getting two piercings? cartilage and industrial (scaffold)?
i heard from people after a year an industrial still hurts and they usually have to take them out
Q:Can anybody provide me the formula for calculating scaffold volume on circular tank?
Step 1. Measure the diameter of the tank (D). Step 2. Measure the height (h) for a vertical tank or length (l) of a horizontal tank. Step 3. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the tank using Equation 1. Equation 1: Cross-sectional Area, A = 3.14 x D x D/4 Step 4. Calculate the volume of the tank in cubic feet using Equation 2. Equation 2: Volume in cubic feet = A x h [for a vertical tank] Volume in cubic feet = A x l [for a horizontal tank] Step 5. Convert the volume of the tank from cubic feet to gallons using Equation 3. Equation 3: Volume in gallons = (Volume in cubic feet) x 7.48
Q:Loess tunnel construction quality control points
3) arch filled with rubble concrete should meet the requirements of the relevant regulations.4) concrete or rubble concrete arch above the back should reach the design strength of concrete arch in the back 70% after construction.
Q:Just got scaffolding ear piercing ... Why?
The mouth is the fastest healing area of the body. Cartilage has many layers to it and because of that it takes the fistula longer to form.
Q:Can some one explain what is 3D scaffold ,cell cultures ,tissue engineering?
Q:Roof 1 meter five of the building how to set up a template
Xianxian North Road, building materials factory very good, you can find the Google search
Q:Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffold and full fastener type scaffolding are long what kind of? What is the difference
But do not rule out this situation, as the difference between these two scaffolding
Q:Little help on Industrial/Scaffold Piercings?
okay, if you do end up getting it, make sure you get it on the side you DONT sleep on. dont let shampoo get on it. be really careful with it. if you have longer hair dont let your hair get caught in it cause it'll get tangled on it and it'll hurt and tug on the bar. it's usually around 40 dollars for it. this piercing requires a long time to heal and it has a high risk of infection. but if you take good care of it, you'll be good (: hope this helpedd.
Q:What is the steel frame center support structure
The frame structure is corresponding to the single span beam, continuous beam, bent frame, shell, truss, cylinder, box structure and so on.
Q:Fastening steel pipe scaffolding safety construction specifications must be set up ramps?
Can not be used glue glue and foam reaction with a 3-board clip with a screw or wire fixed for the job

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