Walk Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

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The company a lot of banana scaffold ladder safety supply. This product is designed according to the Australian scaffolding reference to, connected with simple, convenient installation and use of safe, easy adhesion etc. For bridge construction workers and inspectors of channel construction. Has the platform, midway can rest! For all kinds of bridge construction units to provide the safest pedestrian passage! Product appearance size: 2.5 m long, 1.3 meters wide. Shelf unit height is 3 m, stair vertical height of 1.5 meters each. Surface treatment of ordinary antirust paint. This product, transportation convenient and quick installation and use the security firm and reliable. Product combination is simple, but all apart, collection storage easy. After each use as long as after a simple paint supplies and maintenance, can be repeated

Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  • Type:Scaffolding Parts

  • Scaffolding Part Type:Scaffolding Frames

  • Material:Q235

  • Tube Spec.:Dia.42*2.0/2.2/2.3mm

  • Frame size:1219*1930,1219*1700,1219*914,etc.

  • Accessories:Cross braces, base jack, U-head jack, walk board, connecting pin,etc.

  • Surface treatment:Painted or Galvanized

    Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

    Walk  Through Scaffold /The door frame ladder

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Company: kaiping macro optimal metal products co., LTD. Address: guangdong province kaiping sand hill district dragon industrial development zone no. 45

Contacts: Zou Rencai telephone: 0750-2222868 work phone: 13431769888

Work QQ: 188441088 work email: 188441088 @qq.com

Wish: the work is smooth!

Kaiping macro optimal metal products co., LTD

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Q:What is the meaning of "hanging basket" in building construction
Hanging basket, also known as "hanging basket", is a kind of tool without scaffolding for the construction of exterior wall.
Q:Plastic mold dynamic template, the size of the template
Did not you understand what you mean? The dimensions of the mold are based on your mold design, the more product positioning, the greater the shape of the mold.
Q:Is there any secondary construction division exams over the years? (Municipal) can pass a thank you
Fastener steel scaffolding 1) bearing capacity. When the scaffolding geometry and construction in line with the relevant requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, scaffolding single tube column bearing capacity of up to 15kN ~ 35kN (1.5tf ~ 3.5tf, design). 2) easy assembly and disassembly, erection flexible. As the length of the pipe is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and thus can be adapted to a variety of flat, facade buildings and structures with scaffolding. 3) more economical. Processing is simple, a low investment costs; if carefully designed scaffold geometry, pay attention to improve the use of steel pipe turnover, the amount of material can also achieve better economic results. Fastener steel pipe frame equivalent to about 15 kg per square meter of building steel.
Q:opinions on scaffolding piercing and how to hide it from school :)?
While they're healing, they need to stay in so there's no way of hiding it. Wait until the beginning of the summer and get it done then
Q:Plastic building template made of what material
Building template is generally wood template, steel formwork, plastic template (also can be said that the composite template), steel plate high strength, can be reused many times
Q:I'm looking for good used scaffolds.Can someone help?
(Books and Authors?) Most scaffolds are used until they are no longer good--something elemental to their safe operation has broken or failed. I very much doubt you can find one, unless you hear of a high-rise venture going out of business, such as a window-washing company.
Q:why is steel used in scaffolding?
The most common properties include strength, yield strength, elastic limit, proportional limit, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, toughness, fatigue ratio, and loss coefficient. These all are present in the steel. #The basic materials for scafolding are tubes, couplers and boards.
Q:Cantilever pouring construction should pay attention to what
Prestressed concrete continuous beam bridge, continuous rigid frame bridge span and span rivers, valleys, so the main use of cantilever pouring construction. Cantilever pouring method refers to the construction of the bridge on both sides of the working platform, a balanced section to the middle of the cantilever pouring cement concrete beam, and the construction of the application of prestressing. The main equipment is a pair of walking hanging basket, pull anchor in Zhang and pier has connected mobile beam on the whole hanging basket, and binding steel formwork, pouring concrete, prestress are carried out on the. After the completion of the construction of this section, the hanging basket symmetrical move forward a section, the next pair of beam section construction, in advance, until the cantilever beam section pouring completed.
Q:Should my scaffold piercing be this painful?
I had the same problem with my first scaffolding piercing, but that's 'cos it was slightly infected. My body doesn't take well to savlon so maybe it's a good idea to switch to salt water washes 2-3 times a day and if it doesn't calm down after a week MAX, then go see your piercer. Ps, the really painful throbbing and swollen redness is normal for about 2-3 days with scaffolding piercings anyway. Hope this helps. Good luck! :)
Q:What is hanging basket construction
Also known as cantilever filling method, refers to the bridge on both sides of the support (support) frame support, filling a certain length of the beam section (called Block 0)

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