Wafer Check Valve_Duo Check Valve-PN10/PN16

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1.wafer check valve 
2. approved by CE and ISO9001 
3. meet ANSI,DIN,BS,etc 
4. manufacturer supply 
5. OEM valve accept

 wafer type ,Duo check valve



The standard of wafer type, duo check valve

1. Design standard conform to: MSS SP-67, API609, EN593
2. Connection flange conform to: DIN PN10/16/25, ANSI B16.1, BS4504, ISO PN10/16,
                                                        JIS B2212/2213, BS 10 Table D, BS 10 Table E
3.Top flange conform to: ISO 5211
4.Face to face conform to: API609, ISO5752 series 20, BS5155
5.Test standard conform to: API598



The design characters of wafer type duo check valve
Check valve is used for preventing the back flow of medium in pipelines and equipments. It will open and close automatically by the pressure of medium. When the medium is back-going, valve disc will close automatically to avoid accidents.
1. Tightly sealed, without leakage under the water pressure testing.
2. Economical, light weight, compact design-significantly lighter and less expensive than comparable swing check valves.
3. Easy to install and maintain.



The perfomance of wafer type, Duo check valve
1. Nominal Diameter: DN40-DN1200
2. Nominal Pressure PN (MPa):  1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5
3. Testing pressure (water) Ps (MPa)
4. Body seat: 1.5 times rated pressure
5. Seat test: 1.1 times rated pressure



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Q:Ask questions about the installation of check valves after water meters
Generally installed after the water meter. The main reason: if the water point is higher than the water meter installation position, once the pipe network in the absence of water, the remaining water in the pipeline will flow in the direction of the water meter in turn. This will cause the water meter to reverse and cause damage to the water meter. A check valve is installed after the water meter, so that the situation can be avoided.
Q:What are the differences between the vertical check valve and the horizontal check valve in function and principle?.
The check valve has a baffle inside it, usually closed by gravity,The function and working principle are basically indistinguishable
Q:Classification of check valves
Check valve (One-way valve): check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the medium back in the pipeline. Pump water off the bottom valve check valve also belongs to class.The opening and closing parts depend on the flow of the medium and the power is turned on or off by itself. The valve that prevents the backflow of the medium is called a check valve.
Q:Use of fire pump adapter even before you install a check valve
Multifunctional pump combination device usually comes with safety valves and check valves, usually in the flange pipe interface or who is interface settings simple check valve, safety valve is white, but does not apply to the north, the northern cold, need to separate the pipes below plus a check valve, a higher temperature of the South may be suitable for direct use of non frozen.
Q:I also calculate each pump check valve and gate valve?
The pump adapter itself does not include the gate valve and the check valve! Only when a group called pump adapter will include adapter, gate valve and check valve!If the pump adapter in the list of units for the group then all included and work content in clear note on the contents.If you do it alone, write out no items!
Q:Pump adapter need check valve?
General in the flange pipe interface or who is interface settings simple check valve, safety valve is white, but does not apply to the north, the northern cold, need to separate in the pipeline is provided with a check valve, a higher temperature of the South without suitable for direct use may be frozen.
Q:How do I install the pump outlet check valve?
Because the check valve is easy to be damaged, therefore, the check valve shall be installed near the pump outlet, and a shut-off valve (usually ball valve or gate valve) is arranged on the top of the check valve, so that it is easy to overhaul. In order to facilitate the check valve before disassembly pressure relief, the valve itself is not equipped with a net valve, should be installed between the check valve and the shut-off valve with pressure relief valve.
Q:What does the swing check valve "h44h-16" mean?
H44h-16 is the type of swing check valve, respectively: H check valve, 4 flange, 4 swing type H alloy steel, sealing 16 kg pressure
Q:What is the difference between globe and check valves?
1. check valve is called one-way valve, the role is to prevent fluid flow, can not be adjusted, can not be closed.2., the cut-off valve can be used to regulate flow, can be closed, can be closed.
Q:The principle of the check valve
The function of the check valve is to allow the medium to flow in one direction only, and to prevent the flow in the opposite direction

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