W3F46P-11.80 3-Conductor F46 (Fluoroplastics) insulated steel wire

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:3-Conductor

  • Type:Insulated

  • Application:oilfield, well logging, oil exploration

  • Conductor Material:Copper

  • Conductor Type:Stranded

  • Insulation Material:F46

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Iron pan, wooden tray or according to customer's requirement.
Delivery Detail:30 days after payment.


logging cable in oilfields
a. Quick delivery
b. Competitive price with high quality
c. Expert in cable and wire

3-conductor F46 (Fluoroplastics) insulated double-deck galvanized steel wire armored heat resistance well logging cable in oilfields

1.          Product Standard

The product is manufactured according to the standard of SY/T6600-2004

2.         Application

The product is applicable to all types of oil and gas well logging, perforation, coring and paraffin oil wells, viscosity, pour point and so on. It’s such kind of oil field exploration armored steel cable which could bear all the above mentioned mechanical load.

3.         Operating Characteristics

a.     The lowest temperature that cable could work should not be lower than-30°C.

b.     Max temperature is 232°C for short period (2h maximum duration each time).

c.      Minimum bending radius is 30 times of cable diameter.


Copper Construction:


7×0.43 mm

Plastic Type:


Insulation Thickness:


3.31 mm

Number and Size of Wires:

Inner Armor:


24×0.99 mm

Outer Armor:


24×1.26 mm

Average Wire Breaking Strength:

Inner Armor:

323 lbs

1438 N

Outer Armor:

523 lbs

2330 N



Cable Diameter:


11.80 mm ±0.10 mm

Cable Weight In Air:

341 lbs/Kft  

508 Kg/Km

Temperature Rating :    

450 °F

232 °C



Cable Breaking Strength:

18000 lbs  

80 KN

Minimum Sheave Diameter:


504 mm

Cable Stretch Coefficient:

0.714 ft/Kft/Klbs

0.80 m/Km/5KN


Voltage Rating:

1500 VDC

1500 VDC

Insulation Resistance:

50000 MΩ·Kft

15000 MΩ·Km

DC Resistance @ 20°C

5.5 Ω/Kft

18 Ω/Km

Cap Typical @ 1 KHz

43 Pf/ft

140 Pf/m

l  Cables are armored with special galvanized improved plow steel wires or special alloy wires.

l  All armor wires are preformed during the manufacturing process.

l  The temperature rating assumes a normal gradient for both temperature and weight.

l  All values shown are normal or typical values.

l  During the manufacturing process a strict quality control program is enforced. Each cable is given a complete electrical and mechanical test to confirm that it meets or exceeds catalog specification.

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