Vokes® NPP Fumed Silica Nanoporous Insulation Panel, High Temperature Microporous insulation

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Vokes® NPP Fumed Silica Nanoporous Insulation Panel, High Temperature Microporous insulation


Vokes®NNP is a micro porous thermal insulating panel with excellent insulating properties. The core material of Vokes® NPP is fumed silica which is made by nano technology. Furthermore an infrared opacifier is added to minimize thermal transmission by in heat radiation. It’s noncombustible, specializes in the insulation applications where the space is limited but a high thermal resistance is necessary. Long-term application temperature is during -120℃-1000℃, the insulation performance is much better than the traditional materials, especially at high temperature.


• Wide insulation range: Long-term working temperature is at the period of -120℃-1000℃.

• Extremely low and stable thermal conductivity: At normal temperature, the insulated performance is at least 3-5 times better than the traditional materials. At temperatures higher than 300℃, the insulated performance is at least 4-8 times better than the traditional materials.

• Space saving: It drastically reduced insulation thickness.

• Easy installation and maintenance: The small density makes installing safely and easily.

•Corrosion resistant: Products are made of inorganic silicates, it doesn’t include soluble chloride ions, won’t cause corrosion on equipments, pipes..

• Soundproof/Shockproof: It helps acoustic noise reduction and shock buffer.

• Waterproof: Nano particles of product themselves are super hydrophobic.

• Durable: It has a long working life.


Vokes®NNP is widely used because of the stable thermal performance. According to diverse situations, Vokes®NNP can be protected with appropriate covers.

-Industrial furnace (rotary kiln, shuttle kiln, steel ladle, tundish, oven door etc. )

-Metallurgical industry (steel, aluminum, smelting furnace, holding furnace, etc.)

-Instrument (temperature tracker, heat receiver, date protection system, etc.)

-Oil and energy (piping, reacting furnace, etc.)

-Refrigeration and freezing

-Automotive (Cars, trains, planes, ships, etc.)


Surface color: White/Grey

Geometry:Rectangular shape (without protruding flanges*)

Density  ≤300kg/m³

Thermal conductivity (Surface temperature:℃)

    50℃   0.016W/(m·k)

  200℃   0.020W/(m·k)

  300℃   0.023W/(m·k)

  400℃   0.025W/(m·k)

  500℃   0.033W/(m·k)

  600℃   0.040W/(m·k)

  700℃   0.049W/(m·k)

  800℃   0.060W/(m·k)

  900℃   0.064W/(m·k)

1000℃   0.073W/(m·k)

Refractoriness: 1300℃

Cold Crushing Strength (Compression 20%) ≥0.40MPa

Permanent Linear Change(800℃×24h) ≤1.0%

Standard dimension (L x W)(mm): 1200x600/500x600/250x600


Size tolerance • 0 to 500 mm: ±2 mm

Thickness tolerance:  ± 1 mm

Service life : extrapolated, depending on application up to 50 years.

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