vinyl corner bead / pvc corner bead with nice surface

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1.vinyl corner bead
2.Stable quality with all kinds of color
3.Anti - UV ,environmental
4.Size: 55*55mm

Plaster corner beads /  vinyl corner bead
We has all kinds corners , including vinyl corner bead,casing bead,angle bead,pvc casing bead,drywall products,perforated angle bead,Movement Joints.

corner bead has been exported all over the world since 2002. We have cooperation thousands customers from over 116 countries , and our hot product even take up over 70% for some of the markets , such as Puerto Rico , Ethiopia , England , America.

Features, Applicatin, material standard  vinyl corner bead

1. used on the wall , to protect the wall from damage.

2.Plumb vertical and embed in continuous line of adhesive mortar. The joints are to be embedded in silicone mastic to prevent water ingress. Mechanical fixings are best avoided to prevent distortion of flat away from heat and direct sun.

3.It is using weatherable grade, lead free, virgin vinyl compounds, formulated and tested for exterior use. It is UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and ignition resistance, low electrical & thermal conductivity.

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Q:Wall Corner is what to use, you can explain why the installation of this?
1, the glass is fragile, easy to hurt. 2, the glass is a combination of two, the protection effect is poor. 3, angular edge whether the humanized rounded angle processing. 4, color is not beautiful, fit the home decoration. 5, is also the most important point, whether environmental protection.
Q:What is the use of wall angle?
It should be said that the corner and the angle of it. Corner is caught in the middle of the 90-degree tiles, Yang angle is caught in the middle of 90 degrees outside the tiles. Mainly beautiful appearance .. also let the tiles not so many edges and corners The
Q:What is the guard angle?
Look at their own personal preferences! Now a wide range of corners of the material
Q:Why do the construction before the plaster angle
Hole protection angle is the protection measures, construction before the wiping angle is plastering construction order. Interior Plastering Construction Order: Pouring Wall - Cleaning Base - Paste Cakes - Punching - Bottoms - Leveling - Wiping
Q:Cement mortar room Corner when no design requirements, the height should not be less than the number of meters?
Not less than 2M, width 5CM.
Q:Can the bedroom be in the corner?
1. Change the traditional method of using hand or borrow a simple tool to fan the gray to repair the inside and outside corners of the wall, the use of the process without the need to use the foot board, just put the PVC corner of the first fixed with the putty wiping the corner, Corner, so easy to operate, simplify the construction process. Reduce construction costs, several times to improve construction efficiency. And this can reduce its technical requirements for the construction workers, the general construction staff can be very good to the original technical requirements of the work done well. 2. Anti-collision ability, to prevent the construction workers encountered in the construction of the corner, resulting in gaps. Effectively avoiding the trouble of repeated repair due to the corner of the trouble. And after the completion of the building in the use of the process,
Q:What is the pillar of the pillars?
Installed in the wall of the corner from the protective role of the lines, shaped like a corner iron. 5-8 cm wide, the installation height of 1.2-3 m, the color is mostly transparent or White, made of plexiglass, acrylic, PVC plastic and other materials.
Q:How long is the wall guard?
Advantages of the wall 1, Corner has a corrosion-resistant, impact resistance, anti-aging, good adhesion, and putty and other advantages, greatly enhanced the impact of the corner, to maintain the long-term beautiful wall without damage, with the main project Synchronous implementation, the use of the process without the need to rely on the board, simple operation, construction efficiency of eleven classes 2 to 5 times, simplifying the construction process, speed up the construction speed, reduce the project cost and improve the quality of the project. 2, the corner can be formed on the ridge of the plasterwork at right angles to resist rupture or cracking, and to protect and strengthen the most vulnerable part of the plaster, the wing can be firmly in any side of the ridge embedded Plaster all the depth. Because the construction of the building and the completion of the use of stucco corner of the most vulnerable to damage, the use of Corner to strengthen the wall of the firmness, and because of its easy construction can save a lot of time. Corner bar operation is quick and easy construction, reinforcement corner strength, with a wide range of practicality.
Q:Now people are home to putty putty Why use the angle of the corner
Yang angle angle can be putty putty, do not hurt to the corner.
Q:Whether the wall angle is all need corners
Decorative corner for the decoration works in the "yang, Yin corner" construction and design, usually with a punching, it is also known as "punching". This product in the international decoration market has been widely used in indoor and outdoor corner of the construction, with the help of angle construction can not only ensure that the lines of the lines straight and beautiful, improve the construction speed, and effectively enhance the firmness of the corner, Anti-collision effect. Wood-plastic Corner "Nanning wipe a face, do not find a line", which is the construction workers on the corner of the construction of a very difficult image of the expression. The use of renovation angle to assist the construction to completely change the status quo, the corner of the construction is no longer need to rely on the ruler, the traditional cumbersome construction process has become very easy to operate, the general small workers can grasp, the same can make a perfect corner straight ; The use of angle construction can also significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the construction time and reduce the cost of the project; high-strength profiles buried in the indoor and outdoor corners, but also play the role of ribs to improve the anti- The

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