Video Club Lighting Bar Wall Decorating Bar CMAX-X4

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Product Description:


club led bar pixel light 
1, madrix compatible 
2, transparent, milky, frosted diffuser 
3,12v,32pc 5050,16pix 



Product Description

video club lighting bar wall decorating bar dmx 512 control bar  

1, madirx, sunlite, lightjockey compatible
2, clear, milky, frosted diffuser are available

3, black or white housing
4,12v, 32pcs 5050, 16pixels per meter
5, CE, FCC, RoHS

6, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m ect are offered. 27mm (W)*22mm(H)


1, We use 32 pcs SMD RGB 5050 LED on bars to ensure clear and perfect mixed light beam.

2, With Ledwalker controller and MADRIX software, it can achieve color fading, skipping, scanning, chasing, and play flash and video to music, etc.

3, For automatic setting mode, DMX addresses can be set automatically after power on and controller on, saving much more time for project.

4, For manual setting mode, you need to use Ledwalker address writer to set address manually.

5, Energy-saving, low-cost of maintenance, and long service life



Arenas, bars, overpass guardrail, highway, outline of the building and club, etc.








No cover

Frosted cover

Transparent cover

Base Color





1000*30*22 mm

1000*27*22 mm

1000*27*22 mm


32pcs SMD RGB 5050 Transparent 

Control Mode


Address Setting


Pixel QTY

16 pixels


48 DMX channels


10 bars one DMX universe



Max Power



50,000hours, based on LED manufacturers’ test data


-4°F to 122°F(-20°C to 50°C) operating temperature



Video Club Lighting Bar Wall Decorating Bar CMAX-X4

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Q:What is the thickness of the led display?
The thickness of less than 75mm, with the aluminum. Can also be thinner but the material is not easy to find.
Q:LED display more than the size of the area must be 380v
I installed the general are 380 to have some small screen with 220 plugs
Q:Led display brightness is not enough because of what are the reasons
Display screen software which can adjust the brightness of the display. If you use the time for a long time, there are reasons for light failure, it is recommended to consider replacement
Q:LED display how to install it?
1) single column installation: for small screen applications; 2) double column installation: suitable for large-screen applications; 3) closed maintenance channel: applicable to the use of the following columns: 1) single column installation: In the simple box; 4) open maintenance channel: for the standard box.
Q:Is the TV screen good for the LCD or the LCD?
Although the cost of CCFL is not high, it is about ten yuan, but the maintenance staff will certainly open a high price to help you ), The operating voltage is lower (LED in 2V ~ 4V can work, and CCFL tube needs nearly 1200V high voltage to start, so need to use a special inverter circuit to provide high voltage. Inverter circuit is easy to bad.
Q:LED display applications are what
Securities trading, financial information, airport flight dynamic information display, port, station passengers, sports venues information display, road traffic information display, dispatch command center information display.
Q:Led display point density is what it means
LED is the display, like your home TV case above the red light, LED LCD TV even more clear, but also expensive, LED screen is a small lamp composed of the screen, the cost is high, Generally a lot of roadside that kind of big screen is LED
Q:How to identify the quality of led display quality
ircuit board: circuit board manufacturers more, Shenzhen is the gathering of electronic products, procurement of raw materials this piece is very fast, the circuit board is divided into two layers and four layers of board, the thickness of two layers is 1.6. , The quality of the circuit board is the internal conductor of the circuit board, the thickness of the conductor to reach the standard thickness to 1ns or more, because the use of the display in the process of temperature rise and lower, if the conductor thin easy The use of the process of fusing, this will cause a large area of quality problems.
Q:Led display and led lighting What is the difference?
Application areas are different. Led display mainly in: government square, leisure square, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, sports venues (UNILUMIN Universiade) and so on. Led lighting is mainly home, mall, roads and other lighting
Q:Led display support what video format
LED display support video format depends mainly on the LED display control software, generally supports a variety of formats of graphics and text pieces: TXT, DOC, RTF, AVI, JPEG, MOV, MPEG, DAT, VOB, BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, FLI, FLC, RMVB

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