Video Club Lighting Bar Wall Decorating Bar CMAX-X4

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Product Description:


club led bar pixel light 
1, madrix compatible 
2, transparent, milky, frosted diffuser 
3,12v,32pc 5050,16pix 



Product Description

video club lighting bar wall decorating bar dmx 512 control bar  

1, madirx, sunlite, lightjockey compatible
2, clear, milky, frosted diffuser are available

3, black or white housing
4,12v, 32pcs 5050, 16pixels per meter
5, CE, FCC, RoHS

6, 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m ect are offered. 27mm (W)*22mm(H)


1, We use 32 pcs SMD RGB 5050 LED on bars to ensure clear and perfect mixed light beam.

2, With Ledwalker controller and MADRIX software, it can achieve color fading, skipping, scanning, chasing, and play flash and video to music, etc.

3, For automatic setting mode, DMX addresses can be set automatically after power on and controller on, saving much more time for project.

4, For manual setting mode, you need to use Ledwalker address writer to set address manually.

5, Energy-saving, low-cost of maintenance, and long service life



Arenas, bars, overpass guardrail, highway, outline of the building and club, etc.








No cover

Frosted cover

Transparent cover

Base Color





1000*30*22 mm

1000*27*22 mm

1000*27*22 mm


32pcs SMD RGB 5050 Transparent 

Control Mode


Address Setting


Pixel QTY

16 pixels


48 DMX channels


10 bars one DMX universe



Max Power



50,000hours, based on LED manufacturers’ test data


-4°F to 122°F(-20°C to 50°C) operating temperature



Video Club Lighting Bar Wall Decorating Bar CMAX-X4

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