Vibratory Rammer

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Vibratory Rammer Used for compacting and maintaining of roadbed and side slope in small projects of highway, city construction, railway.




1.It can tamp sand soil, stick soil, gravel and also can ram asphaltum.

2.The closed splash lubrication can make the striking system lubricated well.

3.The soleplate is made of nodular cast iron that has longer working life.

4.The shock absorption guiding handle can reduce fatigue of operator.

  • Engine name and model : ROBIN EH12-2D

  • Engine type : Air cooling, single-cylinder, four stroke, gasoline engine

  •  Weight(Kg) : 81

  •  Height : Adjustable


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Q:Ramming machine excavator and compacted soil which good?
When the excavator can tamper with, because of a large amount of backfill construction, ramming machine is too slow, the excavator bucket inside will be filled with soil, and then down the row, when ramming machine, as for the effect, general.
Q:What are some of the electric ramming machine accessories?
electrical wiring box, nose, taut rope self-locking device, limit flange, junction box, motor fan, hoist, roller, counterweight, socket, support, thermal overload, wire rope, heart-shaped card limit plate and cable
Q:Should the foundation be compacted by tamping machine?
Yes, but should meet the design requirements of compaction requirements
Q:Buy a second-hand caterpillar crane rammer, about how much money
The use of wire rope in the atmospheric environment, mainly caused by the failure of wire rope is fretting fatigue, at present, the wire rope for the first time in the field of fretting fatigue control measures is the phosphating coating steel wire rope patent technology production, steel wire after manganese phosphating or zinc manganese treatment, wear resistance, enhance the surface of steel wire that is not easy to wear and corrosion fatigue life of the steel wire rope large increase, fatigue life is three times the same structure light steel wire rope (laboratory comparable conditions), can be verified by fatigue test, fatigue test machine if they have on their own to do comparative tests, this test results most credible, steel wire rope life and fatigue life is directly proportional to the fatigue life, long service life of the same proportion of extension.
Q:How to adjust the ignition timing of gasoline rammer
The movement of the piston four stroke engine when the valve action must be controlled. It said the valve action time and the state must be consistent with the movement of the piston and the state of the moment, and the crank shaft and the cam shaft is not in a line, they must be connected to the transmission system, (of course, there are one part is under the camshaft...
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of gasoline and electric rammer breaststroke tamping rammer
There are two main types of rammer, the working principle and application are different: flat vibrating rammer and vertical impact rammer
Q:Vertical rammer,
Is the old, poor mechanical properties, motor overload, leakage protection if it can be adjusted to adjust, can not maintain the tone on rammer, change a little larger leakage protection, can be, the original motor is not hot, do not pay attention to is the trip.
Q:The memory has a rammer is star connection, only received three Fire
Ramming machine regardless of star delta connection, only three FireWire, you can run. There is no need to use the center line. The phrase "Three - phase transformer has middle line" is a noun.
Q:How much force hit the rammer
The unit that is not a force is an energy unit, usually tons of meters.For example, RAM hammer (diesel hammer) weighs 2 tons, lifting distance of 2 meters, then ramming energy is 2X2=4 tons of meters.
Q:Three-phase electric rammer or two-phase power
But the three-phase motor's magnetic field is round, can start from itself, the single-phase motor's magnetic field is the pulsating magnetic field, needs to increase the capacitance or the resistance, and starts the coil, causes it to form the ellipse magnetic field, can start.
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