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Configuration of  Plastic Crusher/Plastic Crusher Machine Price:


1. Electrical appliance: Taiwan (guanhua)motor, and Chint and Schneider Electric

2. Depending on the material matching the different tool materials: 9SiCr(alloy steel), SKD-

11, chromium molybdenum vanadium

3. Mesh material: High carbon steel plate thickness of 5mm(diameter4-8mm).

4. Bearng: Fukuyama bearings

5. Single-machine bucket

6. Satinless steel barrel

Features of  Plastic Crusher /Plastic Crusher Machine Price

1, High performance, strong powerful and high speed crushing.

2, Motor with overload protection device.

3, Supply chain environmental protection system, ensure safe operation.

4, Easy disassembly design, convenient clean-up and repair.

5, Minicomputer with a four-wheel for easy mobility.

6, More than 20HP plastic crusher is equipped with cooling system.

7, Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of plastic, particulary for various hard plastic, e.g. blow molded products and shoel last.

8.Suitable for recycle of plastic cashing ,tin tube plastics,sprues from injection and moulding sector,bottle platic and shell plastic

9.HGD Series are easy to operate and simple replace of cutter ,Spacious flat blades designed are suitable for granulate bulky and thin plastics,

incerese effciency, Intalled with electrical safety devinces,Double wall hopper with soundproof material ,motor are equipped withoverload

protector ,And power protection devince,safety and environment concern ,low electricity consuption and durable .

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Q:How often does the plastic crusher get rid of the knife?
The material is too big, the screws aren't tight enough, the screws aren't tight, and so on
Q:How to dust the plastic crushing material?
The dust filter bag is more durable, and because of the design of negative pressure type, the fan does not touch dust, so that the utility model has the advantages of stable work, higher efficiency and longer service life. Equipped with mature fan frequency conversion device, the fan of dust removal system can automatically adjust the operating conditions according to the quantity of production equipment
Q:What material should be used for the plastic crusher screen?
The grate below the plastic crusher is made of alloy.
Q:How do you melt plastics?I want to waste plastics (such as: pots, shells), melting and then forming a useful equipment shell
It can be heated by plastic injection molding machine. The molten plastic is injected into the corresponding mold at higher pressure. After cooling and shaping, the product is removed
Q:Points for attention of plastic recycling granulator
3, the main bearing room at both ends of the bearing parts burned, hand burning or noise, we should stop, repair and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber butter once every 5-6 days.4, pay attention to find out the law of operation of the machine, such as: machine temperature, speed, speed, according to the situation, timely processing.5, the operation is stable, should pay attention to check the gap coupling agreement is too tight, to timely adjust some loose.
Q:Working video of aluminium crusher
The aluminum is not high enough, the crusher needs to consider separating from other metal, no video can't be delivered here. It needs the equipment to call me!
Q:I'd like to know something about a waste plastic crusher
Plastic properties are not the same, separate cutting, pipes need relatively strong crusher, such as broken PET, because of heat will crystallize, in the process of cutting through the tear will inevitably lead to molecular damage, there is need to consult
Q:Plastic crusher, food box, plastic crusher, plastic crusher how much money
According to the price of different sizes are also different, generally about Jiqianyiwan.
Q:What does the crusher crush add to the weight of the crushing material?
In fact, glass fiber reinforced plastic can also be regarded as a kind of plastic, although it is better than ordinary plastic strength, to be resistant, after all, it contains a lot of resin. If you want to break to about a centimeter, you can use Reed's single shaft crusher, lower production, but less investment. If you want to break to more than two centimeters, and the output is large, it is recommended to use Sred powerful biaxial crusher. The two machines are free of dust and low noise.
Q:Classification of equipment for plastics mills
(three) plastic pipe, plastic crusher:1, suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipe, such as PE, PVC pipe, silicon core tube and other pipe crushing, recycling;2, for the tube material crushing and unique design of the round pipe type feeding mouth, easy to strip tube into grinding, improve work efficiency. The utility model can be provided with a suction fan, a storage barrel and a pipe crushing and recovering system, so as to give full play to the recovery efficiency;3, the use of sealed bearings, so that the rotation of the bearings for a long time to maintain good; knife design is reasonable, can make products into granules evenly; knife holder heat treatment, so that the shape of the design beautiful and generous.JHL series crusher main function:The utility model is used for crushing various soft and hard plastics, and the blocks, balls and strips of plastics are crushed into granules for recycling, thereby greatly improving the utilization ratio of plastics.JHL series crusher features:

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