Vertical Stirrer Used for Various Material

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Detailed Product Description of Vertical Stirrer Series (PXQF-500)


Energy-conserving king's series machines have been succeed in manufacturing


Features of Vertical Stirrer Series (PXQF-500)

Helical circular mixture, fast and equal atrring .

Suitable for all kind of plastic raw material and color.

Fully stainless steel contacting parts, rust free and easy to clean.

Installed with power control device to ensure safety.













Ratating speed




Net Weight(kg)














380 3φ
















380 3φ
















380 3φ
















380 3φ







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Q:What kind of metal material is the nozzle head of injection molding machine?
The injection nozzle of the injection molding machine has alloy common nitriding material
Q:Large injection molding machine to block reuse
This piece of material called die materials, is one of the raw materials for the production of renewable materials, first with a chainsaw broken down into small pieces, cut into particles in the melt drawing, or put small smash directly, really help you look forward to adopt,
Q:Number of grams of injection molding machineI am a member of a N injection molding,
Injection volume, that is, the screw material capacity and the maximum injection volume at one time. 20000G is 20 kilograms, the image of the point, the injection molding machine production of the largest, can do 20 kilograms of heavy products.
Q:What is the back pressure in the injection molding machine?
Jin Xin offers you:Jin Xin explain the injection molding machine screw back pressure what role?Back pressure allows the screw to produce enough mechanical energy in the rotation of the reset to melt and mix the plastic, and the back pressure has the following uses.The volatile gases, including air, are discharged to the outer cylinder.Mix the additives (e.g., toner, color, antistatic agent, talc, etc.) and melt evenly.Homogenizing the melt flowing through different screw lengths.Providing uniform and stable plasticizing material to obtain accurate weight of finished products.The back pressure can make up the melt temperature of injection molding machine barrel, rise and set pressure value associated with a large injection molding machine, screw diameter more than 70mm [(2.75in) of the oil pressure can be up to 2.5-4MPa], but need to pay attention to the oil pressure is too high, or is caused by the melt pressure back pressure resistance induction high temperature molten material in the barrel is too high, this kind of situation for heat sensitive plastics production is destructive.And too high back pressure also caused excessive screw and irregular offside, so that the amount of plastic is very unstable. The viscoelastic properties of offside and plastic screw the screw; offside and melt the stored energy. The more energy, the greater the offside screw distance, the energy stored in the screw stops rotating, suddenly beat back, some thermoplasticPlastic beating phenomenon is more severe than other plastic, such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, PP/EPDM composite and PPVC, compared with GPPS, HIPS, POM, PC, PPO - M and PMMA, more prone to beating phenomenon. For optimum production conditions, the correct back pressure setting is critical. Proper back pressure setting allows the mixture to be properly mixed, and the offside range of the screw does not exceed 0.4mm (0.016in).
Q:What exactly does the KO hole in the injection mold mean? Where is the general position?
Sometimes according to the actual situation of mold to open several KO hole, then to determine the other KO hole position according to the injection molding machine of the dynamic template parameters for dynamic injection molding machine has opened many holes as the top stick.
Q:Injection molding machine rankings?
Declare in advance. For reference only.1. European injection molding machine brand:Engel Engel (Austria) - Lester (Switzerland) in Germany has a lot of Barton, Phil Battenfeld, Claus Maffei (KRAUSS-MAFFEI), Demag Demage, Milacron, Albemarle (Arburg), New Delhi (Italy) - BOY. The Showtime (USA) REMU, SIG. Haski Husky is mainly hot runner2. Japan injection molding machine brand:NISSEI Nissei, the Japanese steel JSW, FANUC FANUC, Ube, Toyo Toyo, Toshiba Toshiba, MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi, Sumitomo Kawaguchi, KAWAGUCHI, Sumitomo, Niigata, and Sadegh (Sodick), Wu ling,3. Korea and Taiwan injection molding machine brand:Woo Jin, LG, Taiwan Zhenxiong plastic, Taiwan, Taichung, quanlifa, fuqiangxin, Maria, Huarong, Yi Shun exhibition, exhibition, TMC, qunji, Nan Rong, this machine, Zong Wei, Hua Qin, precision machine, plastic, plastics,4. Hongkong injection molding machine brand:Ren Xing, Li Jin, Zhenxiong, Welltec, elite, Hang Seng, Oakland [] closed, Schroder [] collapse, collapse [] Yeqin, Baxter [] spirit collapse,5. Domestic injection molding machine brand:Chun, Haitian, Jia Ming, YIZUMI, Shanghai Ji Wei, Shanghai Guangsu, Glenn, Borch, grand, ACE, Chung East, too, Hai Tai, energy, Lima, DMX, Acer too, and wide, Hongli, starfish, Sea Hawk, Haida, Yong Jiang, three, Venus Zhejiang, plastic factory, Liu plastic, Shanghai, BMI, three yuan, Yue Sheng Ming, Haixiong, etc.
Q:What's the meaning of the connection between the injection machine and the manipulator?
1, 2, 3 power supply4, 5 is the contact output signal (allowing opening), should be connected to the mold valve6, 7 is the contact output signal (allowing die closing), it should be connected to the valve in series8, 9 is the contact output signal (allowing the ejector die), should be connected to the ejector valve10, 11 is the injection machine to return the signal, tells the manipulator to open the mold to complete13, 14 is the injection machine return signal, tell the robot safety door closed15, 16 is the contact output signal, and the recirculation beginsAccording to the actual circuit of the injection molding machine to analyze how to connect the line,
Q:What do you mean by the number of beers produced by an injection molding machine?
The number of beers produced by an injection molding machine means how many components can be formed at one injection.In general, each beer refers to the number of products taken out of the injection molding machine (including nozzles and products). This is usually a 1*1 hole number, a beer products =1 products; if it is 1*2 hole number, then a beer =2 products, and so on, and so on. And if it is two-color machine, then the molding is two times after a beer, the other is the same.
Q:How does the injection machine set up the die segments and the pressure and speed of each segment? Seek advice.
Then enter the low voltage protection process.Low pressure process with 0 speed, 0 pressure for the best, special circumstances increased to less than 20%20bar. The distance is at the end of the starting point of the high voltage die.High voltage medium and low speed 40-60%, medium high voltage 60-100bar is appropriate. The starting position is the termination position of the die closing +3-5mm.Among them, the determination of the fast termination position and the low voltage termination position is particularly important.Speed and pressure focus on the smooth movement of the die without vibration. Special attention is paid to the setting method of low voltage protection.The above is personal experience, and I hope to help you.
Q:How to calculate the capacity of mold injection molding?
For example, the first mock exam two points mold cycle for 15 seconds, then 12 hours of production capacity is 60 seconds /15 seconds = 4 mode 4X60=240 per minute per hour 240X12 hour = 2640
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