Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW

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Product Description:

product features


●Composed of die-cast aluminum


Automatic protection and recovery supported 

for abnormal input signal 


Highly concentrated light beam with high luminous 

efficiency and penetration


AC85~264V voltage input range


Operating Temperature -40℃~+55℃



 Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW     Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW


Technical Parameters




maximum power

Response time


maximum flux


projection distance

C2320-BW-140W        140W       ≤20ms     6400lm      16m~19m50Hz~400HzL258×W203.5×H161
C2320-CW-140W        140W       ≤20ms     6400lm      16m~19m50Hz~400HzL258×W203.5×H161




Size Chart(mm)    C2320-BW/C2320-CW


Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW



Light Distribution Curve

                            C2320-BW                                                                               C2320-CW

Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW                                 Vertical Mount Strobe Light / C2320-BW/C2320-CW



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