Vertical Mixed Flow Pump LX/LB/LT/LK Series

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General Description
LX, LB, LT, LK Series vertical mixed flow pumps are widely used in handling circulating water in large scale power stations and nuclear power stations, metallurgy, water supply & drainage of municipal facilities and farmlands as well as mining drainage. They are provided for delivering clear water , rainwater, sewage and seawater below 55℃.
Performance range
Capacity Q:  0.20~25m3/h
Head   H:  3~60m
The pump of the above-mentioned range can be tested in our test center which is the largest in China.

Instruction of pump type
For example:80LK-20A / 80LB-20A / 80LX-20
80: Pump outlet diameter (inch)
L: Vertical mixed flow pump
T: Vertical mixed flow pump (impeller blades adjustable in operation)
K: Rotor can be pulled out
B: Rotor can not be pulled out
X: Outlet is under pump foundation  
S: Outlet is above pump foundation
20: Rate head
A: Impeller after cutting.

*The pump is vertically installed with the inlet vertical downward and the outlet horizontal extending.
*The rotor parts have pull-out mode and non-pull-out mode. The impeller blades of type T pump can be adjustable in operation.
*The pump installation has two choices. One is single foundation: the pump and the motor are connected directly and mounted on one concrete foundation; the other is double foundation: the pump and the motor are mounted on separate concrete foundation.
*The seal usually uses packing seal.
*The intake sump of the pump can be wet pit or dry pit.
*The axial thrust of the pump is usually carried by the motor, but small pumps usually carried by the pump itself.
*The impeller of the pump is usually one stage and it can be designed to be multistage as requirements.
*The bearings of the pump can be rubber bearings or Thordon bearings, when the rubber bearings are used, the shaft protected by a set of shaft sleeves with pressure clear water for lubrication.
Material of main parts
Shaft:  High-quality carbon steel.
Impeller:  Cast iron / Cast steel / Stainless steel.
Other parts:  Cast iron / welded steel plate.
Parts range
Pump, Motor, Foundation plate and Mounting resistant cushion.

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Q:what is wrong with my car? is it the water pump or something worse?
Get it fixed.
Q:how do water supply pumps work?
you're saying that your pump used to function precise in the previous, so if the pump is in sturdy situation, the elevate should not be too great so we are able to rule that out. it sounds as though to me that the gurgling sound may well be made by potential of sucking air, and for this to ensue, it would be a concern on the inlet area of the pump. If the guy who repaired the pump is familiar with what he's doing, it won't be the pump, so we are able to rule that out. That leaves the pipe and any fittings between the pump and the foot valve that could desire to be on the top of the pipe. attempt working the pump, and pouring water over all joints and fittings, one after the different, if the pump is working precise, a slurping sound would be heard on the leak. The pump could have a priming factor, a screw in plug, someplace on proper of it. With the pump stopped, get rid of the plug, and pour water into the hollow. you will possibly desire to have the skill to fill the pump appropriate up, and the water stay at that time, without draining away. If it wont hold the water, the valve on the backside of the pipe is the two wiped out or has something like a stone or gravel struggling with it from working precise. As you have disconnected this pump for upkeep, it would have needed priming besides, that's the filling up with water. it is too plenty to ask a dry pump to enhance water any peak, so in step with danger you do not have a concern in any respect. sturdy success
Q:Should my mechanic have changed thermostat with water pump?
Anytime I replace a water pump, intake gasket, or anything else where the coolant needs removal, I always suggest to my customers that we change the thermostat as well. Many times I just change it anyway. I tell the customers, but really don't offer an option! (of course if they say don't I will honor that, but no one has ever said that!) It is possible that during a flush some trash/scale got into the thermostat causing improper operation. With the thermostat removed, there is no restriction in the cooling system making flushing easier and more thorough. Now to answer your question, It is my opinion he SHOULD HAVE. That is not only an up-sell (even though I hate creating extra work) it is just an added value to the customer. He should also check belts and hoses, changing them (via customer approval) if needed. As a mechanic, the last thing I want is a comeback such as yours was because I at the very least didn't suggest a proper service!
Q:how much to replace water pump in mazda 6 v6 3.0?
I don't know why, but the water pump costs between $125 and $160. That seems a little high. It probably retails for $186. Under normal conditions, you just get things out of the way, unbolt the old pump, clean it up and put the new one in. The problem is the other stuff that gets in the way. I'm just estimating the job will take 5-8 hours. Just multiply times the labor rate in your area. Don't forget the anti-freeze when you're done.
Q:Water pump spray height?
well water exerts about 1 atm pressure (15psi) for each 33 feet of depth so 300psi is about 10 atm meaning that your pump could support a column some 330ft high then figure what pressure you would need to make your spray effective and subtract 33ft per 15psi this is only a ballpark estimate losses in hoses will be significant
Q:water pump general question?
Yes it's possible one of the gaskets is bad,but if you're going thru the work of replacing the gasket you may as well replace the water pump,unless it's a new unit already
Q:Oxygenator or water pump?
To be quite honest, they are roughly the same thing. For a small pond all you need is something to agitate the surface of the water. the carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange only occurs on the surface therefore a small fountain that agitates the surface would work, or a small air pump that causes bubbles. Both are just fine.
Q:are high volume water pumps better on a engine or will it cause damage?
IT is normal for the engne to WANDER AROUND the 180 degree temp! if the engine does NOT BOIL OVER, then things are FINE! COOLANT boils as you know at about 212 degrees, and it may take the COOLING FAN longer to TURN ON! BASICALLY< if the engine does NOT BOIL OVER< then everything is JUST OKAY! USUALLY chrylsers run on the COOL side GOOD LUCK!!
you need to prime it suck on the output tube
Q:What is the influence of the speed of the pump motor on the pump?
Influence the parameters of pump flow and lift.

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