Vertical Injection Molding Machine Plastic Injection Machinery TA-600R2C

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$28,000.00 - 30,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
Supply Capability:
6000 unit/month

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Product Description:

TA-Double color series

We has extensive manufacturiing experience and advance control technology on double-color injection molding machine,many double-color machine types,such as fixed,slide,rotary and etc.,were developed to satisfy costomers'veriant product/process request


Main Features of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-600R2C

- Vertical four-column clamping
- Vertical injection
- Clamping force 12-2000Tons
- Injection Qty 300g-3000g
- Convenient for embedding parts


Parameters of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-600R2C


Machine Type



Injection System

Screw Diameter





Injection Pressure





Theoretical Injection Volume





Max.Shot Weight(PS)





Injection speed



Number Of Temperature Con



clamping system

Clamping Force



Diameter Of Rotary Table



Rotary Station



Min.Mold Height



Opening Stroke



Max.Opening Distance



Ejector Force



Ejector Stroke



Hydraulic power system

Max.Hydraulic Preesure



Oil Tank Capacity



Pump Motor Power



Barrel Heating Power



Total Wattage




Machine Weight



Machine Dimensions




Pictures of Vertical Injection Molding Machine  TA-600R2C

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Q:How much is the power consumption of the 80 ton injection molding machine in an hour? Ten
You can use a servo, which is relatively low power consumption.But effective work can never be saved, this is the basic physics common sense. It's energy conservation.Servos are a category that you can buy directly servo machines. Instead of the traditional type (formerly a quantitative pump, now using variable pumps).
Q:How the elite injection molding machine sales in Southern China?
Not how the elite injection molding machine is low, I used, not very easy to use. The quality is poor and the price is cheap
Q:Injection back pressure problem
Two, proper adjustment of the benefits of back pressure1, can melt inside the barrel compaction, increase density, improve the stability of injection quantity, weight and size of the products. 2. The gas in the melt can be extruded to reduce the gas, the inner bubbles and the gloss uniformity of the products. Slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 3, slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 4, appropriately increase the back pressure, can improve the product surface shrinkage and product periphery walk glue situation. 5. It can raise the temperature of molten material, improve the plasticizing quality of melt material, improve the fluidity of melt filling, and no cold glue on the surface of the melt.
Q:Injection molding of plastic instability
Jin Xin offers you:Problems and solutions of the instability of screw spray:1, screw head, check ring, backstop, ring, screw, cylinder wear. Method: update worn parts.2, screw, cylinder impurities. Method: clean up.3 、 the inner ring of the injection oil cylinder is damaged and the inner leakage is produced. Method: renew sealing ring.4 、 the temperature control of the heating cylinder is unstable. Methods: to improve the accuracy of electronic control temperature control.5, the system pressure and speed control part of the abnormal. Methods: check whether the preset pressure is stable and whether the holding pressure is constant. Exhaust, improve the cleaning circuit, change ratio valve, motor, master control program and so on.6, the composition of the material is not uniform. Methods: to check whether plastic products reached the performance and molding conditions.7, the storage screw speed is not stable. Methods: check whether the feeding motor is working properly and whether the system flow is fluctuating.8 、 loosening the position gauge of the injection device. Method: fasten and reset the position gauge.
Q:Injection molding machine products shrink, how to solve?
The working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe with similar, it is the use of screw (or piston) thrust, the plasticizing good molten state (i.e. viscous flow) plastic injected into the mold cavity closed good after curing stereotypesmade the process of the products. Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure injection - mold cooling - die opening pieces. Take out the plastic parts and then close the die for the next cycle. Action procedure: die, pre molding, pour, retract, nozzle (nozzle forward), injection, pressure protection, nozzle (back of nozzle), cooling, mold opening, ejecting, opening, taking the workpiece, closing the door, closing the mould, closing the mould, closing the mould, closing the door, closing the mould and closing the mould.Product shrinkage problem, if it does not involve other reasons, only injection molding process, the holding pressure is the most critical factor. Is the purpose of holding pressure when the screw after the injection, and exert a certain strength to the screw is held in place for a period of time, namely after injection and then squeeze some material into the cavity and prevent plastic reflux is not solidified completely to shrink. Keep the pressure big, the density of the plastic in the cavity is big, the surface is smooth and full. Shrinkage is positively related to size. Position, pressure, speed, the relationship between the three is connected, and in the adjustment of the machine should be based on the size of the product, the location of glue points, methods, raw materials, types and so on. For example, PC material, poor liquidity, injection molding must use high speed, high pressure, or easy to fight. And nylon or PP, the speed is too fast, the lack of mold exhaust, it is easy to generate coke.
Q:What kinds of lubricants are used in the injection molding machine?
Centralized lubrication tank, we usually use the Haitian 00# advanced special grease, which will not thicken in the pipeline, the main and the next oil pump can work properly.
Q:What does "120T 140T" mean in an injection machine?
A, an abbreviation for ounce, is a unit used by the Hongkong industry to distinguish between injection molding machines. In this way, in the domestic commonly known as "T" (ton), "12" equivalent to "160T", the screw diameter of about 32 mm. In general, the injection molding machine of various specifications, there are several specifications of the screw, buyers can choose different screw size according to their uses, the screw diameter may be selected smaller, and the groove depth is also different with a shallow depth.
Q:Process knowledge of plastic injection machine head
With the ring apron before and after the combined sealing effect of meson, if the two bad one, the plastic will go back cause, injection molding products, inaccurate measurement, the product will appear yellow serious, dark spots. A rubber ring was introduced: the ring from the style points can be divided into two kinds, one is with a fork, a fork is not over, in pre card in the slot when the plastic screw head with a fork, a rubber ring and rotate with the rotation of the screw.
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
After the injection molding machine has been installed, it must pass the strict debugging procedure, then can put into the official production. It mainly includes three parts, the whole machine debugging, the injection device debugging, the fitting device debugging and so on.(1) debug the whole machine performance1) check the hydraulic oil in the pressure tank and the oil in the lubricator to ensure adequate supply of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil. The model of the oil shall comply with the requirements of the manual.2) switch on the main power supply, switch on the master switch on the control box, and place the operation mode selector switch on the spot or manually. Start the injection moulding machine and check the running direction of the pump.3) the machine should be started under the condition of no pressure in the hydraulic system, and then adjust the hydraulic system pressure to normal pressure when it is started.4) after the hydraulic pump work, opens the oil cooler cooling water valve, carries on the cooling to the return oil, prevents the oil temperature to be excessively high.5) after the hydraulic pump works for a short time, close the safety door and then close the mold manually, and turn on the pressure gauge to see if the pressure is rising.6) when the car is empty, the manual operation of the machine is carried out by air several times, and the safety door, the indicator lamp and all kinds of valves are observed to be correct and sensitive.7) check relay, limit switch, counting device, total stop button is normal, reliable and sensitive.8) perform semi-automatic test run and automatic operation test, check whether the operation is normal or not.
Q:How about the low pressure of injection machine? One hundred
1, low pressure clamping point, and even can go to zero,2, the speed is slow, as long as the mold in the fast mode locking inertia, continue to move on3, low voltage protection time is short.That is to say, the clamping force in the process of low voltage die clamping is smaller, the speed is slow, and the time of low voltage protection is short. Can play the role of low voltage protection, in the mold when there is foreign body, timely response, automatic mold opening.Set the position according to the actual situation of the mold.

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