Vertical Injection Molding Machine Plastic Injection Machinery TA-300

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$7,800.00 - 10,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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6000 unit/month

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Plastic Injection Machinery

Main Features of Vertical Injection Molding Machine TA-300

- Vertical four-column clamping
- Vertical injection
- Clamping force 12-2000Tons
- Injection Qty 300g-3000g
- Convenient for embedding parts


Parameters of Vertical Injection Molding Machine TA-300


Machine Type




Screw Diameter





Injection PreDSure





Theoretical Injection Volume





Max.Shot Weight(PS)





Injection speed



Number Of Temperature Con




Clamping Force



Distance Between Tie Bar



Top Platen Size



Bottom Platen Size



Min.Mold Height



Opening Stroke



Max.Opening Distance



Ejector Force



Ejector Stroke




Max.Hydraulic Preesure



Oil Tank Capacity



Pump Motor Power



Barrel Heating Power



Total Wattage




Machine Weight



Machine Dimensions




Pictures of Vertical Injection Molding Machine TA-300



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Q:How can the neutron pipe of Haitian injection machine be connected?
Operate according to the equipment schematic diagram
Q:How can the injection machine be set with parameters?
4. check the cooling pipe for long distance flow, and the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling water jacket into the cooling water.5. before the injection machine operation, check whether there is lubrication in each moving part, and add enough lubricating oil.6. turn on the heater and heat the barrel. When the temperature of each section meets the requirements, the insulation will be kept warm for a period of time to keep the machine temperature stable. Holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.7. add enough plastic to the hopper. According to the injection of different plastic requirements, some of the raw material is best to go through drying.8., the heat insulation cover on the cylinder can be covered, so that the electric energy can be saved, and the service life of the electric heating coil and the current contactor can be prolonged.Operation process1., not for convenience, and arbitrarily cancel the role of security doors.2. pay attention to observe the temperature of the pressure oil, the oil temperature should not exceed the prescribed range. The ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45-50 degrees centigrade, which is suitable for the range of 35-60 centigrade.3. attention to adjust the travel switch, to avoid the machine in the action of impact.End-of-job1. after the injection molding machine operation is completed, the cylinder should be cleaned of plastic, to prevent residual oxidation or long-term thermal decomposition.2. should be open to the mold, the toggle mechanism is in the locked condition of time.3. workshop must be equipped with lifting equipment. When handling dies, care shall be taken to ensure safety in production.
Q:What measures can be taken to shorten the molding process cycle of injection molding machines?
First you have to find out where you are going to waste time.1, you can make the molding cycle detail combination mold + injection + holding pressure + storage + cooling + mold + top out + take out = cycleCount the time and see if each action time is reasonable and you'll know how to improve the cycle time.2, the water flow of the mold is smooth, and when the production is reduced, the water channel of the die is connected in series.3. Use the chiller as much as possible4 、 the machine temperature setting should be reasonable.5, use automation.
Q:What injection molding machine is good?
The vision for the company: "based on independent research and development, production and sales of plastic injection molding machine to become the first in the world of manufacturing enterprises,Actively lead the new trend of industry development."December 2006, Haitian Holdings Limited successfully listed on the SEHK (Hongkong stock exchange), initial public offering of shares.In August 2007, Haitian International Holdings Limited acquired Germany zhafir Plastics Machinery Manufacturing Co. ltd..Click hereChinese Machinery Association unitPresident of the Ningbo Association of machine unit
Q:How to check the mold opening stroke of injection molding machine
The mould opening stroke of the injection machine should meet the need of separating the mold and removing the plastic parts. The checking of mould opening stroke is divided into the following several situations.1. the maximum opening stroke of injection molding machine has nothing to do with the die thicknessMainly refers to the clamping mechanism for injection molding machine with hydraulic machinery, such as XS-Z-30, XS-Z-60, XS-ZY-125, XS-ZY-350, XS-ZY-500, XS-ZY-1000 and G54-S200/400 type injection molding machine, the mold opening stroke by the connecting rod mechanism (or clamping cylinder) determines the maximum stroke, irrespective of the thickness of the mold.For injection mold with single parting surface:Smax = H1+H2 + mm (5 ~ 10)For injection mold with double parting surface:Smax = H1 +H2 + +a (5 ~ 10) mmType: Smax injection molding machine maximum mold opening stroke (mm);H1 plastic parts (mm, H1) launched a distance - like mold core is equal to the height, but for the plastic parts of the inner surface is stepped, sometimes do not have to launch the full height core can remove the plastic parts, then H1 can be determined according to specific circumstances, in order to successfully remove the plastic parts;H2 a piece of plastic height, including the height of the castable (mm) of the gating system that is connected to the plastic part.A the distance between the fixed die seat plate and the runner plate required by the casting system to remove the condensate (mm).
Q:What products can be produced by injection molding machine?
The injection molding machine is a heating and pressure on inside molten plastic material injection molding to the mold cavity, different products are produced by different moulds can be, according to the choice of injection molding machine, but the size of the products of different tonnage, power consumption of traditional injection molding machine is very large, all electric injection molding machine precision high, but the price is very expensive, like the traditional energy saving injection molding machine, improves the precision,
Q:How many moulds can the 80 ton injection molding machine put down?
Should say how much pressure grams of machines, manuals, and you ask
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
(3) adjustment of injection device;1) adjust the injection seat moving stroke after the die is closed and at low pressure, so that the nozzle can top the mold gate sleeve.2) check whether the nozzle used for the processing of materials, installation is smoothly, the nozzle flow is smooth.3) adjust all kinds of pressure, such as injection pressure, packing pressure, injection seat pressure, back pressure, etc..4) adjust the metering stroke and anti trip stroke of the screw, and check whether the limit switch or sensor is sensitive and reliable.5) the pre plastic screw air several seconds, to have no abnormal mechanical noise, hopper opening plate switch is normal.
Q:How to calculate the capacity of mold injection molding?
The counter machine with opening times ah, before you boot reset, see how much time and work mode, then take out the number of the first mock exam will be able to come out of the number of products, and then go to work for a long time to know how much time ah
Q:How will the clamping force and injection pressure of injection mould be set?
Standard method:Calculation of clamping force of injection molding machineThere are two important factors to calculate the clamping force: 1. projection area and 2. cavity pressureThe 1. projection area (S) is the maximum area to be viewed along the opening and closing of the die.2. cavity pressure determination (P) the cavity pressure is affected by the following factors (1) the number and location of the gate (2) the size of the gate (3), the wall thickness of the product (4), the viscosity characteristics of the plastic (5), the speed of injection2.1 grouping of flow characteristics of thermoplasticsGroup 1 GPPS, HIPS, TPS, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE-MD, PE-HD, PP-H,, PP-CO, PP-EPDMGroup PA6, PA66, PA11/12, PBT, PETP,Group CA, CAB, CAP, CP, EVA, PEEL, PUR/TPU,, PPVCGroup ABS, AAS/ASA, SAN, MBS, PPS, PPO-M, BDS,, POMFifth groups PMMA, PC/ABS, PC/PBTGroup PC, PES, PSU, PEI, PEEK, UPVC,2.2 viscosity grade above each group of plastics have a viscosity (flow capacity) level.The relative viscosity of each group is as follows: Group multiplication constant (K)Group 1 * 1Second groups * 1.3 to 1.35Third groups * 1.35 to 1.45Fourth groups * 1.45 to 1.55Fifth groups * 1.55 to 1.70Sixth groups * 1.70 to 1.902.3 the cavity pressure is determined by the wall thickness, the ratio of the process to the wall thickness, and the table P0 = P=P0. K (Bei Zeng constant)2.4 determination of clamping force (F) F=P • S= P0 • K • S

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