Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-400

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$8,000.00 - 15,000.00 / set
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Product Description:

    Product Description


MODEL UnitJYT- 400-D(DM)
Injection SystemScrew  Diametermm303540
Lnjection Pressurekg/cm217015941220
Max.Shot Weight(PS)(PS)g99135176
Screw Strokemm140
Screw  Speed Maxrpm0-175
nozzle contact forcetons2.6
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm200
Number or Temperature Control-3
Material Hopper  Capacity&30
clamping systemClamping Forcetons55
Platen Sizemm650×490
Distance  Between  Tie Baremm500×340
Min.Mold Heightmm200/260
Opening Strokemm200
Max.Open Daylightmm400/460
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm45/145
slipform systemSlide StrOkemm 500
Max.Mold Weightkg150
Station Clearancemm±0.02
Max.Hydraulic Pressurekg/cm²140
Hydraulic power systemPump Outputliters/min47
Oil.Reservoir Capacityliters150
Cooling Water Consumptionliters/hr800-1000
Pump Motor Powerkw7.5
Barrel Heating Powerkw4.5
Total Wattagekw12
OthersMachine Weighttons2.1/2.3/2.5
Machine Dimensionsm1.8*1.45*2.65



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Inner: Poly bag; Outer: standard export wooden cases(fumigation-free)
Delivery Detail:20 days after confirming top stop, pin & box design



Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-400



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Q:When the injection machine is ejected, does the screw screw rotate?
Do not rotate until the material is rotatedAskThank you. Could you tell me how much the injection is only related to the injection time?Chasing the answerPressure size and time
Q:What are the causes of bubbles in injection molding machines for low-pressure injection molding machines?
Q:What do you mean by the number of beers produced by an injection molding machine?
The number of beers produced by an injection molding machine means how many components can be formed at one injection.In general, each beer refers to the number of products taken out of the injection molding machine (including nozzles and products). This is usually a 1*1 hole number, a beer products =1 products; if it is 1*2 hole number, then a beer =2 products, and so on, and so on. And if it is two-color machine, then the molding is two times after a beer, the other is the same.
Q:What is the injection molding machine industry, and the mold is related to it?
The injection molding machine is not the NC plastic raw material is heated to a certain temperature and then injected into a mold for molding machine and injection molding machine as you learn, programs are specified, the factory will die mode system set! Not often programmed! (procedure: locking - injection - sol - cooling - mold - Loosening the top has been circulating) of some function of injection molding machine is not the same, is only the function of a computer system (just not the same, is equivalent to XP and W7) injection molding machine can be divided into 4 systems: the locking system, injection system, hydraulic system, electric control system, you said is programming control system!I can't think of that much, just tell you, you've got it, you don't understand, you can communicate!
Q:How does the product mix?
Friends note plastic flowers (silver or silver) of good hope to help Silver good resolution Production of raw materials: good drying. The heating barrel degassing Liang (water, gas, volatile, etc.), gas burning retention solutions, mould heating involved (including type changes are good flesh) shaped silver prototype surface show silver floating flow area not only limited traces of silver near the gate of primary and reflected out parts closely related, must understandTwo. Production: the so-called silver silver diagram shown in figure refers to the molten resin in bubbles, tensile effect of muscle strips flow marks because of the appearance of the silver bullion that look like muscle strips
Q:How do I adjust the injection molding machine?
The distribution of each position and velocity, if familiar with the products of the case, according to the previously adjusted product size, short range, reducing the pressure and speed, the adjusted number of a few know it, and then slowly add pressure and velocity, and material. Process debugging did not say big products, good tune or small products good tune, this with your craft level, material, mold, equipment and so on have the factor.
Q:The material is unstable (PBT).
Non return wear, the cylinder will also be corresponding wear, extended the spray stroke, the room filled, leakage will be more
Q:Recommend durable low pressure injection molding machines?
It is recommended that before the introduction of low-pressure injection molding process in the factory, we must compare the comprehensive strength of the low-pressure injection molding providers in the market and decide after the factory site visits.
Q:What is the fluctuation of the screw speed of injection molding machine?
Screw speed adjustment of injection molding machineThe extruder screw speed and yield the direct proportion between tsuen. This shows that increasing the screw speed can greatly increase the extrusion yield, but from the angle of stable extrusion, it puts forward higher requirements for the control of screw speed fluctuation. The conventional single screw extruder mostly adopts the transmission mode of the ordinary V belt and gear change. Theoretical analysis shows that the elastic slip of the V belt occurs during the operation of l%-1.6% and causes the loss of rotation. Foreign high pin single screw extruder has adopted the direct connection of motor and reducer, and cancelled belt drive.Influence of type and control method of the motor on the extrusion process stability can not be ignored, at home and abroad in recent years extruder host using DC motor or motor, the motor electromagnetic speed compared with the previous working stability of these two kinds of machines has been greatly improved, the FV (vector volume) of AC variable frequency motor control represents the most the new transmission technology. Now, through the use of variable frequency speed regulation machine, with a special extruder for plastic extruder, the screw speed fluctuation can be controlled at about 0.01%.Dongguan Huahong Plastic Machinery Factory suggested that we should adopt it
Q:Introduction of injection molding machine
Introduction of YX - ZR injection molding machine on the internet:The leading products of the company are YX-ZR series single stage capacity increasing injection molding machines and their injection products. The core technology of super large single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine developed by key institutions with independent intellectual property rights, breaks through the traditional structure design of injection molding machine limitations, and consumption premise are significantly reduced in weight and energy, realize the large capacity injection, the production of large injection molding is possible.Application of injection moulding machine (example of producing products)(1) all injection trays (silo, backing plate);(two) full injection moulding of building formwork and waterproof partition of concrete building;(three) full injection molding and assembling ton box;(four) full injection, hot melt and electric melting large pipe fittings;(five) full injection, boat body, furniture and earthquake activity room;(six) full injection molding isolating piers for road safety.YX-ZR series single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine due to the single step type compatibilizing injection and wedge locking system, the screw and the international advance injection, two-stage or multi-stage compatibilizing injection combined with traditional injection molding machine toggle clamping system has its advantages compared to Aaron than:First, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 50% compared with the traditional machine, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment is fundamentally reduced;

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