Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-200

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$8,000.00 - 15,000.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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20 set/month

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Product Description:

    Product Description


 MODEL UnitJYT- 200-D(DM)
Injection SystemScrew  Diametermm202530
Lnjection Pressurekg/cm²273017471213
Max.Shot Weight(PS)(PS)g314971
Screw Strokemm100
Screw  Speed Maxrpm0-205
nozzle contact forcetons2
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm140
Number or Temperature Control-3
Material Hopper  Capacity&20
clamping systemClamping Forcetons30
Platen Sizemm520*370
Distance  Between  Tie Baremm355*205
Min.Mold Heightmm160/100
Opening Strokemm180
Max.Open Daylightmm280/340
Ejector Forcetons1.3
Ejector Strokemm45/95
slipform systemSlide StrOkemm 350
Max.Mold Weightkg90
Station Clearancemm±0.02
Max.Hydraulic Pressurekg/cm²140
Hydraulic power systemPump Outputliters/min31
Oil.Reservoir Capacityliters100
Cooling Water Consumptionliters/hr400-600
Pump Motor Powerkw5.5
Barrel Heating Powerkw2.7
Total Wattagekw8.2
OthersMachine Weighttons1.1/1.2/1.3
Machine Dimensionsm1.6*1.24*1.9
Shipping Measurementsm1.8*1.45*2.1



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Inner: Poly bag; Outer: standard export wooden cases(fumigation-free)
Delivery Detail:20 days after confirming top stop, pin & box design



Vertical Injection Molding Machine JYT-200

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Q:Does the wear of the reverse ring of the injection machine cause yellow lines and spots?
If the transparent material appears yellow lines and black spots, it should be the temperature in the cylinder is abnormal.The wear of the backstop ring is generally inaccurate in weight measurement. In other words, frequent lack of material.
Q:What is the injection molding machine industry, and the mold is related to it?
Do you mean the factory that produces injection molding machines or the injection molding machine that uses injection molding machines? Injection molding machine with numerical control is very different, the use of injection molding machine injection molding machine factory programming basically no debugging, the injection molding conditions, such as injection temperature, velocity and pressure; relatively low technology content; if you go to the production of injection molding machine factory, should be used to control knowledge, such as a lot of injection molding machine the parts are manufactured by CNC machine tool.
Q:How to deal with the temperature instability of injection molding machine 10
Hello:You can lower the feed rate a little, and there is a big wear on the material and the cylinder.
Q:How many grams of 200t injection molding machine?
Heating part energy saving: heating part energy saving, mostly using electromagnetic heater energy saving, energy saving rate is about 30%-70% of old resistance ring.1. compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater has a layer of thermal insulation layer, and the heat energy utilization rate is increased.2. compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater acts directly on the tube heating, reducing the heat transfer and thermal energy loss.
Q:Injection molding machine non sol 20
I have encountered such a thing, I analyze the vertical machine tonnage is small, PC material excellent, too sticky. If it's ABS, PVC, PBT and other materials, that's OK, right?
Q:Renovation and maintenance treasure source injection molding machine, material, pipe, screw, how much money?
Treasure how many tons of tonnage, small tonnage, there is no need to renovation, and not cost-effective, the source of treasure machine cylinder, some have in stock
Q:Haitian injection molding machine alarm, hydraulic insurance exception, what are the reasons?
Injection molding machine: injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic plastic molding mold made of plastic products of all shapes of the main molding equipment. The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity. According to the arrangement of injection device and mould locking device, they can be divided into vertical type, horizontal type and vertical horizontal compound type. The injection molding machine has the ability of a complex shape, size precision or with plastic metal inserts texture dense, is widely used in national defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, education, health and daily life in various fields. In today's rapid development of plastic industry, plastic injection molding machine plays an important role both in quantity or variety, the total production of the plastic molding equipment 20%--30%, thus becoming the fastest growth in plastics machinery, one of the largest number of production model.
Q:Injection molding machine...
1. are you fully automated? If it's fully automated, then you'll be able to record each exception from minutes to minutes, so you know your abnormal hours. If it is semi-automatic production, it depends on the boot staff, the door is not stable, this can be seen inside the injection molding machine.
Q:110 tons injection molding machine injection quantity is how many grams?
This is difficult to give you a suitable answer, because it depends on the complexity and thickness of the product you hit. Hit 300 grams, at most 200, the lower limit is not, but what the product with much of the machine is the most cost-effective, do not be a big fish in a small pond... Specific how to buy, you take the product or product drawings to vendors, they will give you an analysis of the recommendation, and will not lie to you, because people want to repeat customers.
Q:What are the service life of domestic injection molding machines and machine tools? How do we calculate depreciation?
I. The depreciation period of injection molding machines and machine toolsArticle sixtieth of the regulations on the implementation of the enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that, in addition to the provisions of the financial and tax authorities under the State Council, the minimum amount of depreciation for fixed assets shall be as follows:(a) housing and buildings for 20 years;(two) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years;(three) appliances, tools, furniture and so on related to the production and operation activities, for 5 years;(four) aircraft, trains, ships and other means of transport for 4 years;(five) electronic equipment, for 3 years.

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