Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

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Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

CNBM coated sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance.

We developed this stone coated production line based on long time running and improvement. It is high-performance,stable, energy-efficient and easy operation.

 Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

Producing Process Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

Manual decoiling----Slitting the plate----Cutting to length----Pressing the profile----Sand coated production line---Taking out the finished products

Components of Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:

1. Manual decoiler

2.Slitting device

3.Hydraulic cutting device

4.Press mould machine

5. Automatic bottom glue spraying equipment

6.Automatic Sandblasting Room

7.First drying room

8.Automatic surface glue spraying equipment

9.Second drying room equipment component

Technical Data of Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line:


Vermiculite Steel Tile Production Line

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Q:What can vermiculite i do?
The bulk density of horticultural vermiculite is 130-180 kg / cubic meter, which is neutral to alkaline (ph7-9). Vermiculite can absorb up to 500-650 liters of water per cubic meter of water. After steam disinfection, can release the appropriate amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium.
Q:Can vermiculite be used for making flowers?
Vermiculite is a natural, non-toxic mineral that expands at high temperatures. It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates. Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos.
Q:How much should the ratio of soil vermiculite to perlite be?
All kinds of flowers need different drainage, so the proportion is not the same. For example, cactus soil half, the other half can be conducive to drainage ventilation, prevent decay. If it's jasmine, then 7 pieces of soil and 3 others will do. You can make a flexible decision without a prescribed proportion.
Q:How to use pure vermiculite leaf cuttings succulent plants
Vermiculite, add water, can not be too wet, hand can become a group, but can not squeeze the water, and then flat leaves, in the above, do not care. After half a month to go, long after the roots of vermiculite, occasionally with water to the root on the line
Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates, whose crystalline structure is monoclinic and looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite, which is usually produced simultaneously with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.
Q:What are the main ingredients of vermiculite fireproof board?
Vermiculite fireproof board is a new kind of inorganic material. It is made of expanded vermiculite as main raw material and mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic binder.
Q:How does the pH value of vermiculite adjust?
The chemical properties of expanded vermiculite are stable. Insoluble in water. PH value 7~8. 1, with acid soil (humus) improved, variable acidity. 2, with a small amount of slaked lime, variable acidity
Q:Will vermiculite be absorbed by plants?
The use of 1~2 years, you need to re replace. Because vermiculite will be natural weathering broken, and if continue to use, the advantages of good ventilation will become poor ventilation shortcomings.
Q:How to use vermiculite with orchid soil?
Bamboo root mud. Of the roots of a bamboo clump that has been planted for many years. This kind of mud because of bamboo root, rhizome and leaf and channeling bamboo sheath rot, become loose structure and good drainage, with certain fertility without too much fertile soil, suitable for the growth of orchid. The quality depends on the bamboo root mud from three factors: the first is the original soil, this is the predecessor and foundation of bamboo root mud, with sandy loam is the best; second is the bamboo planting time, lasted longer, bamboo leaves, bamboo role more fully; again from the bamboo stump far more near the bamboo stump soil better.
Q:Chinese rose with 6 days after the germination of vermiculite cuttings, is false living?
In order to avoid the emergence of "false living" phenomenon of rose cutting, first of all, when choosing cuttings, we can not choose the branches that have sprouted buds as cuttings. Especially in the growing season with softwood cutting, we should also pay attention to select the branches of high maturity, full axillary buds and no budding branches do cuttings. If it is urgent to use the branches that have already sprouted buds as cuttings, and when the length is more than enough, we can cut off a part that has been germinating. If the short branch, may have been used to establish 1/3 germination of axillary buds will sprout or completely removed, to inhibit their growth, make the bottom axillary bud sprout. In this way, it can make it possible for the root to sprout and sprout.

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