Vermiculite Panel use for Wall furnace

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vermiculite board:high temperature resistant,energy-saving and cost effective slabs for fireproof insulation purpose

Vermiculite board is a non-combustible board in which the unique cellular structure of vermiculite is maintained and controlled by a pre-treatment process. This gives excellent thermal insulation properties with dimensional stability at high temperatures. It is used extensively for the fire protection of structural steel elements in buildings to provide up to 240 minutes fire protection. It may also be used to protect sheet metal ducts and for the construction of smoke extract ducts.


Typical Vermiculite Board(VICUBO-800) 




Maximum service temperature


Bulk Density,dry



Cold crushing strength



Modulus of rupture



Loss of ignition



Linear reheat shinkage

12h # 900 degree celsius



Thermal conductivity

Mean temp.













Standard size and thickness



Length and width

2100x900mm & 1000x610mm

Other sizes are available upon request

Chemical Analysis

SiO2: 53.39%

Al2O3: 11.22%

Fe2O3: 3.41%

TiO2: 0.73%


MgO: 13.98%


Na2O: 6.90%
























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