Vermiculite Panel for Sound Insulating

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Packaging Detail:56 piece in one pallet.


1.ISO9001-2008 Company 
2.Director Member of TVA 
3.Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board






Product Description




                                                      Vermiculite Sound Insulating Board   


Product Characteristic




The VMC boards, when used as indoor partition wall cores, have the following, distinguished characteristics:


1. Soundproof and helps reduce noise levels 


Because of its unique honeycomb structure its performance in soundproofing is excellent. It ensures that the surrounding room is quiet and peaceful, giving a calm feel to a room.


Vermiculite may be thin and lightweight, but this does not affect its soundproofing performance.


2. Heat insulating and energy conservating


Again, because of its structure, its thermal properties help keep a buildings’ rooms warm because it is efficient, envrionmentally friendly, and cost effective.




Technical Data




1. Combustion performance: A1 grade ( this highest standards)


2. Smoke toxicity levels: Security level 1 ( AQ 1 grade, the highest standards)


3. Hygroscopicity :≤ 4.9% 


4. Sound insulation: 40dB


5. Noise reduction coefficient: 0.46


6. Thermal conductivity: 0.094W(m.k)




Product Specification 


1. 2440*1220*20-50mm


2. 2100 *900*20-50mm


3. 1000*610*20-50mm

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Hello, 1. Okay I use Vermiculite for breeding crickets,this is used for Tarantula or snake bedding. You need to soak dry Vermiculite for up to 24 hours,although it may be more costly than other beddings,you don't need to use much,as it expands when soaked. This creates a perfect egg laying ground. 2. You can buy a small heat mat,for reptiles etc,but I find room temputure is perfectly suitable. Hope I ADD: Yes I forgot to say,Peat moss is also ideal a few people use plain play sand,reptile sand is better as it won't contain possible bacteria. A tub is fine,as long as they do get some light. Ensure they aren't over crowded as this will 'breed' bacteria. I wouldn't of thought a heat mat could melt plastic,they generally don't get hot enough. My lizards have heat mats,which they sit on! Remember,since the tub has limited ventilation using a heat mat may be too much. :) x
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