Vermiculite Micro Powder Grinding Mill Machine

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Product Description:

Product information of Grinding Mill:

The main advantage of our grinding mill over other kinds of mills is that you can grind a friable or crystalline material to 5 - 47 microns average particle size and classify in a very narrow particle size range at the same time. There are no moving parts to wear out or generate heat in our mill and no screens to plug or be punctured.

Vermiculite Micro Powder Grinding Mill Machine

Vermiculite Micro Powder Grinding Mill Machine

Application of CNBM Grinding Mill:

CNBM Series Micro Powder Grinder specializes in grinding fine and superfine powders of non-flammable, non-explosive and brittle materials with Moh’s hardness under 6, moisture below 6%, such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnetite, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alunite, graphite, fluorite, rock phosphat, Kalium ore, pumice, etc, totally more than 100 kinds of materials.

Technical Data of Grinding Mill Application:

Vermiculite Micro Powder Grinding Mill Machine


1. What advantages does your grinding mill have?  

The main advantage of our grinding mill over other kinds of mills is that you can grind a friable or crystalline material to 5 - 47 microns average particle size and classify in a very narrow particle size range at the same time. There are no moving parts to wear out or generate heat in our mill and no screens to plug or be punctured.

2. How does your milling compare with other methods of grinding such as a hammer mill? 

Well designed, high speed mechanical mills can grind some friable materials into the low micron-size range; but, wear and product contamination is a serious problem, as is attritional heat. Practically, the high-speed mechanical mill (hammer etc. mill) cutoff is 200 mesh with a typical mid range of 80 mesh. Abrasive products will seriously erode most hammer mills, adding metallic contamination to the product. Materials that degrade with heat or have low melt temperatures are a problem in hammer mills because of the heat generated in the mill.

3. What particle size range does your grinding mill produce?

Typically the CNBM mill will grind friable or crystalline materials down to the 5 to 47 micron average particle size range. Particles larger than 10 microns are generally hard-to-fracture polymers such as toner compounds or hard waxes, and some organic materials, but if a larger size is wanted, many products can be ground larger than 10 microns by reducing power to the mill or by increasing the rate of feed. Some products are simply polished to remove sharp edges by running at elevated feed rates with low grinding pressure, a process that changes how the material compacts.

4. How do you adjust particle size in your mill?

Particle size is adjusted primarily by a change in feed rate. When the rate is reduced, finer particles result because there is more energy available per particle to accelerate the particles and the entire fluid mass. Collisions become more violent and pressure gradients become larger.

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Q:What can you root plants in?
Neither perlite or vermiculite will dissolve by spring. So its a great time of year right now to till them in. Neither of them actually dissolve, but in time ( many years ) they will break down. They don't add anything to the soil other than to help improve drainage. Happy Gardening.
Q:The role of vermiculite
Agriculture, vermiculite can be used as a soil conditioner, because of its good cation exchange and adsorption, can improve soil structure, soil water storage, improve the permeability of soil and water, acidicto neutralsoil; vermiculite can also play a role of buffering, rapidchanges ofphtohinder,. Slow release fertilizer on crop growth medium, and allows a slightly excessive use of fertilizers and no harm to plants
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
When breeding cornsnakes, you can use vermiculite or spagnum moss, I have used both with a 100% success rate. First lets talk about the snakes egg. The egg the snake lives in breathes. and it also provides warmth and regulates temperatures on its own. The vermiculite needs to be moist, but not to moist, you want it when you pick up the vermiculite, and squeeze it, when you open your hand the vermiculite has taken the shape of you palm with no dripping of water. If it is to wet you can drown the snake. If it is to dry it can dry out the egg and also kill the babies. You need to whatch the condensation as well, that can make it to humind and also effect the babies. Consistency in temperature is also an asset. If it drops or raises to fast it can cause the snake shock and kill it as well. The snake eggs will also tell you what is wrong with them. If the eggs start to dimple in, its because it is too dry, if they start to sweat it is to wet in the incubator. You want to keep the temperature in between 82 and 86 degrees Farenhiet. If you see mold or any of the eggs going bad, dont worry about trying to separate them from the rest. Also dont turn the eggs after they have been sitting for 12 hours or you could drown the snake as well. Everything else is up to nature. I hope this helps you and I give you the best of luck on hatching out another clutch. this is the method I use and it has never failed me once.
Q:If I mix per lite soil, Kellogg's soil, Sta Green soil and Gardener soil all together in one pot.?
Mites are bad news. Buy some ZooMed Mite Off or Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray Some veterinarians offer care for reptiles.
Q:In Hydroponics, which is better material to use in place of soil , vermiculite, perlite or other?
Gold flecks most likely Vermiculite. paired seed leaves erm, wind borne weeds.
Q:where can i get vermiculite?
AGAIN...NEVER spray the eggs directly. How are you incubating them? In a tank? They should be in a proper incubator, not a tank. That's probably why you can't keep the humidity up. Sphagnum moss is ok, but perlite (without fertilizer, so no Miracle-Gro) is best. You can also look online for vermiculite/perlite/hatchrite/super hatch. Several plant nurserys also carry vermiculite/perlite, but make sure it does not have any additives.
Q:What is or is theur a deposit, sorda like potting soil, I know it has big chunks in it, , get here sis?!?!?
Just as I#x27;m reading these comments my crested gecko is just hanging out by my leg under my jacket while I peek over at him every once in a while. I love my lil laid back crestie lt;3 had him since the 7th (today being the 24th) And I can trust him to be left alone on my bed for a minute and come back and he#x27;s still where I left him! They#x27;re fun and energetic although you have to watch where they may jump too! If you pick these lil cuties make sure you hold them close to a nice surface so if they do over jump they#x27;re still safe. Misting once-twice a day. Not too bad#x2F;hard to do. Make sure they have clean water at hand and make sure their Repashy is quot;lickablequot;. Can be kept in room temperature high 60s to low 80s. Not too hard to take care of. With Leo#x27;s you have to worry about shedding and getting live insects while cresties are fine with they#x27;re Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) With cresties it really depends on their personality to how easy they are to handle. I hold mine daily and he likes it
Q:I live in Netherlands and it rains alot is there a specfic soil mixture or way to make pots drain better?
If you're using potting mix, you don't need to ad vermiculite. The texture will be fine for containers. The nutrients last months. Most fox farm soil products use bat guano for the fertilizer. There's no precise calculation. I'd say, 2-6 months. If you're concerned about precision, you can always test the soil after 3-4 months. I start feeding my potted plants about 6 months after potting them up with fresh soil, as they never seem wanting in the period, and I'm a tightwad with my additives. For things growing in the ground, I add compost once a year. Twice for certain heavy feeders.
Q:cleaning tarantula's enclosure?
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Vermiculite has been widely used in construction, metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, insulation, heat insulation, insulation, energy saving and other fields.

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