Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board

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Introduction of Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board:

CNBM inorganic noncombustible composite board is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, middle alkali glass fiber mesh, expanded perlite, sawdust, and other auxiliary materials and additives,which is advanced process,demould, conservation,anti-halogen processing and drying processes.what’s more it is popular in the world.It is divided into building materials board and fire resistance board according to processes, formulas. Its technical indicators are completely compliance with the requirements of GB 25970-2010standard.

Applications of Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board:


It is divided into building materials board and fire resistance board according to processes, formulas. Its technical indicators are completely compliance with the requirements of GB 25970-2010standard.

Technical Data of Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board:

Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board

Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board

Main Features of Vermiculite Mgo fire Rated Board:

1,Fireproof, non-combustible.Class A1 non-combustible sheet.

2,Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.

3,Heat insulation, and sound insulation.

4,Low shrinkage rate, light weight, and high strength, overall low density.

5,Smooth surface, can be painted, pasted tile, pasted wallpaper and other decorative materials.

6,Excellent fire resistance performance.Using 12mm thickness plate can be made partition,it can reach 4 hours of fire resistance.

7,Construction cost of low, and can be cut, saw,nail,and bent.

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Q:Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
Vermiculite is a kind of mica material which is formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. In the course of heating, water loses rapidly and expands, and the volume after expansion is equivalent to 8-20 times of the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased. 2. the density of vermiculite was 130-180 kg / cubic meter, and it was neutral to alkaline (ph7-9). Vermiculite can absorb up to 500-650 liters of water per cubic meter of water. After steam disinfection, can release the appropriate amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium.
Essentially vermiculite is used in the horticultural industry because it provides aeration and drainage, it can retain and hold substantial amounts of water and later release it as needed, it is sterile and free from diseases, it has a fairly neutral pH, and it is readily available, non-toxic, safe to use, and relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, for decades Vermiculite (and perlite) have been used by professionals, dedicated amateurs and gardeners.
Q:Is vermiculite safe to use in potting soil?
I wouldn't recommend either one. Get yourself something solid such as tile, laminate, paper towel, or newspaper.
Q:where can I buy vermiculite in Chicago IL ???
Try a magnet for separating iron powder. Vermiculite is a light mineral that resembles the plastic foam peanuts used as some packing material. Add water, and the vermiculite might float to the top and you could filter it from the water with coffee pot filter paper.
Q:Main applications of expanded vermiculite
In the newly emerged soilless cultivation technology, it is an essential raw material. Spread the expanded vermiculite on the roof, it can play a very good insulation effect, so that the house is warm in winter and cool in summer. A partition plate of high-rise building with vermiculite brick masonry, can sound insulation, fire prevention moisture-proof effect, and can reduce the floor load. Vermiculite and a suitable amount of insulation glue can be made into insulation board. At present, vermiculite is also used in medicine, health, animal feed and other industries.
Q:Is vermiculite cancerous?
I had a hardwood furnace for over 30 years in Northern Minnesota. I had a twelve foot triple lined ten inch chimney through a block chimney. I never had a problem with creosote. The chimney burned cool enough to stop the creosote and it would fall to the bottom, I would clean it out in the spring. I did use flares for safety to make sure it stayed clean.
Q:Vermiculite & Leopard Gecko Eggs?
a million. like a christmas tree lot 2. Redwoods are evergreen conifers, or trees that produce cones which includes pines and spruces. fairly than leaves, they have eco-friendly needles that they preserve 12 months round. 3. maximum are over 350 ft tall. A 379.a million-foot tree in Redwood nationwide Park is the international's tallest.
Q:Can plant nursery substrates be made with plant ash and perlite and vermiculite? Seek expert advice
See if it can be used, depending on the pH of the seedlings. But later add nutrients to acidic for more, add will neutralize part of the alkaline. The actual pH value can be measured with a test paper after adding nutrients. Neutral base material is suitable. If you can according to their suitability for the best seedling is that partial acid or alkali are not too easy to range between 8-5
Q:Coconut brick soil permeability is good, that also need to add vermiculite, perlite?
Coconut and coconut shell powder brick brick is flowers, gardening in the excellent new excellent soilless culture, compression block with high temperature and high pressure treatment is made, free of pests, clean, environmental protection, the compression ratio is 800-900%, the matrix a coconut with about 8-9 liters. Before use, should be disposed of coconut husk, with hard water soaking in north of China, the dissolved coconut husk containing sodium chloride, rinse with pure water, until the leaching out of the water EC value and a EC value close to pure water so far.
Q:Contrast the difference in crystalline structure among kaolinite, smectites, fine-grained micas, vermiculites,?
vermiculite is what keeps humidity constant. it just adds more humidity/moisture mixed with peat moss. i don't recommend peat moss or vermiculite because i always have mold issues even with enough ventilation for my tarantula enclosures i still get it! peat moss may have some unwanted pests you don't want in your cage so i always stick to coco fiber

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