Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom

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Product Description:

1.Introduction of Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom:

We CNBM Group, as the only Director Member of TVA in Asia(The Vermiculite Association),running ISO9001-2000 quality management system, dealing Vermiculite for over 20years. We hope to serve you in our vermiculite products.


Ref. our vermiculite, we have both crude vermiculite and exfoliated/expanded vermiculite. One type is Silver-grey vermiculite ( Fe2O3 content around 5-13%, similar with South Africa and Brazil vermiculite); the other type is Golden-yellow vermiculite (Fe2O3 content around 16-23%, similar products with India and Australia vermiculite).


2.Features of Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom:

Agriculture,horticulture and potting soil sides;

Fireproof materials,Heat insulating,sound and moisture absorbing,

Construction materials,Brake materials,Light weight plasters,

Lihgt in weight,Asbestos free,non-toxic.


3. Technical Data of Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom:

Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom

Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom

4.Applications of Vermiculite for Pool Bottom or Tank Bottom:

It is mainly used in the constructional fireproof and furnaces of different usages.


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Q:earthworms and compost?
yes vermiculite is enviromntaly frendly it breaks down in the ground .it is used in potting mixture yes it is a mineral it came from the earth
Q:Lots of Redwood questions?
It depends on the soil. If it have a fertilizer the egg could absorb the fertilizer and it could kill the embryo. It might work tho. I would ask a relative to buy vermiculite.
Q:vermiculite or perilite?
do you mean a substrate for flooring or for shedding? for shedding i use spagnum moss its perfect! and easy to maintain, if you mean as a flooring i have a simple wood looking lino or vinyl floor tile as they are called, these are cheap, easy to maintain as they wipe clean and my geckos love them as they let the heat through and keep the heat from the bulb perfectly, you can find these at your local diy store or pound store. just wipe clean everymonth and they are perfect for little messes the critters create! i hope this helped good luck with whatever you choose!
Q:Seperating Vermeculite?
Radishes would be my guess, or weeds.
Q:In Hydroponics, which is better material to use in place of soil , vermiculite, perlite or other?
Gold flecks most likely Vermiculite. paired seed leaves erm, wind borne weeds.
Q:need high humidity, alternative to perlite?
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Q:How does vermiculite make a roof insulation?
The cast-in-place cement vermiculite thermal insulation layer is made of expanded vermiculite as aggregate, cement as cementing material, mixing in a certain proportion and mixing with water and sand. Has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, high strength, easy expansion of fission, delamination, economic quantity etc.. When applied to the flat surface, it can reduce the load of the surface layer, save the water consumption, reduce the cost and shorten the construction period. The utility model can be used as a heat insulating layer for cast-in-place or heat insulation layer or the like.
Q:cleaning tarantula's enclosure?
Blue Cobalt Tarantula
Q:Is vermiculite environmentally friendly?
I would also suggest Perlite for this situation. You should be able to get your hands on coarse Perlite at your local Gardening supply store, if not let me know and I'll see what I can do to change that. You should be able to also find a medium grade at your local building supply center as loose fill insulation. Not speaking from experience but I would assume you would want the finer particle of the medium grade Perlite, often referred to as STP (Silicone Treated Perlite). Good luck on your project and I hope this helps.
Q:I need help on how to make a home made incubator with a 10 gallon tank a heat mat perlite or eco earth!!!?
yes take him to the ER

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