vermiculite fireproof board for exterior walls

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall in wooden pallet
Delivery Detail:around 20 days after receipt of down payment


vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall 
2.high strength

  vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall


  vermiculite fireproof board for exterior wall


fire prevention vermiculite board 
1.dimension:1220 x 2440mm 


All size can be customized.



fire prevention vermiculite board


1220*2440mm,Or as clients' requests 


Bintangor Okoume,Pine,etc


15mm,18mm,21mm etc;


Poplar, Hardwood, Birch , Combi,Eucalyptus, etc;


Length/width :+/-0.2mm; Thickness: +/-0.5mm


MR(water proof), MELAMINE(water proof), WBP(phenolic);

Mositure content


Modulus of rupture


Modulus of Elasticity



bottom is pallets, covered with plastic film,around is carton or plywood, strenghthen by steel or iron 3*6









Furniture, construction, etc


TT or L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 20 days receiving deposit or original L/C at sight

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Q:Storing Dahlias?
I'm not sure why you are using anything in the bottom of your chimnea. i am guessing maybe it's something to do with it being terra cotta. If so, vermiculite is volcanic ash and will be ok for fire. If terra cotta, keep water from getting inside in the freezing temps, it will crack.
Q:Fundmental percentage problem?
You left out some steps. You should mix the water, vermiculite and brown rice flour(ground brown rice) and place it in a jar and place the jar in boiling water or pressure cooker. Generally they are mixed together in the right ratio. One part brown rice flower, one part water and two parts vermiculite is the recommended ratio. Mix the water and vermiculite first. Then add brown rice flour. Place it half way full in a jar and cover it tightly with aluminum foil. Boil it for 20 minutes being careful that the water level is low enough that it doesn't get into the jars. Pressure cooking is better but not necessary. Let it cool down. Inject the spores. After a week or so it should start turning white. At some point you need to put it in a fruiting chamber. I would probably do that at about 2 weeks or when the mycelium had established itself. It needs to be exposed to light or mushrooms won't form. Mushrooms also generally need more ventilation at that point.
Q:Outdoor Vermiculture Bin for Chicago Weather?
It's probably fine -- just keep it moist. However, it has no nutrients in it, so you're essentially going to need to supply everything, including micronutrients. Also, because it's so light weight, plants with much upper growth, like tomato, will just tip over and pull out. Is there a particular reason you want to use just vermiculite? If you're going for soilless culture, I'd use straight sand before vermiculite.
Q:Can I plant carniverous plants/plant seeds in seed starting mix?
Where can i find anonymous writer web for alcoholics anonymous?
Q:How long is the service life of the special vermiculite for incubation? How often do you change it?
Incubation of vermiculite and horticultural vermiculite does not distinguish between silicate minerals. Its role in incubation and horticultural farming:1, for turtle eggs hatch, with mud and sand is more convenient, safer and more effective.2, for the transport of turtles, moisturizing buffer effect, can improve the survival rate.3, planting medium, one of the main materials, and peat, perlite and other mixed use.4. Sowing mulch.
Q:Magic mushrooms shot in the dark?
I have an L. Difficilis which is similar to L. Parahybana. None of my spiders' habitats ever stink, and I never clean their habitat because spiders are so clean naturally. If your spider's habitat stinks it could be a few things. The sponge could be harboring some sort of fungus, I don't recommend sponges for this reason (and they are a good breeding ground for parasites). Instead I use a shallow water dish with pebbles in it so that the spider doesn't drown. To create humidity and keep my spiders hydrated I mist one half of their habitat lightly dampening the substrate every third day. You are in my opinion over-feeding your spider. My L. Difficilis is big 8 female and I still only feed her one cricket a day over the weekend, meaning one at a time. Thus Friday, Saturday and Sunday she gets a cricket. Then nothing for another week. That way you avoid the spider refusing the cricket and winding up with dead crickets in the habitat (which are the source of foul smells). My smaller spiders get one cricket a week (I am consistent and usually feed all of them on Saturday). If the cricket is not immediately eaten I remove it shortly thereafter. If you leave a cricket in the habitat for too long it may feed on the spider. I would advise you to remove the spider and replenish the substrate. I do not recommend sand. Coconut husk or even better vermiculite substrate. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions.
Q:Incubating leopard gecko eggs?
peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite are all parts of soilless mixes. You can also grow hydroponically (in water). Any soilless mix will have no nutrients, so careful fertilizing is a must.
Q:What is the theoretical and practical significance of adding three yuan purifier pad with vermiculite?
The oil leaked and spoiled from the oil seal. After ventilation, the engine oil has certain function of cooling, depressurization and anti leakage. 3, reduce to... 3. Three yuan catalytic converter (Catalytic Converter), also known as catalytic purifier. The device is arranged in the platoon of the car...
Q:Can NutraLime replace vermiculite?
yes it does matter if u get the eggs wet they will start to mold but if they do start to mold i heard of some ways to get rid of it i think u put foot powder on them but im not sure u should look it up... but yea dont mist the eggs just mist the vermiculite/perlite or just mix it with water SHUT the container with NO holes and the humidity should stay in there and with no need th spray the container no more....and open it every week for ventilation.. hope i helped =D
Q:I used Vermiculite instead of Perlite, is that ok?

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